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The Prince of America’s heart

Maxerica AU where Maxon is just a commoner living in Carolina, Illéa

“America! There’s a boy at the door for you!” Mom’s voice rings through our small house. I can hear the excitement in her voice. I sigh and put down my violin.

A boy? Who can it be?

I quickly adjust my clothes to look presentable and go to the door, stopping at my tracks when I see who the boy is.

Maxon Calix Schreave.

The boy who stole my heart.

I thought I told him not to come through the front door.

“M-Maxon! Hi! What brings you here?” I say with false enthusiasm.

“America! He’s a guest! Treat him nicely.” Mom warns. “Maxon, is it? Do come on in!”

“Uh, thanks Mrs Singer.” Maxon responds politely, giving her one of his killer smiles.

“Oh! Call me Magda!” Mom smiles back, “So, what brings you here?”

“Um… I um… I’m here for America. Actually.” Maxon replies, scratching his head nervously.

“Ah! Of course!” Mom laughs. “So, America, how do you two know each other?”

I sigh. Here goes nothing.

“We’ve been seeing each other for a few months.” I say, trying to keep my face as blank as possible.

“You’ve got a boyfriend? America Singer, when exactly were you planning to tell me? After you two get engaged?” Mom screeches.

“Well, obviously before the engagement. Maxon will have to ask Dad for permission.”

“Ameri-” Mom begins when she suddenly notices Maxon awkwardly standing there, looking like he wants to leave but has no idea how to. “We’ll continue later. Now, Maxon, dinner will be ready soon. Will you be staying?”

Maxon’s eyes widen as he realizes he is being included in our conversation. He turns to look at me, silently asking me what to do. I sigh and give him a nod and a small smile. Mom’s going to invite him to dinner sooner or later.

“Sure, thanks a lot, Mrs- Magda.” He replies. Mom smiles at him brightly and enters the kitchen.

“Maxon!” I breathe as soon as Mom is out of earshot. He smiles as he takes me into his arms.

“I’m sorry for suddenly showing up at your door. I knocked on your window but you were playing your violin and couldn’t hear me and I just had to see you.” He whispers.

I smile and go on my tip toes to kiss him only to bang into his forehead as he is leaning down too. I giggle slightly as I wait for him to lean down. He finally does and suddenly everything disappears. I forget about my sister probably hiding somewhere eavesdropping our conversation, my little brother still struggling to find his talent with Dad outside, and Mom’s interrogating questions that are bound to come soon. It’s just Maxon and me, two people who probably don’t mean much to the rest of the world, but mean the world to each other.

“Dinner’s ready!” Mom cries. We pull apart quickly and I quickly pat Maxon’s hair so that it doesn’t look like I have been running my fingers all over them.

“Smells really good, Magda!” Maxon remarks, always the kind one and of course, trying to put the attention off us.

“Oh, thanks, Maxon!” Mom laughs, “May, Gerad, Shalom, meet Maxon, America’s boyfriend for a few months.”

I sigh and bang my head on the wall, hoping my mom will stop making this whole Maxon thing such a big deal. I guess I’m lucky Mom seems to be liking Maxon as of now, or else…

“Oh my god! Hi! I’m May, America’s younger sister!” May, ever the sweet girl, gives him a big smile and turned to me and try to whisper, “Ames, he’s so cute.”

I smile and roll my eyes as Maxon laughs. That girl cannot whisper to save her life. Gerad and Dad both greet Maxon and we sit down at the table.

“So, Maxon. Tell us about yourself! What do you do for a living?” Mom asks.

“Well, I’m a photographer.”

“A pho-photographer.” Mom repeats, I know exactly what she’s thinking. This is the reason I decided to keep our relationship a secret.

“Yes, I love photography. The-”

“So, you’re a five?” Mom interrupts.


“Mom.” I say through gritted teeth. Mom is a caste-climber. She wants all of us to climb caste, to marry up, and not marry down or equal. Even if it’s just a caste up, she’s pleased.

“Sorry, I’m just shocked.” Mom says with a fake smile.

“So, tell me more about photography, Maxon. I’ve never been good at it.” Dad interrupts, saving us all. The tension lessens as Maxon launches into telling Dad all about photography. I smile as I watch him talk about his passion animatedly. His eyes brighten and his cheeks get flushed and he looks a thousand times more handsome if that’s even possible.

The rest of the dinner was less eventful, filled with small talks, some laughs and silence from Mom and I. Maxon is smiling brightly and promising to play football with Gerad when it’s time for him to leave.

“Okay, Ger. Maxon has to leave now to get back before curfew.” I say gently as I tug on Maxon’s sleeve. “You don’t want to land Maxon in jail now, do you?”

Gerad’s eyes widen and he practically pushes Maxon out the door. We laugh and I follow Maxon out.

“Well, that went better than I thought it would.” I breathed. “I’m sorry about my mom.”

“Don’t worry, dear. I mean, you did warn me about her.”

“I’m not your dear.” I scowl at him. He laughs and hugs me tightly.

“I thought you loved me?”

“I may love you, but I’m still not your dear.”

“I love you so much.” He whispers as our lips clash together for the second time tonight.

“Okay, I really have to go to beat the curfew.” He says after awhile, pulling away. He pecks my lips one more time before disappearing into the darkness. I walk back into the house only to meet Mom’s creepy stare.

“Look, before you say anything. I just want to tell you that I love Maxon and nothing’s going to change that. I don’t care that he’s a five, heck! I wouldn’t mind if he was an eight. The most important thing is that I love him and I want to spend the rest of my life with him. I wanna marry for love not for anything else. I mean, look at you and Dad! You married for love and we’re all fine! So I’m not going to let you come between us. I’m going to do anything, even take a bullet, to be with him.” I say all in one breath.

“I’m not going to come between the two of you.”

“What?” I ask.

“Look, you’re right. I want you to marry for love. Besides, he’s a five. At least he’s not anything lower than that. I’m sorry for overreacting just now.”

“Oh Mom!” I scream excitedly as I attack her with a hug. She hugs me back but soon sends me to bed. I practically skip to my room, not believing my luck.

“May? What are you doing here?” I ask as I address the small figure lying on my bed.

“Maxon’s really nice.” She says into the darkness.

“Yeah?” Is my muffled reply as I change into my pajamas.

“And he’s really really handsome.” She says after a short pause.

“Oh May.” I laugh as I fall into my bed next to her.

“It’s funny how even though he’s a five, you look at him as if he’s the prince.” May speaks again. From another person’s mouth, I probably would be a little bit offended, but I know May just means well.

“He may not be the Prince of Illéa, but he’s my prince. The prince of America’s heart.” I reply quietly as I think about how true my words are. May giggled slightly and I can feel the bed shake.

“Did you really mean what you said to Mom?” May asks again, turning around to face me. “About not caring even if Maxon was an eight?”

I think about it for a moment before replying.

“Love is beautiful fear. It can be the best thing that’s ever happened to you or the worst. You never know where you’re going with love, but yet you know it’s okay to risk it, to face the fear or the uncertainty. When you’re in love, nothing matters anymore. The only thing that matters is you and the person you love, and the love you share. Even when it seems impossible, love just becomes possible. Even if the king forbids the love, it can still work out. So, to answer your question, yes, I really meant what I said. I love Maxon for who he really is, not who he is to the world. Because at the end of the day, it’s just him and me, Maxon and America, not the two fives or the photographer and the singer or the blonde and the redhead. It’s just Maxon and America, who will love each other endlessly.”

Sorry, this is late for the Maxon Week 2k16. I’ve been super busy the past few days. Anyways, hope you like it:)

Classy Dogs(P.4)

Title: Classy Dogs(P.3)
Pairing: NewtXReader
Warnings: Crude remarks, cussing, sexual content, other triggers to be present.
Summary: Newt, Thomas and Peter(OUAT), have always been good at getting the girls in their small school wrapped up in their blankets before ushering them out of their lives for good. Newt finds a new attraction in the girl that just transferred and he’s willing to do whatever it takes to get her before anyone else, but as time goes…He’s not so sure it’s just a chase for sex.


“He’s cute isn’t he?” A voice came from behind me, making me jump slightly as I turned around. I didn’t recognize these two girls, I raised a brow and then looked over my shoulder. 

“I have no idea what you are talking about.” I replied, I normally went to the mall to get away from things at home. I had no intentions of running into Newt and his group of friends. 

The girl who spoke earlier grinned and I had the strangest feeling she wasn’t someone who was particularly good at being friendly. “Peter. You’re staring at him right?” 

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“Not in the slightest.” I clutched my purse a little closer, sparing one last glance at Newt and his friends before moving to walk away. The girls followed. 

“It couldn’t have been Newt you were looking at.” She continued.

The other girl chuckled and looked back at the boys. “And Thomas doesn’t seem like your type.”

“And you know me well enough to know my type?” I rolled my eyes trying to walk a little faster.

The brunette stepped in front of me. “Come on, Peter is a sweetheart. Nothing like those two playing friends of his.”

I sighed. They obviously weren’t gonna let up. “That’s not what I hear. Heard they’re all the same.” I paused. “Who are you?”

“Emery and Amerie.” The brunette smiled, pointing from the blonde to herself. “Surprised you haven’t heard of us. But we’ve seen you around. You’re new, right?”

“Yeah.” I looked around, trying to find an escape.

“So what did you hear about Peter?” Emery chimed in, looking me over. “Whatever you heard from Theresa and Brenda you should ignore. They pretty much screwed Thomas over in Freshman year.”

“I don’t need to know personal drama.” I sighed, this was frustrating.

Amerie’s smirk practically sent shivers down my spine. “Well anyways…Peter mentioned to me, that he thought you were incredibly pretty…Can I introduce you sometime? It’d make his day.”

“It really would.” Emery added, smiling brightly. 

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I looked back at the three boys. Peter caught sight of the group of us and gave me a wink with a small grin before ducking into a store. “Yeah, I don’t care.”

Amerie clapped her hands together with a little laugh. “Perfect! We’ll meet you in front of Panda Express in say…30 minutes?”

“Sure.” With that I hurried off before they could drag me into something else I didn’t want to do. I was making my way into American Eagle when I saw Jackson just inside the store. Instantly, I froze and turned a full circle to head back to the two girls. “Hey, wait up…” 

They both turned, identical smirks on their face. “Yes?”

“Why uh…why wait. Let’s go…Let’s go right now.” I looked over my shoulder, hoping Jackson hadn’t seen me. 

“Oh exciting!” Amerie grinned, putting an arm around my shoulder. “I’ll send them a text.”

I sighed and reluctantly followed after them. I should have just left the mall, but if Jackson saw me or anyone else told him I was here, it was better to be with a crowd than alone. He wouldn’t come cause a scene with a crowd around.

“Perfect!” Amerie slid her phone into her purse. “They’re just around the corner.” She pointed them out as they came around. 

My eyes instantly went to Newt, he smirked when he saw me and went to take a step forward when his eyes caught sight of Amerie. He insantly looked a bit shocked, for a moment he seemed to pause in midstep, but he regained his composure quickly. 

Just before he could say anything to me, Peter stepped out and grinned a bit. “Peter, this is Y/N.”

He smiled brightly at me, taking my hand and kissing it lightly. “Pleasure.”

Emery chuckled from behind me before parting from the girls and walking over to Thomas who swooped her into a hug, placing a kiss on the side of her neck and a swat to her back end.

I smiled at Peter lightly. “Nice to meet you.” He put an arm around my shoulders and used his free arm to push Newt towards Amerie.

“Looks like we’ve all got someone, how about we go get something to eat?” Thomas grinned, trying his best to ignore the angered look that crossed Newt’s face. 

Peter nodded in agreement. “That sounds like a dashing idea. What do you girls think?”

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Emery and Amerie simply grinned at each other before looking at me. My eyes traveled to Newt who just seemed uncomfortable now before shifting my gaze to American Eagle. Jackson was walking out and heading in our direction. “Sounds great.” I said quickly, forcing a smile.

“Thatta’girl!” Thomas grinned, winking at me before leading the way to the food court.

I dared to look over my shoulder, only to lock eyes directly with Jackson. I could see his jaw tighten as he stopped walking. I swallowed slowly and put my arm around Peter’s waist. 

He saw the motion instantly and hurried off into another store. I nearly let out a sigh of relief, but I noticed Newt staring over at me and Peter, his eyes traveling to where my arm draped around Peter.

I tried to avoid eye contact with him for the rest of the walk, but we ended up directly across from each other at our table and it became hard to do so.

“So Y/N…What’s the juicy details?” Amerie asked, almost instantly. I felt Peter bristle next to me, but I could visibly see Newt’s annoyance. 

“I’m sorry?”

“You know…What happened at your school?” She grinned even brighter, and I started to hate her teeth. “Everyone is talking about it.” 

I moved my food around my plate with my fork. “Are they?”

“It’s nothing bad.” Peter interrupted. I didn’t see the pointed look he gave Amerie, my eyes were locked with Newts for a moment to long. 

My eyes remained on my plate. “You’re right.” I answered him and ignored the fact that they were now all staring at me. “It’s worse.”

I stood up right after and cleared my throat. “Thanks for the offer, but I’m not interested in being invited to a lunch just so I can be your entertainment.” I gave a nasty glare in Amerie’s direction. “Whatever you heard about me is wrong.”

I hurried off after that, I heard a chair screech across the floor after me, I figured it was Peter coming to talk to me or Amerie wanting to start a fight.

There was a hand on my shoulder that made me stop and turn around. “Don’t pay any attention to Amy.” Newt said, a dopey smile on his face. “She’s kind of crazy.”

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I tried not to smile back, but it was hard not to. “I can tell.”

“Are you just juggling them around now, Y/N?”

My eyes widened as I looked over my shoulder where the voice had come from. Jackson was staring daggers at Newt and I could feel the hand on my shoulder clench as he glared back at Jack.

“Who are you?”