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2p characters as song lyrics. I might do more of there if there is an interest. Send me ur ideas and suggestions.

Lyric credits in order of appearance: Don’t Threaten Me with a Good Time•P!ATD, DONTTRUSTME•3OH!3, Dance Floor Anthem•Good Charlotte, The Lazy Song•Bruno Mars, One of These Days•Pink Floyd, Beautiful Boyz•CocoRosie, Don’t Threaten Me with a Good Time•P!ATD (again), My Own Worst Enemy•Lit, Bubblegum Bitch•Marina and The Diamonds, Raise Hell•Dorothy

2ps as things my friends and I have said

2pAmerica: “It’s time for everyone’s favorite game: ‘how offensive can I be today?’ “

2pCanada: “I’m gonna go home and eat my life away”

2pEngland: *while eating apple pie* “This pie is my fucking daddy”

2pFrance: “You hoe”

2pRussia: “ What is actually wrong with us?”

2pChina: “I swear I’m sober”

2pItaly: “I would love to kill you but if I did I wouldn’t have any friends left.”/ “I eat spaghetti to forgetti my regretti”

2pRomano: “I mean crocs are actually very comfortable”

2pGermany: “I do all the memes”

2pPrussia: *slams head on desk* “Why does God let me live?”

2pJapan: *Steps into trashcan* “Finally, I am home.”


“I.. I… I have to go… I need to change my clothes right now”

“Allen! love! You can’t… we promise”

“I know… but Oliver!”

“Nope… sorry and don’t make that face!”


“you’re so cute…”

soooooo soooo soooo sorry guys… u.u  I can’t get used to my job and the schedule… but I’ll try… I promise… see you soon <3 


“Even I let my hair down to match with the style. I have to say thank you to @pastaunicorn55  but I want to try something else”

“Like what?”

“you would see… and, look, we have to swap clothes!! I’ll love to see you in my clothes haha”

“We have to?”

“Yes! finally, you’ll wear something isn’t black!”