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well then here we go (•⌣•) Can I request some hc for Meph, Amaimon, Rin and Yuki and their smol s/o who has angelic voice? thank you (∩ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)⊃━☆

Of course you can my love  (=^·^=)

  • Very public with his s/o
  • He loves to show you off
  • Grabs your hand and spins you round like a ballet pirouette 
  • If you get dizzy he catches you from behind
  • And hugs you into his chest
  • Lots of kisses
  • And buys you lots of presents
  • They’re usually ugly pink and purple dresses and polka dot hats
  • You pretend you love them and wear them anyway
  • Very playful with his s/o
  • Buys you lots of candy
  • Eats most of it before he gives it to you
  • You forgive him of course
  • Likes to stroke your hair
  • Especially while you’re drifting off to sleep
  • You go sightseeing together around major cities in Assiah
  • He lets you wear his jacket if you get cold 
  • (It’s really big on you since you so smol)
  • Rin loves his s/o’s angelic voice
  • It calms him down if ever he’s upset or about to lose control
  • He’s always smiling when he’s around you
  • Loves to hold hands
  • Cooks you the MOST delicious sukiyaki
  • It’s also super spicy but you eat it anyway
  • While sneakily gulping water
  • You two cuddle in bed with Kuro and watch sad romance movies
  • Rin almost always cries at them
  • Yukio is more private with his s/o
  • He takes you out to fancy restaurants 
  • And he likes walks in the park
  • He gets really cute and shy if you kiss him in public
  • He’s trying his best to open up to you about his feelings
  • One time when you reeeeeally begged him, he let you shoot his gun
  • You accidentally missed the tree you were aiming for and shot a beer can out of Shura’s hand
  • He found it HILARIOUS

Welcome to my Masterlist, I hope this works - as this is supposed to be a mobile and web master list - let me know if you face any problems. It is also not completed yet because I have too many posts to add all int ne space of time, so I’ll be adding the rest of my requests to this when I can. I will also add new ones to it whenever I write new requests.

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Hc where Mephisto tries to surprise his s\o with birthday sex and got that totally cliché look with the candles and roses with him laying on the bed with nothing but a pillow covering his dong with the stereo playing "Careless Whisper" but instead of his s\o coming in its Amaimon wanting to ask him something

RIP Amaimon

Originally posted by sugoihentai

  • Rin is super excited to hear that you want to cook for him
  • he asks if you need help but you tell him you want to try all by yourself
  • he can tell that you’re doing your best in the kitchen
  • if the meal doesn’t turn out how you wanted it to, he still compliments your skills!
  • “let’s cook together sometime!”

Originally posted by pinkheadshima

  • Yukio will be a bit surprised if you wish to cook for him
  • he tries to help you out but you keep pushing him out of the kitchen
  • will let you know if the food tastes weird, but will offer to help you out next time
  • helps you clean up the kitchen afterwards
  • “thank you for the meal, Y/N. it was wonderful”

Originally posted by amaimon-the-king-of-earth

  • Amaimon would ask you to bake some cupcakes or something sweet
  • he doesn’t bother you while you’re baking in the kitchen
  • if the food tastes bad, he’ll let you know
  • if it’s good, he’ll ask for more
  • normally won’t bother you to cook very often unless you want to

Originally posted by ribbonsed

  • Mephisto would be glad to try your cooking
  • “Y/N, you don’t have to cook for me if you don’t want to” “but I do!”
  • likes how dedicated you are about cooking for him
  • if something goes wrong, he’ll calm you down if you’re upset and tell you to try again
  • will help you if you ask but otherwise will let you be

landrynka2577  asked:

hello there~! can I request Meph, Amaimon (your husbando), Luci, Rin and Yukio's reaction (a few hc) when they saw their s/o sleeping naked in their shared bed? Thank you! <3

((Two Mephisto gifs for you bc he’s your fave!!) <3 

  • Mephi is not at all surprised
  • You guys sleep naked together every night
  • But it never gets old for him, he absolutely loves it
  • Gets in bed with you and whispers in your ear
  • He smirks at you and you know exactly what it means
  • Things probably heat up reeeeeally fast
  • Cutie Amaimon is enjoying the view
  • ……But now hes bored
  • He doesn’t like being ignored by his s/o while they sleep
  • So probably wakes his s/o up
  • Sexytimes.jpeg
  • Luci thinks his s/o looks adorable
  • Enjoys watching them sleep peacefully
  • Has a couple naughty thoughts but tucks them away for later
  • He knows their sleep is very important
  • He will probably treat his s/o in the morning
  • HECK
  • Rin is blushing like crazy
  • Has to cover his face with his hands to quieten his giggles
  • Snuggles up in bed with his s/o
  • Maybe a cheeky butt squeeze?
  • But he is a gentleman
  • So he covers his s/o with a blanket
  • Keeps his hands to himself
  • But lies awake all night thinking about it

shydecidueye  asked:

Headcanons for being Amaimon's best friend? (also did you get an ask about amaimon x rin ship headcanons? i just want to check, sry)

yea, i got it, it’s in my drafts! thanks for requesting it :)

Being Amaimon’s best friend would include:

Originally posted by amaimon-the-king-of-earth

  • Not really being his best friend, but more ‘person he enjoys spending time with and doesn’t want to murder” 
  • Understanding he’s basically emotionless all the time
  • But knowing how to make him grin
  • Exploring Japan and Assiah in general together
  • Being destructive together 
  • “Play” fighting
  • Not fighting because your angry with each other, but more just because it’s considered fun to demons
  • Sharing candy with each other
  • Him talking to you when he’s annoyed with his brother
  • Vents his problems out to you 
  • Not expecting advice but just someone to listen and empathise 
  • Playing his brothers video games together
  • observing humans with each other
  • Finding it strange how they act and respond to things
  • Your familiars getting along well

Originally posted by amaimon-the-king-of-earth

I love Amaimon sm, he’s probably one of, if not my favourite character

johannfaust-v  asked:

Samael purred as he stretched out on his bed. His legs were spread wide as he laid on a pile of strewn petals, his cock hard and anxious from the generous stretching he'd given himself. He wore a lacy pink lingerie mini dress and panties that covered none of his straining erection or the pink toy pressed inside him. He wore a flower crown in his hair, cheeks flushing as Amaimon opened the door "mm, I'm your princess tonight, my king~ come ravish me~"

Amaimon groaned as he walked begrudgingly toward Mephisto Pheles’ private chamber, the time king summoning his little brother once again; most likely to complain about the younger’s antics as usual. Samael had asked for Amaimon’s company in Assiah to assist in his conspiring, however, the two demon kings bumped heads every now and again since the earth king really couldn’t care less about the fate of humanity. Truthfully, the only reason Amaimon agreed in coming to Assiah, besides the fact that he was a lower ranking demon king and couldn’t simply deny the request, the young demon longed to be with his brother, Samael. The time king had raised Amaimon and yet, the elder demon left his little brother alone in Gehenna for so long…Amaimon missed him dearly. Unfortunately, the two brothers seemed incredibly distant in the earth king’s eyes, even when they were side by side in Assiah together. Their relationship was nothing like it used to be, and it hurt.

Amaimon gave out a soft sigh as he neared his brother’s door, wondering what plans the time king wanted to discuss as he slowly opened the door. However, the young demon’s jaw soon dropped, his mouth gaping open as his eyes widened in utter shock at the sight of Samael. The time king was stunning, perfect in every way…seductively calling for Amaimon. The young demon felt his member eagerly twitch in his pants, the earth king bashfully and inconspicuously covering the shameful and ever growing bulge with his shaking hands. Amaimon looked all around, certain this was a mistake. “A-aniue? I’m sorry, I th-thought you had sent for me…I’ll just…I’ll just go no, s-sorry for interrupting” the young demon stuttered as he turned to leave. However, he stopped suddenly, his breathing getting heavier as he inhaled Samael’s scent, the aroma driving the earth king into a heated frenzy. “I-I can be your king though…if you want me to be” Amaimon quietly whispered as he turned himself around sheepishly, inching closer to the bed adorned with flowers. The young demon boldly crawled onto the bed and pounced on the beautiful princess laying before him, his body trembling as he hovered over Samael. “D-do you w-want me?” Amaimon asked as his small frame shook, fearing he had misinterpreted his brother’s intentions, his cheeks bright red, the young demon not daring to kiss the time king first.

anonymous asked:

Reactions/headcanons for demon kings and Rin if their s/o's familiar was an incubus (who maybe be a little too affectionate towards the s/o) please?

I just read up loads on incubus(es?) to write this and it’s so fascinating!! Demon folklore is so darn cool. Thank you for the request!

  • Mephisto would never want to admit he’s jealous
  • But he so is
  • He hates seeing that slimy incubus touching his s/o
  • Probably does outlandish things to get their attention
  • “Accidentally” does things to annoy the incubus
  • (Like that time he landed on Rin’s head)
  • Amaimon is really obvious and sulky
  • Ignores his s/o when their incubus is around
  • Sticks a lolly in his mouth and storms off
  • Whines to Mephisto
  • Probably tries to kill the incubus
  • Watches his s/o sleep through their window
  • Lucifer is really polite towards the incubus
  • Very civil and restrained
  • But as soon as they over step the mark
  • They seriously regret it
  • Swears to make their life hell
  • Probably does something petty like forcing them to possess someone old/ugly
  • Astaroth doesn’t cope with jealousy well
  • Probably just attacks the incubus
  • Laughs when they get hurt
  • Demands his s/o summons a different familiar
  • Would send them back to Gehenna
  • Probably embarrasses his s/o really badly
  • Ensures Satan forbids them from being summoned
  • Rin didn’t know what an incubus was
  • Until Yukio told him 
  • (Yukio enjoyed that revelation)
  • Rin was totally freaked out and worried for his s/o
  • Would never want to be controlling
  • But wants to protect them
  • Subtley asks if he can sleep in their room
  • “Worried? I’m not worried! I just thought we could have a sleepover!!!”
  • If ever they do something his s/o doesn’t like, he beats their ass
Days of the past

Once again returning to his dearest home, if one could even call that horrid place home. “What a vile place as always.” Mephisto spoke bitterly to himself. Passing through the gate was never a pleasant experience. Feeling your very being change its form wasn’t exactly fun. Stepping onto familiar territory once again the smell of Gehenna filled his lungs. “Hm I can’t wait to leave this place already and I’ve just gotten here.” Looking around searching. “Now where could that boy be? I know he is around here. Tch he better be around. He pleaded the last time I came saying he wanted to visit Assiah, so he better not have changed his mind or I’ll leave him here in this god forsaken place.” he mumbled to himself letting his feet take him through the countless halls looking for his younger brother. Coming across a servant on the way he stopped. “Have you seen my younger brother perhaps?” He asked. The servant jumped in surprise. “Oh Lord Samael! I wasn’t expecting you to be in Gehenna again. Excuse me, but which brother is it you are looking for?” they asked. “The Earth King Amaimon.” The servant pointed down a hall and he followed the direction given. “Oi Amaimon where are you? You still want to go to Assiah ya?” he called out hoping the boy would hear him. 

landrynka2577  asked:

boo! its me again (again) theme of my request is: angst. Hc for Meph, Rin, Amaimon, Shura,Renzou and Luci when their s/o caught them cheating? Like in the middle of the do, s/o came to the room when they were? Thank you cutie :3

  • Mephisto would be really conflicted
  • He loved the excitement of doing the wrong thing
  • But he never wanted you to get hurt
  • “Is.. is this what guilt feels like? No.. There’s no way….”
  • But he does feel guilty, he feels terrible
  • He would smother you with lavish gifts and affection and hope you forgive him

I can’t imagine my baby Rin cheating ;-;

  • But if he did he would be consumed by self-hatred
  • He would tell you to leave him and never come back
  • “You deserve someone better than me”
  • He’d probably even lose control and end up doing something dangerous
  • I’m stopping here because it’s too much ugh ;-;

It pains me to say this about my Amaimon, but…

  • Amaimon is probably annoyed at being caught
  • It was only fun while it was behind your back
  • He’s not even sorry
  • “It’s your fault for coming in here”
  • He feels like he’s lost his own game
  • And he HATES to lose
  • Might come crawling back to you after a week or two and asks you to “give us another try”
  • Shura would probably try and act unbothered by it
  • She likes to act like she isn’t attached to anyone
  • She’s secretly really upset and feels AWFUL
  • Probably gets really drunk
  • Tells everyone how much she misses you
  • Turns up drunk and tearful at your door swinging her sword around and begging for forgiveness
  • Renzo can’t believe what he’s done
  • He got caught up in the heat of the moment
  • He never ever wanted this to happen
  • He’s not this kind of guy
  • He gives you the time and space you need to heal
  • And promises to make it up to you every day if he has to
  • I honestly think Lucifer would feel pretty bad
  • He didn’t want you to find out like this
  • But he’s pretty logical so he might just tell you to leave
  • You two weren’t working out
  • “It might be better for both of us if we go our separate ways”

Can’t believe you picked so many of my faves you meanie ;)

landrynka2577  asked:

Hi, you missed me? I'm back! ᕦ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)ᕤ Can I request a cute scenario with Meph, Amaimon and Rin? Thank you~ ᘳ◕ᴥ◕ᘰ

Of course I did *(♥ω♥ )* 

While petting Mephisto (in his cute white doggie form) you notice a little paper note attached to the bow around his neck. Unrolling it, you read the words “Go upstairs, there’s a surprise waiting for you.” You give him a disapproving glance, (he’s always spoiling you,) but you can’t resist and dash up the stairs anyway.

In your bedroom you find a large box on the bed. You pull off the lid to find the most beautiful dress you have ever seen. Popping his head around the door, (in demon form now) he smiles at you, “Well? Try it on. I’ve booked a table at your favourite restaurant, just in time to eat before the opera.” Squealing with excitement, you rush into the ensuite bathroom and do as instructed. (What on earth is this for?? Your birthday isn’t for another three months!)

Holding your hair up with one hand and pulling up the front of the dress with your other hand, you reappear and ask him to zip up the back. You can’t help but grin as you watch his eyes light up at the sight of you, and his mouth curl up into a smile. After fastening the dress, his hands snake around your waist and he kisses the back of your neck. “It looks even better than I imagined it would.”

You step outside of your house and smack straight into Amaimon. “Oh my god! What are you doing, were you trying to scare me to death?!” 
Oh. No…” he looks confused, “I was waiting for you”. You internally roll your eyes and think “Why oh why can’t he just learn to knock” -but it is kind of cute that he’s here so you smile at him regardless.“I thought you might want to go to Kyoto tower with me.” He looks nervous, “Rin said it was really good and so I thought…”
“Yes of course I will” you laugh, because your plans can wait and spending time with him is always so fun. Its so ridiculously spontaneous and crazy that you just can’t refuse. 

Looking out of the observatory of the tower, he’s strangely quiet. Just as you’re about to say something, he grabs your hand, tugs it and says “I’m so lucky to have you”. You feel overwhelmed by the warm fuzzy feeling that consumes your body.

You’re watching Rin’s favourite anime with him. It’s been raining outside for hours and so you decided to have a day inside watching tv shows and eating homemade snacks. It’s starting to get tense and his favourite character is at risk. You look up from the screen at him and notice his bottom lip quivering. “Babe, are you okay?” you ask. 
He looks at you with big watery eyes “oh yeah, I’m okay” but he shuffles up the sofa to your end and rests his head in your lap.
After a slight pause he pipes up, “I really really hope they don’t die” and he looks up at you. You can’t help but smile at the expression on his face and so you stroke his hair. “Ugh I can’t watch” he groans and wriggles up to hide his face over your shoulder. You hug him into you and he kisses your cheek, whispering “Thank you”.

These scenarios are totally fluff but I hope you like them c: I made Mephisto’s super long just for youuuuuu


Demon Kings


Mephisto Pheles 

Exwires and Teachers

Exwires and Yukio


Izumo Kamiki

Konekomaru Miwa

Renzo Shima


Rin Okumura

Ryuji Suguro 

Shura Kirigakure

Yukio Okumura

Lewin Light 

Please let me know if any links don’t work or if there are any problems! Ps, I didn’t forget Shiemi and Lucifer, I just haven’t had any requests for them exclusively yet

anonymous asked:

H/c on the demon kings and rin flirting?

  • Cheesey chat up lines
  • Does not understand the meaning of subtle
  • “Are you free tonight, or will it cost me?”
  • Lots of Mephisto smirks
  • (You know the ones I mean)
  • Would invite you on a date to a really fancy restaurant
  • “Subtley” slips you a key to his bedroom that you can use any time
  • Plays mind games with you
  • Teases you and makes fun of you
  • Some days he waits for you after class/your shift at work
  • And brings you candy
  • Other days he pretends he hasn’t seen you and walks straight past
  • “You look familiar, have we met before?”
  • He loves to be mysterious
  • Luci compliments you
  • “You light up the room”
  • Takes you out to coffee dates
  • And to see old black and white movies
  • Buys you flowers
  • Old fashioned gentleman
  • Big blushing cinnamon roll
  • Has no idea what he’s doing
  • Very honest
  • “I like you”
  • Talks about animals a lot
  • Is terrible at writing romantic letters
  • Panics and leaves a bento box on your door stop

anonymous asked:

Please can I have some headcannons on rin and the demon kings if they were to play drunk 7 minutes in heaven with their s/o or crush? 😙

Of course hun!

  • Rin would be far more confident than he usually is
  • Would grab his crush’s hand and lead them into the closet
  • Would make out for maybe 2 minutes
  • Spend another minute telling them how pretty they are
  • Talks about Kuro for another 2 minutes
  • Probably starts to fall asleep on your shoulder
  • Dribbles??
  • Amaimon is probably a happy drunk
  • His face lights up when the spinner lands on his crush
  • He jumps up and runs into the closet with them
  • Lots of kissing and playing with their hair
  • Probably pulls some snacks out of his pockets for them to share
  • Tells his crush a secret
  • Astaroth is probably a grumpy drunk
  • “This game is stupid”
  • ……
  • “Are you gonna kiss me or what?”
  • Makes the most of the 7 minutes
  • Tells you to meet him later
  • Idek know with Mephisto
  • Isn’t he drunk all the time????
  • Does a really dramatic bow and kisses your hand
  • “You, my dear, are in for a treat”
  • Gets told off for letting his hands wander
  • It’s been 12 minutes and people are knocking on the door…

This was really fun! Thank you c: