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So it's been a while but I just thought of a headcanon for Blackmadhi. I saw this post about how many descriptive food related things Nahyuta has said, and I give you: Nahyuta LOVES food. He's one of those people you meet who can out eat people twice their size. Blackquill thought he ate a lot but the first time he takes Nahyuta out to eat the monk just destroys him, scarfing down food while still managing to be beautiful and mind his manners. Needless to say Blackquill just can't keep up.

Oh my god this is amazing tysm. 

And like, Simon probably actually doesn’t eat too much; prison life made him kind of accustomed to eating not too often outside of regular meal times and he got used to sometimes being hungry and so I actually imagine that he sometimes forgets to eat, especially while he is working and everything.  And he won’t notice hunger until he actually pays attention to it.  

So for their first date, Simon and Nahyuta go to a burger place - they played rock, paper, scissors for the restaurant pick and Nahyuta won so he dragged Simon…who pretended to be annoyed but also found it somewhat endearing.  

Simon ends up getting something kind of small - although the place specializes in different gourmet-style burgers, he orders something else.  (Sometimes I hc Simon as vegetarian for some reason???  I’M NOT SOLD ON IT but idk he definitely doesn’t eat any birds like chicken or turkey imo.)  He looks puzzled when Nahyuta orders like the biggest and most elaborate burger on the menu and then asks for it to be sized up.  And he also requests an extra side. 

Their food comes and Nahyuta’s takes up more than half the table, and at some point, Simon just…watches.  Nahyuta doesn’t eat sloppily or without manners.  Actually, his manners are impeccable, which is why watching him just engorge this gigantic meal in front of him is so fascinating.  The bites he takes are gigantic and fast, and Simon vaguely wonders if Nahyuta even really chews his food before swallowing.  Nahyuta doesn’t eat or chew while speaking, but when it is Simon’s turn to talk, he just devours, all while remaining as beautiful and otherworldly as he always is.  

It’s like watching a god inhale human food.  

And because it is so interesting, Simon eats even slower, and by the time Nahyuta finishes his entire spread, Simon’s only about a third of the way done with his. 

And Nahyuta starts talking dessert. 

Only Simon goes home with leftovers.  

To The Victor Go The Spoils - CLOSED

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 Carver had never been very sexually confident. Or active, really, mostly due to not allowing himself to see anyone being interested; any interest in himself had always been seen as desire for Ethan.

But he never felt that way with Blackwall. In fact, he felt like the whole show, and it left him flushed and panting just slightly by the time he’d finished. His heart hammered in his chest at the look on the other’s face, and he tried his best not to respond with a drawn out moan.

“I– Y-yeah, I mean. We… We totally– Yes. We should.” Maker knew he’d keep floundering if he didn’t shut himself up.

Young Gods Network Blog Awards

Hey! About 2 months ago, June 24th to be exact, Zoe, Emily, and Logan finalized the Young Gods Network. What came out of it was this mess of 12 girls who talk about periods, lush, and Halsey, among other things, and who made instant connections with each other. It may have only been 2 months, but it feels like we’ve known each other for years. So for our first group activity, we’re having a blog awards! Mixing things such as fandoms, Halsey, and some inside jokes, categories vary from more serious/expected to stupid/original. Now, down to business. Rules. There are only a few. You must be following all of us. We’re pretty cool sometimes and its possible you may enjoy following us. Other than that, reblog this post.

Our blogs are:

Here are the categories.

Best Edits
Best Music
Best Halsey blog
Best Halsey x 5SOS
Best Halsey x 5H
Best Halsey x 21p
Best Multifandom
Best Aesthetic
Best Advice
Best Art
Best Music Taste
Best Selfies
Best Theme
Best Mobile Theme
Best Photography
Best Original Posts
Friendliest Blogger
Funniest Blogger
Horniest Blogger
Blogger With The Biggest Dick
Biggest Halsey Stan
Gayest Blogger
Trash Blogger
Cutest Blogger

Just a reminder that these are all in good faith and not meant to hurt or offend anybody. If we, the Young Gods, are nominated and win, we will pass on the prizes to the next person. Speaking of prizes, what do you get if you win?

  • Street Cred. Put it in your bio, in your FAQ, on your college application.
  • Promo! Each winner will be announced in their own post and each post will be reblogged by us. There will also be a masterlist of winners.
  • A rad edit or video or letter or something made by one of us. Take your pick. Have Katrina make you an icon (or sing u a song bc DAMN she can sing). Get a minion spam from Logan bc she’s trash. Have Ash teach you all the British lingo you need to know. Each of us have something to offer you so, legit, if you want something from us that we can do for you for free (because we’re all poor and mostly jobless) we’ll probably do it.
  • Follows from us. I mean who wouldn’t want that!!! Actually we’re lame you may not want that :///

Anyway, this will last for a month. The official end date will be September 24th. Yay! Have fun!


Someone asked me what my favorite animal was today. Moon eyed Philippine Tarsiers are adorable! They’ve got suction cup fingers, tennis ball equivalent sized eyes, and a reiddiculously long non-prehensile tail. They also commit suicide apparently, which makes them even more bad ass, and sad as hell. Still, adorable, though.

Those little guys tie as my favorite animal with: ephelants. Elephants are awesome! They have a deeply complex language and way of communication with the vibrations they make with their feet. They exibit homosexual behaviours. When elephants are born, they suck their trunks for comfort like little kids suck their thumbs. Elephants have death rituals, they’re the only animals besides humans and Neanderthals to do so. When an elephant dies the herd will grow silent. Members of its herd will dig a shallow grave for it, and cover it with dirt and branches. If other elephants were close to the dead elephant, they can show signs of depression. If a herd of elephants come across a dead unkown elephant or human, they will show them the same respects. I’ve wanted to ride one since I was a little girl.

That’s why they’re my favorite, lady’s an gentlemen!