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I believe this is in some old P-Studio interview, but supposedly Wild Cards are such due to the circumstances in their life that lead them to having many potential paths they can take as well as the personality and flexibility to take them. Like, they're not necessarily Wild Cards for the rest of their lives. P4's protag was no longer one after he decided on a specific path (aka by the end of P4).

(Uh, continuing Wild Card ask…) Aigis in P3 goes from Chariot to Fool due to her own circumstances as well, as does Elizabeth. So being a Wild Card isn’t of itself supernatural, it’s only when shadow-y stuff is involved that it becomes a power. Since your heart is your power in that world, etc. – basically, re: Goro, if he was still Wild Card even at the end, it goes to show he still had great potential and growth and the willingness to change. That unspoken aspect of his chara says a lot imo

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What… Argh, Chie, what is wrong with you!? That wasn’t the move our leader asked you to do! C'mon, you can’t rely on your Main Persona all the time!!

Y-Yes, I can! This is a free country… Alternate Dimension… Whatever!!

Guys, I already told you, the enemy is weak to Fire!! Could somebody please stick to the plan already!? I think Fuuka-chan is going to cry over here!! We’re going to be the laughing stock of the Gekkoukan Group at this rate!!

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“…what’s with that ridiculous outfit?”

“you’re one to talk, senpai”

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More robot siblings. Imagine Genos is just like 'I want to become stronger' and Aigis gives him the whole 'bonds are the key to strength' speech. Except he's completely terrible at it, so he just goes around really aggressively trying to become friends with the p3 and p4 gang, and he's like "form a bond with me so I can become stronger". And Aigis is watching from a distance going, "Genos, no, that's not how it works".

junpei was hospitalized that day

Wonderful things that will never happen in fiction: Persona 3 Portable

Minako (the FeMC) and Shinjiro both hook up and live.

They get to babymaking.

They ask Aigis if it’s alright to name the kid after her if it’s a girl. They also as her to be the kids godmother.

Aigis and Shinjiro have an escelating game of who can be more overprotective of her while she’s pregnant (until she slaps them both upside the head because it’s just getting ridiculous)

Aigis being a living jungle gym for the kid.


(More from the artbook ~here & here~)

Here some Full Moon Shadow concepts from the P3 artbook!

It seems they used some of the scrapped ideas for Persona Q  =3=

I guess this is all I’ll be posting for now… unless anyone has a request?


> A note is slipped into Junpei’s room that day…


We need to have a serious talk about how you deal with Aigis henceforth. If you wish to avoid public embarassment by this discussing taking place at the lounge, you will meet me in an hour at the Control Room.

~ Mitsuru Kirijo

> Another note is nestling next to that one…

Come dressed for cold weather.

~ Akihiko Sanada