ask agnaktor

Agny heard that you were a little under the weather so I brought you a fresh hot drink! And for extra potency, I added some hot meat to it~!
(1 Hot Drink/Meat Obtained)

“Isn’t there a saying about the shortest ones having the biggest hearts?”

OOH HAPPY NAKMAS AGNY!! CLACK CLACK CHRISTMAS TO YOU! This the best gift @ask-agnaktor! Thankyou so much!

Agny noticed you seem to really love those shiny rocks, but for some reason have a lot of trouble finding them. So you can have some of my duplicates!! 
(1 Zinogre Jasper, 1 Rathalos Ruby, 1 Astalos Electrogem, and 1 Uragaan Ruby Obtained)

Hi! to all Hunter, felynes, leviathans, brute wyverns, flying wyverns, etc…

I just finish fixing the list of the (hornsASK MONSTER HUNTER LIST (horns stop) at Damn Wyvern Gems so don’t think it twice and just let them read all the wonderful things you think about them! Like Deviljho o Rajang for example! If you have a MonHun ask you can send a message to be in (horns) THE LIST (horns stop) Here are the Ask Monhun tumblrs:

Edit: OK, ASK THEM ALL (, soon i would get all in the list, but this post have all the MonHun Asks I know:

- Ask Stygian Zinogre // Ask Huntress // Ask a Deviljho // Ask Rajang // Ask White Fatalis // Ask Oralare, Black Diablos // Ask a Monster Scientist // Ask Nargacutie // Ask Amatsumagatsuchi  // Ask Fatalis // Ask Diablos // Ask Lagiacrus // Ask Plesioth // Ask Rathians Roar // Ask Agnaktor // Ask Cerulean Hunter // Ask Qurupeco // Ask a bunch of Mohrans // Ask Hunter Zin // Ask Bnahabra // Ask Rathian // Ask Skim  // Ask Arzuros // Ask Silver Rathalos // Ask Hardcore Chameleos // Ask The lone Black Wolf // Ask The Veteran Hunter // Ask Tigrex // Ask Lucent Nargacuga // Ask Garara // Ask Hunter Banteris! // Ask Huntress of Moga -

Thanks to all the community of Monster Hunters!!

~ I wish you happiness, good health, and success! May this year be a new start for those who lived through hard times in 2016. May this year make the world better. You are awesome, all of you, and you deserve it. ~

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Oh hell yeah, Agnaktors and Godzilla go way back. Legends say it was his kind that taught us to heat-beam in the first place. >:D

But daaaaaamn they’re massive.

[[ I actually went to see Godzilla yesterday (Thursday), being the massive monster nerd I am. Let me know what you guys thought of it, if you’ve seen it, or whatevs ~GM ]]