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Yeah, guys, I felt like drawing sth from Reversionauts AU by @ask-agent-razputin.

It’s an AU where Sasha and Raz are same age two kids who ran away from home. They started learning psypowers at the same time as roommates. I was thinking about their first meeting, considering Sasha to be really touched by his decision (and also having heavy touch of remorse by violating his father’s most intimate memories). I love drawing Sasha in times when he had feelings (and eyes xD). And Raz is just rebellious as always xD I love seeing those two being so different and friends at the same time *__* Go hug lil Sasha!

(and go give some love to the creator of this AU!)

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random hc: raz hates going down to Milla's underwater labs, but fakes being perfecctly fine even though he can constantly see the hand of galachio trying to break the glass

I’m sorry, but I have to disagree. When Raz had to go to the bottom of Lake Oblongata, he did it and he did it without flinching.

Even that, my headcanon is that Raz loves aquariums. He loves water creatures. He loves just how peaceful things can be underwater despite having a curse. He is afraid of drowning; afraid of what hands can do to him, but is it really the fault of the water?

I know I’m being a little harsh but I’ve been running this blog for two or three years and Raz got pestered with water questions. I don’t enjoy the fandom idea of having Raz deathly afraid of water, even to the point where he does not even want to touch it. He’s been close to water many times in his life that he has learned his limits. He knows how to be careful. He understands his strange inability to swim and works around it without it having to be a daily weight on his shoulders.

Raz fears drowning and will always fear drowning- In this blog, he also fears suffocation and he has a phobia for enclosed spaces due to this feeling. But for every fear, we as a species have the capability of getting out of a situation we dislike. Even with this blog’s Raz’s claustrophobia, he still found a way to punch out of the Brain Tumbler Egg when he is suffocating and he ALWAYS drags himself back to shore after getting caught by his curse. Because we all have weaknesses, but we all find ways around them to survive.

So… I think Raz actually will enjoy Milla’s underwater lab. It allows him for the moment to experience something underwater that he is unable to do on his own. 

And, how else can he visit his friend in her natural habitat?

Jian Aquato was a Chinese American pilot during the finale of WWII. While he could fly combat planes, he worked very well as a someone who can gain intel very easily. The government knew the potential of his psychic abilities that could allow him to read the minds of others easily without getting caught, not allow other minds to read his, and can sneak below a psychic signal.

Some say he was armored like a tank.

While there are not a lot of records on him, some photos show the man with a couple of fellow people, most notably Bob Zanotto, Ford Cruller, and an unknown German woman with black hair.

The group is known to be one of the major foundations for the Psychonaut agency, but Jian Aquato is nowhere in the records. After the war, he wanted to settle down with a family. He met a woman who was known as [RETRACTED].

Jian and his wife disappeared years after the birth of their child. The child, too, was not recorded to be found.

Counselor Raz in -- Adv. Pyrokinesis

“Good morning, my psicadets! Today we’re going to explore the complex workings and history of Pyrokinesis, or should I call it by it’s official name: Mental Conduction!

… Hey, hey, HEY!! that’s enough moaning and groaning! You want to become superstar psychics then you are going to sit your butts down and listen, all right?!

Good. Let’s get started. After all, no one in camp is gonna tolerate fire powered campers without proper safety instruction.
Looking at YOU, Jimmy.

You see, kids, Pyrokinesis or Cryokinesis is just a casual term to call the two branches of Mental Conduction. Kinesis is a term for movement, but we’re not actually moving fire or ice. We are manipulating the movement of heat through particles! While there are two of the same classification, it’s kinda rare for someone to be able to control both branches sometimes based on heredity or emotional composition. Lili Zanotto, as you may know, is one of the rare amount of psychics that can control both Cryokinesis and Pyrokinesis.

Pretty cool, right? Or hot? Ahahaha! …Ahh… Ahem. Forget that.

Just some basic science to demonstrate how Cooling Conduction and Heating Conduction work. There are many other ways apart from simply making something into an ice cube or an ignited marshmallow to use these psychic abilities. Changing body temperature can be a manner of distracting an opponent, and freezing or heating up objects can change their solid, liquid, or gaseous state. Thus, Mental Conduction can be used for manipulating the environment or be used defensively rather than having to attack head on.

For an ability that includes setting things on fire, it’s quite a surprise to see that I’m actually using Pyrokinesis on a more defensive front.

Now finally, advanced tricks with Mental Conduction can be pretty tricky, and one of them involves different psychic powers to control air particles. This can be used to sort of generate icicles to impale- I mean, scare off your enemy or to hurl a fireball towards a target.


But, seriously, be careful and wear protective gear when attempting to practice said powers. Not that I know how it feels to be burnt when I was a kid…

Remember kids! The air is flammable!

Well then! Next class, I’ll only be able to show you Pyrokinesis, since I have mastered it, if I do say so myself.

With this information, I hope you understand the real ways of dealing with Mental Conduction and how the power works. And please for the love of God; be safe, will you? …


Reality’s Draw (Part 1)

(Adult Raz) “So let me tell you a story, and I’m gonna keep this short. Because, who really cares about your teen years? Haha!

When I was fourteen, you bet that I was still on selective missions, but everything was still pretty great, ya’ know? Lili and I were constantly talking about partnering up and doing a bit of training together, when we weren’t studying.

Life just seemed like a rather True Psychic Tale for me.”

“But not everything in a magazine was necessarily… True.

I didn’t really think of it much but the adults at that time were noticing that I was attracting unwanted attention. Very unwanted. I wasn’t really… Notified on this. Don’t get me wrong; the agents that were my higher ups tried their hardest to protect Lili and I from the more extreme categories of psychic criminals. Criminals I still couldn’t go up against.

Every day became more worrisome. It’s a wonder I never found out about the people tracking me and my missions, because Morry, Sasha, and Milla were starting to get awfully protective.”

“But… Well. I shouldn’t give much detail. I had a rather poor mission. We all thought it was like any other.”

-but you can’t really save everyone no matter how much you try-

“Don’t worry about the mission. I mean… Well, it just caused a little part in my life where I had to retire from fully fledged Psychonaut work.

And hey, I didn’t cry or anything when it happened, trust me!”

“Don’t worry, that’s not the end of it… Things would eventually turn slowly towards the better the next four years during my days at the academy!

But…. One thing did turn for the worst.”

( Part 1 of ?? )

SO, I got a few messages asking why Raz wore the same outfit he did as a kid and I didn’t take it as an offense– Far from it! I got inspired to think of a new fashion design for him.

Complete with a headcanon that at first he took on Sasha’s look because he was his childhood hero, but then Milla began offering some clothing choices over the years…

70s Razputin was born! Here’s a working design for him! Poor Sasha… He must feel so fashionably betrayed.

What do you guys think? Are you jiggy with it? Oh, and looks like he grew out his beard! … But, I hope this isn’t too similar to another bearded Raz design I saw. <:( So, I’m crediting @tench for inspiration, since all my friends and I loved it!

“Yeaaaah, long story short we lost communication for a couple of years. We were both dragged off to different schools, we were too young to keep up long distance relationships… 

It’s a bummer. BUT we are official partners since we turned twenty-three. It was awkward at first, Lili didn’t want anything to do with me, but now we’re pretty good friends.

Oh, there she is right now! I’ll ask her how she’s doing…”

“ *COUGH* See?! Just…. Friends!

Did someone mess with the thermostat? How annoying! Maybe I should… Go work on that. Fixing the climate. Which I will do right now.” 

(( Don’t worry guys– This blog fully supports Raz x Lili, but it also supports sexual tension between the two adults. It’s fun, haha! Ship will not sink on this blog, I promise. BD ))