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Hmm.. would ???% be able to stay fused though? If they wanted too? Would the fusion's (using Shigeru as an example) appearance be altered in anyway if ???% was in partial control?

[regarding this post]

I imagine that, if ???% didn’t try to tear itself away from Shigeru right away, it would look like a more stabilized version of the last picture I did

That being said… 

If ???% did keep the fusion together for a prolonged amount of time, I feel like the other person’s consciousness and individuality (teru, in this case,) would end up being absorbed by ???%, 
Mob is strong enough to not be overcome by ???%, unless if his consciousness isn’t present. Someone like Teru, however, who is a weaker esper and is NOT ???%’s vessel would probably be completely taken over by the unidentifiable entity.
so then, when they finally manage to break apart, teruki would be an empty husk of the person he used to be

… oh no,

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Tell No Tales is so cute! Is it an ongoing comic or does it come in shorts? I just discovered your blog and your art, so I'm not quite sure.

Thank you so much!

I’m glad you asked because I was thinking I should probably explain TNT for the newcomers (which is excellent- I’m super stoked to have you all!)

Tell No Tales is an original webcomic that I currently working on. I’ve finished plotting the first 10 chapters and am gonna work on the main character designs soon. It’s a fantasy steam-punk world with space pirates for good measure. Like Treasure Planet aesthetic. The main cast is undergoing some redesigns but I’m definitely gonna have a gay character, a trans character, and a bisexual character and one that’s non-binary (debating between genderfluid and agender).

Shy and Ari (and the others) are going to be roughly middle-aged by the time the comic starts and the parents of some of the main cast. While I’ve been working on the worldbuilding and plot, I wanted to play around with this group of characters as young adults and play explore their relationships. All of the recent art on this blog has been relevant to TNT (if memory serves) so you can check that out.

TLDR; That wasn’t quite an accurate representation of what TNT is going to be… But you can totally follow this blog for more cute gays because I happen to be shipping trash and will continue to draw them and my other characters. X)
But if you decide that you’re interested in following the comic, I’m gonna be uploading more WIP and world building to @tellnotalescomic (Official TNT blog)
You can also look at some of the scrapped pages and previews there. ‘w’/

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First of all, RIP Aero!!!😭😢😢Second of all, whose baby was Aero and Guadalupe holding?


I know, omg I was crying my eyes out. Aero was my crazy mint baby! :(

The baby she was holding was their first grandchild, Emily Notberry and she is the daughter of Valentine and Jimmy (Jimmy who has been cheating on her with Bonica :()

Generation 3 has been born, but I don’t think that will appear for a while! 

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Hiiii. Can I request Dick and Babs going on a mission together in the the Young Justice timeline??? Pleaseee :) btw, I operate under the username batgirlgrayson. You can tag me or give me the link there. Id love to read ur work!

Mission Mischief for @batgirlgrayson
There’s never a better time than the present. Dick takes whatever he can get whenever he can.

They’re coming! came the disembodied voice of Artemis through Barbara’s head. The grip on her side tightened fractionally––she wasn’t even sure if Dick knew he had done so. Two men, dark tuxedos, definitely packing some heat, just entering from the back of the room. On the other side of the room, Artemis and Wally meandered, holding their serving trays of champagne flutes and finger food, ever the dutiful waiters.

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Meet the Piggies!~

These are our new babies: Jax (darker brown) and Aero (light brown and white); they’re two months old.~ We’re hoping that eventually they’ll be comfortable enough to show up with Tweek and Craig (as Craig’s new guinea pigs) but we’ll have to see. Either way we just thought someone might need some cute animal goodness in their day! :)

Surprise!! A bunch of amazing characters for a bunch of amazing people. They’re all so sweet and nice I love them and I must protect them


hEH SO IM SORRY I HAVENT BEEN UPDATING SO MUCH. I recently really have gotten into don’t starve together and its really fun so i thought id draw some followers in that style! But yeah 1300 followers sweet B) i got some more followers im going to do tomorrow but this was just the first batch of some of the lovely people that follow me and really inspire me. as said more tomorrow theres alot of you guys <3 thanks for the follows yo.

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aero im curious whats the story behind your url


Okay sO, in the Mother/Earthbound series, there is a PSI attack that inflicts ice damage and can freeze the enemy… So of course they would call it PK Freeze (also called PSI Freeze tho)

dis also shows up in the Super Smash game (people are more familiar with this)

SO OF COURSE I mushed that name along with the term “Freezer burnt” and thus…. my url was born

thank u fam