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What about the opening cutscene of ME3 was sexist? I always play as Femshep but I don't remember anything being bad about that part

it’s a subtle difference in the animations.

When Anderson says “Hope you didn’t go soft in lock-up”, BroShep looks down as if to check his abs are there whereas FemShep actually runs her hand up her body. You can clearly see a difference between the animations for each gender.

BroSheps animations make it seem like he knows Anderson’s joking and he wants to go along with it, FemShep looks like she’s genuinely worried about how this man thinks she’s not ‘as fit’ as she used to be. Anderson is wholly respectful to Shepard regardless of gender but the animators aren’t. Them making it seem as though Anderson were telling FemShep she’s gotten ‘fat’ and her being genuinely worried about it makes this a sexist moment.

You can look it up on different openings of ME3 with a BroShep and FemShep on Youtube and it’s fairly obvious a difference.

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