ask a zangoose

Tanner: Flowers are a pathetic thing to like.

Bashi: That’s just you that dosen’t like- Hey who are you?

Tanner: You know you’re supposed to get behind the tree to hide, right?

???: Err……..

Bashi: Hey… calm down, we aren’t going to hurt you. We’re not wild pokemon, we’re just travelers.

???: Mmm… Okay.

Tanner: Never seen a dragon act this cowardly before.

Bashi: Sorry about that, he can be kind of a jerk sometimes.

???: Umm… Can I come along with you?

Bashi: Of course you can! I like making friends! My name’s Bashi. That zangoose next to me that I tasered is Tanner.

<To Be Continued>

ask-arkray  asked:

before walking up to the gabite, rin changed to his land form to seem less intimidating. "hey, who might you be. and why would you have needed to hide?" he sat and looked up "was it because of bashi? cause he doesnt seem like the one to be scared of..." he looked over at the luxio, wondering stilll

Kaye: Coming!

<Kaye’s profile has been unlocked!>