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heyhey everyone! long time no see!!

i really wanna get back into this blog cause i love my pokemon children and really love the community. i’m currently trying to brush everything off cause i never realized how long i was gone (only felt like a few months tbh ; -;).

it seems most of the pokemon ask blogs i followed are inactive now. so any suggestions on who to follow would be DOPE

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Typhlosion hcs if you’re up for it!

Funny, my bf just caught a Typhlosion in Pokemon GO yesterday. XD

Please be aware of the flame ruff at all times. Sure, you’ve got burn heals, but an ounce of prevention can save a whole lot of trouble. Despite your caution, you’ve still been burned once or twice, and they are SO SORRY. They’ll cry and nuzzle and just generally be a wreck if you ever get hurt, but even more so when it’s THEM that hurt you.

When you’re NOT hurt, they’re very sweet and gentle, smiling all the time and holding you hand. They’ll randomly pull you into a hug at any given moment, and it’s always a pleasant surprise that is sometimes topped off with a smooch.

They’re, amazingly, very even tempered. As a fire Pokemon, you’d always expected them to have a short fuse, but they’re very well-mannered. They’re not territorial, not possessive, none of it. Even though they get really upset if you get hurt, they’re not over-protective either. They will, however, completely flatten any wild Pokemon that challenges you. You kinda needed to catch that Wimpod, but oh well.


✣ <—- Leave this in my ask if you want to see an AU where our characters are pirates together 

(( Heh, hope ya don’t mind I combined these two! I actually raelly enjoyed drawing this. Lixue looks like she’d make a fun – though unexpected – captain! Combined with being chums with Reina and Rocco, they look like they’ll get along in the pirate life just fine! Look how they greet the day, such confident and sly smiles! ))

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Huh? What’s that?

It looks like Sal..


“You don’t need to hole yourself up here by yourself, y’know. You’ve got a ton of people who care about you and are looking for you.”

“I know… but sometimes it’s so hard with her gone…”

“… … … Let’s head back.”

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{Plot Updated} 

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Seagi: What's been the best part about traversing the Johto region so far? Is it a nice region?

Copper: We’re from Johto! And honestly we’ve been all over the region fighting gym after gym and training. We’ve heard of Alola but haven’t had the chance to visit (Verde is set on beating the elite four lol)

Copper: It’s full of forests and mountains. V warm. V nice to nap in……..the only drawback is that we keep running into Team Rocket.

Copper: Though it is fun beating them into the dust

(the johto map is by Adam Rufino btw)

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What kind of poffins does Torch like the most? And which he likes the least?

Torch: “Let’s see…”

Torch: “I really like Mild Poffins! They have just enough flavor for me! But I really will eat any kind!” 

Torch: “I think my least favorite flavor would be Sour….! I don’t hate it, it’s just not my thing!

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Yay Typhlosion x Samurott :3c !

Pssssh, they’re not a couple…! …But, you know, if they were… >_> 

notp / not really / meh / I could / sometimes / maker, yes / my otp babbies

Who is the most affectionate? Hmm…both probably would be, I think. Samurott’s used to dating others and would love to pour it on, and Typhlosion just naturally wants to share that, so…
Big spoon/Little spoon? Typhlosion/Samurott is the more natural, but they’d go either way, probably.
Most common argument? Something to do with past lovers and crushes, the bad and unhealthy stuff.
Favorite non-sexual activity? Training and sparring according to Samurott, trips to go out eating for Typhlosion. Both agree to both.
Who is most likely to carry the other? Samurott would carry Typhlosion sooner than vice versa. Typhlosion could, but Samurott’s usually more likely to carry. Not that Typhlosion would complain ever.
Nicknames? Typhlosion alternates between ‘Sam’ and ‘Rottie,’ while Samurott defaults to ‘Ty’ mostly. They’d probably use nicknames more than most.
Who worries the most? Depends on situation, because either could worry more about the other.
Who initiates kisses? Again, the set-up is what would determine it, because otherwise, both would.
Who wakes up first? Samurott, because he is diligent and trains hard, while Typhlosion…has some trouble waking up in the morning.
Who says I love you first? It must be Typhlosion…unless Samurott…hmm.