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bespectacled-bunny  asked:

Can you tell me about the Cyndaquil line please? Thank you!

Typhlosion are actually quite inattentive parents. A mother Typhlosion will lay her eggs in a warm volcanic spot, then prowl the area until they hatch. Only rarely do the Cyndaquil hatch when she is around, and once they do, she disappears to leave them to fend for themselves. Luckily, Cyndaquil are very self-sufficient, and will help their nestmates to get food and shelter.

The Typhlosion blinks as the stranger approaches, brought out of his reverie by their voice. He raises his head, curious and mildly startled, and listens, freezing at the final sentence.

“Stop being weak and weepy.”

Barathon’s expression bends into a snarl, eyes fixating to stare the unusual Leafeon down. He growls- deep and rumbling- as a spark of flame bursts from the vents on his back.

“You’ve got an awful lot of nerve talkin’ to me like that,” he snarls, rising from his spot to tower over the stranger.

“In fact, I’d say you’re lookin’ for a beating. You think I’m ‘weak,’ ‘ey? I’ll show you weak!

Barathon wants to fight!



anonymous asked:

Typhlosion x Feraligart ...? What? Just me? .... ok ...

“Oh no, it’s back. We tried to get away, but it’s only returned here too.” 

“This is literally the only way that we know each other! Gods, it’s like people have preconceived notions of who we’re meant for or something!” 

“It’s called shipping. If you’re not used to it by now, you’ll never get there.”

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Send me a ◓➥ to hear one of my character’s pokemon give an opinion about your trainer.

Her ears flicked forward and then back. She was so confused.

…! I… get that same urge when I meet strong pokemon, but… He’s a human!

She rubbed her head. Friendly and sweet as she was, she was having trouble figuring out this friend of the family. She settled on whining softly and then poking out her tongue playfully. That’d be fine, even if she had the urge to rough house with him like she might another pokemon. Humans were too fragile for that, right…?

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how's lilligant and gardevoir? and the rest of the grassfield kingdom?

“We’re doing great! I think I’ll make Lilligant into a soldier any day now!” 

“Help. …I mean, I am getting better. But still.” 

“Typhlosion and I are still practicing those Pledges. Right, Typhlosion?” 

“Huh? Oh, yeah, yeah. Pledges practice. Right.” 

“My fellow knights have displeased us, and we’re still a bit divided, but I think we’ll manage. Daily training keeps everyone distracted.” 

“If I’m honest…I find myself wondering about Greninja some days. He’s, well, you know…we’re close. Don’t tell my husband though, or he’ll tease me.” 

“We’re getting some help from Accelgor and Escavalier while planning for our wedding! …Rhydon also crouches into fetal positions every so often. But, I-I’m sure he’ll be fine!” 

“I’m gonna be a king…I’m gonna be married…I’m gonna be ready…I gotta be ready…oh, gods…”