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The Belchers play Pokemon GO

Linda is a highly aggressive player, driving around at all hours of the night to make sure gyms stay her colour. She gives all her pokemon big bold nicknames. (Her Jolteon is “King Sparky”; her Gastly is called “Gaseous Clay”.)

Tina only catches Ponyta. She’s not interested in any other pokemon. She has over a hundred Ponyta now. She doesn’t take them to gyms because she doesn’t want them to get hurt.

Louise is publicly derisive of Pokemon GO, and claims she doesn’t play. But secretly she has a squad made up of all the cutest pokemon. She can tell you everything about their kickass moves and is an excellent trainer.

Gene tried playing for a little while, but became too anxious about pokemon escaping his pokeballs and all the team rivalry, so he quit. Instead he’s writing an epic pokemon rock opera, and is constantly asking the rest of the family for updates so that it’s authentic.

Teddy is surprisingly knowledgeable about Pokemon GO and gives the others advice. He puts a lure on the pokestop outside Bob’s Burgers everyday to drum up business and is neglecting his own job to catch as many as he can.

Mort’s funeral parlour is a gym, but no one can beat the immensely powerful Gastly that he’s put there. He owns that gym.

Bob can only seem to catch Pidgeys. Every egg he hatches gives him a Pidgey. He has seventy Pidgeys.


“We’re the Underblades, see? Yes, you see? And what I say goes, see? Understood?”

“Sure, got it, Big Boss Zar.”

gosh I have several evil duo prompts, I love the idea of the prompts but with how many I have I’m gonna have to mix ‘em up :’D

also don’t ask how Zar’s cigar is sticking on his masked face, I dunno how either vuv);

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nanao smiles at the bidoof "so have you ever ran into a shiny bidoof?"

Boof’s grandpa was shiny!


“Oh, no. I-I’m usually alone. I haven’t really had anyone since…” Marcel didn’t like thinking about what had happened. “Since I was a Pawniard. Also, thank you for your offer. I-it’s nice to have some peaceful company. However, if you want to help me, we should introduce ourselves first, shouldn’t we? My name is Marcel. It’s a pleasure.”

(Caliber’s hair was pretty fun to draw tbh. I’m not really used to drawing hair like that, so it was a good opportunity to try something different.)

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I'll personally NEVER get tired of those two. But don't listen to me or others regardless of what they say, only stop drawing them when YOU want to stop, follow your heart and inspiration. Anyway thank you from the bottom of my heart, you're a blessing

Please fix this broken family Game Freak.