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How was the first date?

T: Oh, it was a very casual date, haha, just the usual stuff: Pinkie came looking totally stunning to pick me up…

…she took me to a fancy restaurant to have dinner together…

...we went to some nice places she knew of to have a little fun…

…and finally she walked me home…

T: We had a very nice night together; she was fun as always, but polite and careful too. She really put effort into making me feel comfortable, and I appreciate that.

P: Had to be cool for my girl out there, of course

T: Yeah, yeah… she used to be very cool back then

P: Hey, I’m still cool!

T: Of course you are, silly, hahaha…

[ Photo taken by me / Ponies also drawn by me ]

盤緣馬系列01 最近想拿以前照片來畫,所以可能會有其他張XD


Sunset: Yeah, sorry AJ, but Dash is gonna get absolutely creamed.

Applejack: Hey, she ain’t gonna do that bad.

Sunset: Twilight’s smarter than me, and I could easily beat Dash in a nerd off.

Applejack: Now y’all wait one cotton pickin’ minute. Rainbow Dash is really darn smart! She might not show it off because she’s tryin’ to act cool, but I think you’re gonna be surprised when she shows y’all up! C’mon Rainbow! You got a nerd off to win!

Dash: Aw yeah! We’re gonna be unstoppable!

Twilight: Is anyone going to ask me for my opinion?

Sunset: C’mon Twilight, you’ve got a nerd off to win.

Twilight: Could you please carry this trophy!?

Mod: So what kinda games and competition would you like to see in the Nerd Off? Send me an ASK to let me know!