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Dean Winchester. Line: "No chick flick moments"

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You were still in that honeymoon phase, the smiling, giggling, always together phase. Not that you were complaining. Who would with Dean Winchester? He just got back from a trip, and you were over the moon to see him. Which meant neither of you thought about anything more than being together.

The next morning, you had to work, and he didn’t want to leave your side. So, he clumsily got dressed, and drove you. Much to your surprise, he even walked you in. Moving up to hold him close and kiss him, he made you laugh. “No chick flick moments.” He smirked.

Chuckling, you went to move away to get to work, just for him to pull you back. “What’s that about no chick flick moments?” You teased.

“Oh, this ain’t a chick flick moment, sweetheart. This is a ‘that guy better keep his eyes of my girl’ moment.” He breathed in your ear, making you blush.

“The Dragon Case” Sam x daughter!Reader

Words: 1,115

Sam x daughter!Reader

Summary: When you have to go on a dragon case with your dad, Sam, and your uncle Dean, you realize you have to tell them you’re not going to work as bait.

Warnings: Swearing, angst, mentions of sex, alcohol

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This was it. This was the moment you’d been dreading since “it” happened.

A dragon case.

You knew this would happen eventually- your dad Sam and your uncle Dean are always hunting something. You had just hoped that it would maybe… Not be so soon.

You lost your virginity a year ago, while on a case in Chicago with Dean. Sam decided to stay home and do research from there, while you two went out and caught the son of a bitch. You were so excited- your first hunting trip without your father. Uncle Dean gave you much more freedom, and that’s highly valued to a teenager like yourself.

It was a vampire case, relatively easy, and afterwards you and Dean had gone out to a bar. He gave you a fake ID for your 15th birthday, and boy did it go to use. At the bar, you met a guy in college, you were a little drunk, and you lost it to him in his dorm room. You can’t even remember his name. Thankfully, Dean was so drunk that night, he didn’t even notice that you had left.

Here you are, a year later, about to face your biggest fear. Your dad.

“Y/N, you have to sit out on this one. I’m sorry. Too big of a risk.” Your dad shook his head, not even contemplating the idea of you leaving the bunker.

“Dad, please, nothing is going to happen to me. You won’t even tell me what it is.” You scoffed. You knew what it was. But you didn’t want to say anything in case you were wrong.

“Sammy, we could use her.” Dean piped in.

“Could you please tell me what the hell you’re even hunting?” I groaned.

“Could you watch your mouth?” Sam snapped. Oh man, he was stressed. He was never like this with you unless he was stressed.

“It’s a dragon case.” Dean told you, fiddling with his fingers.


“Oh, well…” I trailed off. “I could still go.”

“Did you not hear what your uncle just said, Y/N? Dragons. Virgin stealers. Absolutely not happening.” He yelled at you.

“Sam, would you please just calm down for a minute? We could use her as bait. I know you don’t like the idea of that, but wouldn’t be better to use her than some random chick? At least she can defend herself if anything goes wrong.” Dean argued for you. You smiled and were thankful that Dean was always on your side, but in this situation, it wasn’t helping.

“If anything happens to her…”

“Nothing is going to happen. She’ll be okay.” Dean reassured your dad. You smiled weakly at the two of them. “Let’s get packin’.”


You got in the impala, unsure of how to go about this. You couldn’t be the bait, it wouldn’t work. You couldn’t tell your dad that you had sex, because not only would he freak out, but he would ask how it happened and then you’d have to tell him it was while you were in Chicago with Dean, and then he would literally murder Dean. You sighed, not knowing what to do.

Once you guys arrived at the hotel, you settled in and changed into pajamas- it had been a long day of driving.

“You guys want dinner? I’m going to go pick up something.” Your dad asked.

“Starving. Get some pie, will ya?” Dean asked. Sam rolled his eyes but agreed, and went to go get food.

“So, kid, what do you want to watch? As long as it’s not a chick flick.” Dean asks, flipping through the channels.

“Actually, I was hoping I could talk to you about something.”

“Hm?” He responded, not taking his eyes off the TV.

“Its, uh, serious.”

“Did something happen?” Dean panics, coming over to your bed immediately.

“Yeah, I’m okay. But I can’t be the bait.”

“Why not? Are you afraid? I guess we didn’t even ask if you were ok with it, shit.”

“Dean,” you let out a breath. “I’m not a virgin.”

You thought he was going to explode. The look on his face went from worried to pissed off.

“Y/N…” He started. “Why? You’re so young.”

“I’m seventeen. Don’t even try and say you weren’t having sex at my age.”

“That’s different.” He sighed. “When?”

“See, that’s the problem… It was kinda under your watch.”

“I’m sorry?”

“Last year in Chicago. At the bar. We were both too drunk.” I admitted.

“Fuck, I knew I shouldn’t have got you that ID.”

“Probably not.” You say quietly.

“It was consensual… Right?”

“Yeah. Don’t worry.” I reassure him. “I don’t know how to tell Dad.”

“He’s going to kill you, you know that right?”

“Can you tell him for me?” You beg him. You can’t bear to tell him yourself.

“Unfortunately I think it would make it worse for you if I told him. You need to do it yourself.”

“She needs to do what herself?” You hear your dad say, walking in the door. You and Dean are both silent.

“I’ll leave you two alone.” Dean says, grabbing the pie from Sam’s hands and walking out to the impala.

“Dad, can we have a talk?”

“Sure, kiddo. What’s up?” He says enthusiastically. You cringe, knowing his mood is about to go from 100-0 in a heartbeat.

“I’m not a virgin.”

Sam dropped his food.

“Wh-What?” He stuttered. “Please tell me I heard you incorrectly.”

“You didn’t.”

“Fuck, Y/N, are you fucking kidding?” He yells, running over to you. Tears start streaming down your face, you can’t look at him. “Of course you’re not.”

He gets up and goes out the door, slamming it shut. You start sobbing, not knowing what to do. You hear yelling outside between your dad and Dean.

“Under your watch? ARE YOU FUCKING JOKING, DEAN? YOU LET MY DAUGHTER HAVE SEX WITH A STRANGER?” Sam was practically screaming.

“You need to calm the hell down, now.” Dean was staying calm.

“Of course you think that. It’s not your kid.”

“You’re right- she’s not my kid. But look who she told first. She told me because she was terrified to tell you, did you think about that?”

“No.” Your dad admits. You can’t hear the rest of the conversation, but it seems much calmer than before.

A few minutes later, your dad and Dean both come inside and hug you.

“I’m sorry. I overreacted. I’m still not happy with what you did, but I know that I handled it wrong.” Sam tells you, hugging you tightly.

“It’s fine.” You say dryly.

“Y/N?” He says, looking down at you.

“Yes, dad?”

“I love you.”

“I love you, too, Dad.”

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Earth 38 Barry Allen x Reader Part One

Fandom: The Flash/Supergirl

Characters: Barry Allen, Reader, Kara Danvers, Cisco Ramon

Word Count: 690

Inspired by this imagine by @vividimagines  (x)

Prompt: Imagine being from the same Earth as Kara and Cisco and Barry instantly being attracted to you.

A/N: This was so rushed and so terrible I think I might throw up, but whatever! Hope you guys enjoy!

“Kara, I swear to god, what did you leave in your apartment now? We have to go! I can’t miss Chris Evans being hot!” I was whining like a child. Kara was dragging me down the hall, using her strength to pull me. 

“We go up the stairs so much I might as well skip leg day at the gym.” I grumbled. I know it’s immature, but she needs to see just how displeased I am.

“I’m sorry, okay?! I just don’t want to have to pay for $3,000 popcorn when we have some at home!” Kara took her keys out of her pocket to unlock the door, only to drop them onto the ground. She sighed and quickly picked them back up.

“You are so clumsy, sometimes I wonder if it’s even you out there fighting bad guys!” I said pushing the door open. I quickly stopped in my tracks in the door frame when I saw two guys standing in the middle of Kara’s kitchen looking very lost.

“Um, Kara? Are there supposed to be two strange men standing in your kitchen?” I asked, not taking my eyes off of them. Kara was still rifling through her bag.

“No, why-” She was cut off by the sight of them. A huge smile spread over her face as she saw them and she dropped her bags. 

“Barry! Hi! Why are you here?” Her face suddenly turned serious. “Is there something wrong in Central City?” He smiled and laughed, shaking his head.

“No, we just wanted to come visit again. We were travelling through the Earths, making sure everything was as it was before I, you know, changed the timeline…” He looked down at his feet awkwardly and scratched the back of his neck.

“But, ummmm who is this, lovely lady?” The shorter one said, attempting to lean back onto the kitchen island.

“I’m Y/N. Who are you guys?” I asked, still cautious. Listen, I don’t care if Supergirl thinks that these guys are swell, they just showed up in a locked apartment on the tenth story. That shit is not right.

“Right! Um, Y/N, this is Barry Allen, the Flash, and this is Cisco Ramon, also known as Vibe. I told you about them after I came back from fighting the Dominators. Barry, Cisco, this is Y/N, my best friend. She is also known as the Black Mamba.”

“Whoa, you have superpowers? What are they?” Cisco bounced up and down excitedly, waiting for my answer. I smiled at his childish attitude. It was like looking into a mirror. If that mirror made me a dude. And a geek. And nothing like me.

“I can borrow other people’s powers. I have no idea where a name like ‘The Black Mamba’ came from…” I cleared my throat before shooting a stern glance at Kara. 

“But it seemed to stick with people.” Kara sighed loudly.

“Look! I just suggested the name in passing! Ms. Grant seemed to like it, and you know when she likes something, she does not change her mind.” I playfully rolled my eyes at her exasperation with me. This always happened. 

“But we have to leave now if we’re going to have enough time to go see the movie and buy the tickets. You guys wanna come?” Kara offered to the two of them.

“Yeah! Sounds good. What movie are you guys going to see? It’s not a chick flick, is it?” Barry asked, whining a little at the end. Kara and I looked at each other before laughing loudly.

“Are you kidding me? I’m like the biggest geek in National City! We’re going to see Captain America: The Winter Soldier.” I said, throwing one of the bags Kara handed to me over my shoulder. Their faces lit up with smiles.

“You guys have Captain America here too?! Man, this day keeps getting better and better!” Cisco said.

“Well we have to go if we ever want to actually see the movie, let’s go!” Kara said, speed walking to the door.

I think I’m going to get along just fine with these guys.

Part Two: Coming Soon!

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Happy Ever After

Written for: Bethtastic’s 6K Writing Challenge

Words: 1682

Pairings: Dean x Reader

Prompt: “You’re my dream. You’ve always been my dream.”

Warnings: AU, Slight angst, fluff, Dean Winchester being perfect, pregnancy, alcohol consumption (mentioned)

A/N: Thanks for letting me join your challenge and I hope you enjoy! All mistakes are my own, gifs are found through google. Tags are at the bottom: Tagging a few blogs that I’ve seen but if you wish to be added or removed please just let me know. I’m not offended. Feedback is greatly appreciated.

Summary: The reader discovers that she’s pregnant and prepares to tell the father her childhood friend, Dean Winchester. However, before she can tell him Dean has secrets of his own and basically happily ever afters aren’t so rare. 

    “Oh god,” you take deep breaths trying to remember how to breathe as the tiny hunk of plastic seems to mock you from the bathroom sink. “No, no, no,” you murmur trying to fight back a wave of tears. You had dreamed about this for the longest time, but now that it was staring you in the face it seemed terrifying. No, it was terrifying. How could you tell him?

      “Y/N?” Charlie’s voice drifted from the opposite side of the locked door. “Y/N, Jess and I are right here will you please unlock the door and let us in?” You stand to unlock the door before returning to the edge of the tub with your arms wrapped around you as the door swings open revealing your friends Jess and Charlie.

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I’ll Always Come Back to You

Summary: When Dean loses his memory, you decide to tell him everything that you’ve all been through, from the beginning.

Pairing: DeanxMale!reader

Other characters: Sam Winchester, John Winchester, Castiel(mention)

Rating: Mature

Warnings: Language, ANGST, kissing, Dean’s memory loss from 12x12, death mention, flangst

Word count: 4800+

A/N: Seriously man this shit ruined my life when writing it, both from fluff and angst. I am sorry.

Eternity squad: @mrswhozeewhatsis @beriala @busybee612  @kittenofdoomage @aprofoundbondwithdean @ign-is @icantthinkofaname-oops @catsoftheapocalypse  @purgatoan

You rush into the hotel room, your chest heaving as you observe the space. Post-it notes are everywhere, identifying each item. You lock eyes with Sam, and he gives you a helpless look, trying to form the words to say.

“Where is he?” you ask, your voice as steady as it can be. As if on cue, Dean walks out of the bathroom, staring between you and Sam. Finally, a smile stretches across his face. You smile in return, your shoulders falling.

“Who’s he?” Dean asks in a near whisper, pointing at you with that same smile. You face falls, your heart dropping into your stomach. Sam puts on a strong face, standing from his seat.

“It’s Y/N, remember? Boyfriend?” the younger Winchester says. Dean’s eyes light up, his mouth gaping.

“He’s my boyfriend?” he asks, smiling wider when you nod. “Awesome,” he breathes, a grin on his face. You rest your hand on Dean’s shoulder, leading him to the bed and sitting him down.

“How much time do we got?” you ask, turning to face Sam. He looks so small. His hands are shaking, and the color is drained from his face. “Sammy, you gotta breathe man,” you say, holding a hand up to him. He nods frantically, closing his eyes and taking a deep breath.

“I’ll call Rowena again,” Sam says as he pulls out his phone. Dean stares between you both, pursing his lips.


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I Can’t Save Her: Part 2

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Pairings: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: Language

Word Count: 1133

Summary: You have been with the Avengers for three years and during that time you have developed a close friendship with Bucky. When you discover another woman in Bucky’s room you begin to question what your true feelings are for him.

Author’s Notes: Catch Part One of the series here.

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“What the hell Buck?” Steve chastised him as they sat at the bar.

“I don’t know why Y/N was so upset. I swear Steve; I didn’t do anything. I didn’t even hear her walking down the hallway…. This is all your fault!” He huffed and looked at Steve accusingly. “If you hadn’t invited that woman back to the compound…. Oh my god I never thought I was going to get her to leave,” he said sourly as he downed the rest of his whiskey and motioned for the bartender to bring another.

“I know Buck… I just thought maybe… I mean how long has it been?” Steve raised an eyebrow.

 Bucky snorted and replied, “Rogers, should you really be asking that question?” Steve turned slightly pink as he laughed into his glass.

“Alright, Buck. I’m just worried about you. But what about Y/N? Is something going on that you haven’t told me about?” Steve asked with a little bite in the last few words.

“No, I swear. I mean don’t get me wrong… I’ve thought about it, but I’m afraid of losing her. She’s one of the few people I’ve connected with since everything happened. I enjoy being around her, but she’s never even indicated interest in me other than just being her friend,” Bucky replied bitterly. He was running his hands through his hair – one of his nervous habits that Steve always noticed.

 Steve snorted, “Whatever you say, Buck.” He paused and clapped his hand on Bucky’s shoulder. “I care about both of you and you are both really good for each other. Just be careful…” he trailed off.

Bucky didn’t respond. He was too lost in thought thinking about how angry Y/N had been. How had he not picked up on her feelings? It had been three years since he had met her, and had been attached to her since. He had just never allowed himself to go down this path… not with her… she was too important, and the thought of losing her paralyzed him with fear.

Trying to keep up with Steve during the morning jog was brutal. My head was pounding from the tequila that I had consumed the night before. I made a mental note to remind myself that my alcohol tolerance was nowhere close to Nat’s. I slowed for a second to catch my breath and Sam followed suit.

“So that thing with you and Barnes the other day?” he asked rather timidly. I huffed to myself and side-eyed him. He gulped and continued, “I was just wondering…”

“Hey are you two going to pick up the pace or are we going to finish the jog when we’re ninety?” Steve interjected sarcastically as he jogged back to Sam and myself.

“Steve, I hate to break it to you, but you are already considered a senior citizen,” I replied sardonically as he grinned back at me. “Some of us aren’t super soldiers… Sam and I needed a small break,” I complained.

“Yeah.. I was just asking Y/N about her chick flick moment with Barnes the other day,” Sam retorted as I jabbed him in the arm with my fist. Steve looked embarrassed as he stared at his feet awkwardly.

 I eyed him cautiously. “Spill it Rogers. What do you know?”

“Oh me? Nothing.. I know nothing. Really it’s nothing,” Steve shuffled his feet awkwardly.

“You’re a terrible liar, Steve. Just tell me.” I bit my lower lip – it was always what I did when I was nervous.

Steve looked reproachfully at Sam. “Good job at bringing this up man.”

Sam shrugged, “I was just curious.”

I cleared my throat and crossed my arms… waiting not so patiently for Steve to spill the beans. He huffed in frustration and threw his hands into the air. “Well Buck and I went for a drink last night, and I asked him about the whole…erm…incident between you two. It’s honestly my fault. The woman you saw… it really wasn’t what you thought. I pushed Bucky to bring her home…Really I invited her back to the compound… I thought it would be good for him. He told me that he didn’t even talk to her until he finally asked her to leave. I’m guessing that was shortly after you spied on them… what the?! Ow!!!” Steve was cut short because I had jabbed him in the ribs with my elbow.

“I had a night terror… I was going to talk to Buck… I didn’t know. That isn’t spying… I didn’t mean to…  Also it wasn’t talking that I was worried about obviously!” I sputtered in anger.

“Real smooth, Steve,” Sam said irritably as he rolled his eyes. “It’s okay Y/N. That’s not what Steve meant, was it Steve?” Sam finished with a very visible side-eye in Steve’s direction.

“Right…that’s right,” Steve muttered—the red rising in his cheeks.

“We just wanted to know what the deal was. Did something happen between you two or..? Sam trailed off.

“No,” I looked at my hands feeling really uncomfortable. I wanted to be anywhere but here. I was still trying to figure out why I lashed out at Bucky. Having this conversation was making the whole situation seem much more real. “I just…Buck is such a huge part of my life. When I saw him with…with her… all I could think about was losing him and I panicked. Before Bucky I was just kind of drifting through the world… he’s been my anchor,” I stuttered on. “I mean I obviously love you guys and you’re my close friends but Bucky…” I trailed off.

“I know,” assured Steve as he rested his hand on your shoulder. “You should talk to him.”

“I…yeah…. I know,” I trailed off.

“Okay let’s get back to it then,” Steve shouted back at Sam and I as he began jogging the two miles back to the compound.

“Man…I really hate him sometimes,” Sam snorted as we began following him at a distance. “But Y/N, Steve is right. As much as I don’t care for Barnes most days… You really should talk to him,” he quipped as he looked at me but I was too busy thinking about Bucky to even notice anything else.

As I was jogging back to the compound I felt foolish for the way I had acted towards Bucky; especially once Steve had confirmed that nothing had happened with the blonde. I was never the jealous type, and I had never indicated to Bucky that I had romantic feelings for him… because… well… I hadn’t known that I had romantic feelings for him until that night. Did I? I huffed to myself as we rounded the final block to the compound.

Well, I thought to myself, I better damn well figure something out before I see him again.

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How would the suitors react if the princess asked them to watch a chick flick?


Sid - *already crying* “Yesssss.”

Nico - “Alright, but you’re gonna owe me one.” ;)

Giles - *opens his cabinet containing a plethora of chick flicks* “Which one should we watch?”

Leo - “Is Star Wars considered a chick flick?”

Byron - “What’s a chick flick?”

Albert -“A movie about baby chickens?”

Rayvis - “Are you going to cry?”

Alyn - “No.” *you give him the look* “I mean yes.”

Louis - “I’m going to cry.”

Robert - “Sure. And after we can watch the documentary of art history in 16th century Europe.” tf?

Huntress- Part Six: Reaper

Sam x Daughter!Reader, takes place in S12 E6, so (duh)warning: SPOILERS

Part one
Part two
Part three
Part four
Part five

You watch in anticipation, standing far away enough to not immediately make things awkward, as the door opened. A lady, sort brown hair and a big smile, opened the door. She then frowned and joked “Oh no what’s happened.”

Your Dad and Uncle laughed and followed her in, hugging her in turn. She then paused when she saw you. You looked at her and smiled lightly.
“Who’s this?” She asked curiously “You haven’t found me another one have you?”
You wondered what she meant by that.
They laughed. “No,” Your Dad chuckled “This is Y/N… my daughter.”
“No way!” She gasped, throwing her arms around you quickly before practically dragging you in the house. “Hi!” She grinned.
“Hi.” You smiled, unsure of what to say and a little taken back by her outburst.

“How did that happen?” She wondered. You knew she didn’t meant it in a rude way.
“It’s a long story.”
“I’m sure it is.”

“So what’s happened?”

“Nothing yet.” Uncle Dean said.

“So you’re telling me you boys actually came over to say hi?”
She looked so amazed they’d do something so simple.

“Yeah, see you and the girls.” Your Dad smiled. You frowned, what girls?
“Well you missed them. They’re out getting all angsty at a concert.” She then paused for the seocnd time and looked you up and down before smiling “That’s not an American accent.”
“I’m not American.” You agreed.
“You’re British.”
“English.” You corrected nicely, making her smile.
“You Winchester’s sure get around huh?” She giggled to herself.

You frowned slightly but still didn’t question anything.

“Oh uh, by the way. Since the last time we were here, I killed Hitler.” Uncle Dean said proudly.
“Thank you?” Jody answered. You chuckled under your breath.

You feel a pair of eyes watching you and look up at your Dad who was staring at you. His expression was hard to read. You look away again and follow after Uncle Dean.

Sandwiched between your Dad and Uncle, their close friend on the armchair, and watching some sort of chickflick wasn’t how you envisioned the visit to go. However, you hadn’t really envisioned it to go any way in particular so you weren’t complaining.
“I uh, never took you for the chick-flick type of girl?” Uncle Dean asked.
“What?” Jody dared him to question her any further “I’m a chick.”
You watch them.
“I thought this kinda thing’d be right up your street, eh Dean?” She added, turning the volume down slightly.
“Oh know he’s more into uh Japanese erotica.” Your Dad joked. You smirked, trying not to laugh.
“Oh wow, reallly?!” Jody grinned cheekily.

At that moment the phone rang, making you look towards the kitchen. Jody got up to go and get it. Uncle Dean sprang at the chance to bitch-face his brother. “Dude, don’t say that. This is Jody, man.”
“You gotta be proud of your hobbies. It’s who you are.” Your Dad hid his smile behind a slice of pizza.
You looked up at Uncle Dean, watching him roll his eyes. “Pick on the kid for once.” He stuck his tongue out at you and you did the same back, glaring up at him.

“Or not.”

You glanced up, sensing someone had entered the room. “Jody?”
“You okay?”
She looked shocked. Her expression was lightly shocked and mostly blank. Her eyebrows furrowed a little. You recognised this face.
“Someone’s dead.” She said, her breath almost hitching in her throat.
No one spoke.
“Asa. He was a god man.” She mumbled, rushing past to get to her room. She grabbed a bag and put some necessities in it. Your Dad and Uncle shared a look that said they had no idea what they were doing in this situation.

You stood up and walked after her. “I’m sorry.” You spoke quietly. At first you weren’t sure if she heard you or not but she stopped what she was doing and looked directly at you- nodding. “Me too.”
“I need to get to this funeral. I want to.” She said it to no one in particular. It was her way of confirming what she wanted and saying it so you all knew you couldn’t stop her.
By this time your Dad and Uncle had carried on after you. “Jody, we should come with you.”
“No I couldn’t ask you to do that.”
“If anything you’d be doing us a favour. We could do with the company. And besides, you need to rest.” Uncle Dean reassured her.

She sighed and looked at you. Her eyes moved on to the others.
“Okay. Yeah, okay.”

“That’s quite a story.” Jody looked impressed. You’d been explaining to her how you managed to find your Dad..well…”find”.
Your Dad and Uncle said most of it. You sat there, listening and nodding to confirm the details.
“I’m sorry about your Mom.” Jody looked at you sympathetically. You nodded, not looking at her. You wanted to say thank you or smile at least but you couldn’t bring yourself to. Because, after all she wasn’t sorry. You weren’t angry at her for it but she wasn’t. No one was. It’s very well telling people your Mum’s dead, you’ll get the usual condolences from people but it never means anything until they see the affects.

You hadn’t noticed until now that the car ride had become a little awkward. Maybe it was you who made it so.
It probably was.

“Who was he?” You asked, again not daring to look up from your shoes.

“Who…Asa?” Jody responded.


“He was a Hunter. A good one at that. And a good man…friend.”

“Did he die Hunting?”

“Not sure. He was found strung up to a tree.” You winced at this “Maybe…I hope so.”

The Impala pulled up at the house. Outside were other cars- obviously Hunters’. You watched the people. Some old. Some young. Some men. Some women.
It was incredible how many different people this one Man knew and effected enough for them to go to his Funeral.

You got out of the car and followed on behind them. They seemed to know where they were going. The moment the door opened you were hit with the stench of beer and the shouts of Hunters. This wasn’t a funeral. This was a party.

You’d never been to a Hunter’s funeral before but you wouldn’t have pictured it to be like this. Everyone had a beer in hand, most were laughing and smiling. Perhaps this was more respectful for Hunters, but if you’d just walked in off the street you wouldn’t be able to tell someone had just died.
“Jody!” A voice broke you from your thoughts and you watched the women hug. “I’m Asa’s mother.” She greeted, giving you a funny look before turning back to your Dad and Uncle.

As they got into a usual Adult conversation, you slipped away and explored the house. It was quite big and every corner was full of people. You strain to pick up parts of their conversations.

“Have you heard the Winchesters are here?”

“One of those guys was possessed by Lucifer.”

“I heard one got turned into a demon.”

“Haven’t they died about five times already?”

You listen in wonder. Was any of this true? How could it be? Lucifer? A demon? Dead? This was too much to take in.
A cold hand on your shoulder made you turn away from the strange words. “You need to stop running off.” Your Dad scolded softly.

You relaxed, knowing it was only him. “Just curious.”You shrugged in response.

“You would be.” Uncle Dean rolled his eyes at the trait you and your Dad clearly shared.

“I didn’t realise Hunter’s were so happy to know a feller had died?” You question quietly, as not to offend anyone.
“Welcome to American Hunting, kid.”

An hour or so passed by when most people had gathered in the main room. Some were on the sofas where as others perched on the armrests. Some stood a little further back. You stood a little further back.

The creak of a door sounded and you looked up in curiosity. The door slowly opened, giving you enough time to glance at the others, no one else had noticed. A pair of dark brown combat boots, circled by the edged of fraying jeans, complete with a green army jacket and dark brown t-shirt. Dirty blonde hair with wide eyes that stared directly at yours.
You didn’t know what to do. Should you smile…say hello? Or just look away.
You looked away too often.

You offered what was supposed to be a smile but you barely moved your mouth. “I did knock but…” She began to aplogise but stopped herself. You noticed your Dad turn round in the corner of your eye, followed by Uncle Dean.
“Hi.” Mary greeted, wanting to break the silence.
“Hi” your Dad and Uncle said back.

“Who’s this…?” Jody wondered, she looked at you as you were the only one to look at her. You looked back to Mary, unsure whether it was your place to say or not. “Uhm…”
“Family business.” Uncle Dean declared, tugging his brother along by his shirt and walking into the next room with Mary. You hesitate, your eyes flickering to Jody. “Go on,” she nodded forward “You’re family aren’t you?” She gestured for you to go after them. You did.

“Mom what are you doing here?”
You wince, Uncle Dean sounded angry. Not at Mary necessarily…but angry with the world. He hadn’t relaxed since she left. It had you on edge.
“Paying my respects….?” Mary stated as though it were obvious. 
You stayed back, not wanting to place yourself in the middle of their business.
“So some Hunter’s dead and you’ll travel cross country to say goodbye, but you’ll send us some lousy text less than once a week?” He questioned before sarcastically adding “Great.”

“Dean…it’s not like that…Dean!” She called after him but he brushed past her, barely missing you as he stormed out the house.
“Don’t go after him. He needs time to cool off.” Your Dad told her.
“I know…” She sighed, her eyes going back to yours. 
You shift awkwardly, now both of them were looking at you. “How’ve you been?” 
At first you thought Mary was asking as a general question but you then realised it was aimed at you. “Uhm…yeah okay I guess.” You smiled “You?”
“I’m…” she chose her next words carefully “I’m okay.”
Your Dad looked less convinced than you. “Mom, it’s okay to admit you’re not…you know that right?” 

Mom?!” Jody echoed in surprise, how long had she been there?
“Yeah…long story…again.”
“I bet it is.,” Jody grinned, hugging Mary as much as she hugged you. Only this time Mary had a chance to hug back, not that she looked any less surprised. “It’s so nice to meet you!” Jody squealed “I’ve heard so much about you.” 
“You have?” Mary questioned.
Jody walked Mary out of the room, showering her with questions, she smirked at you on the way out and you wondered why.

“This day just keeps getting more and more odd.” You noted, raising an eyebrow.
“You can say that again.” Your Dad chuckled.
“Is…Dean gonna be okay?” You wondered, curious about what was going through his mind.
“He will be. It’s not his choice whether Mom stays or not. As much as I’d love her too I’m not gonna stand there and tell her she can’t go.”
“Do you think she should have stayed?” He asked. Something about the tone he used told you he’d been wanting to ask you this for quite some time now. 
“No.” He looked at you in shock “I don’t think much. I just think she should do what she wants to do. Why the hell should we all dictate where she lives and who she sees? It’s not up to us. She can do what she wants to do. We’re supposed to care about other people’s happiness. Not just our own.” You explain, worried you’d sounded a little too cheesy…at least it got the point across.
He nodded. He understood your point that was for sure, but whether he agreed or not was impossible to say.
“I’m gonna go find Dean.” You say, standing up from the table you’d been leaning on.
“Okay.” he smiled.

You rushed past the crowds of people, waving back to Mary who looked overwhelmed with Jody’s friendship and found the front door. You opened it up and saw him, he was facing away from the house. Lent up against his Baby and looking out, deep in thought no doubt. You wondered over, not really noticing how silent your footsteps were- he only noticed you when you were in his vision. 
“Oh, hey kid.”
You rolled your eyes and stood next to him. “Bad day?” You asked, not sure whether you were being sarcastic or genuinely concerned. He could take it how he wanted. 
He chuckled “Yeah.”

You waited, wanting to see if he’d open up by himself. He seemed mad enough to say something. You lean on the car too, quite happy to stay there for days. If there was one thing you knew, it’s that he was no where near as patient as you were. 

“I just don’t understand it,” He finally began “Why doesn’t she wanna be with her family?” 
He sounded so lost and confused. Family was something your Uncle cherished above everything. “She does.” You assured him.
“Then why isn’t she”? He snapped. You knew he didn’t mean it, you didn’t even blink.

“I know it’s not my place to say but…there are people in this world who would give anything to have their Mum back…or anyone for that matter. Frankly I would too….at least you’ve got a Mum.”

He seemed to consider this…”I’m sorry, kid.” He sighed.
“No you’re not….but then again neither am I.” You replied. You weren’t looking at him so you didn’t notice him frown at you, unsure what you meant exactly.

“Sorry to interrupt.” A voice spoke.
You and Uncle Dean got up from your comfortable positions and stared at the newcomer. She was tall and dark, her arms were folded in front of her chest and her hip was sticking out slightly.

“Billy?” Uncle Dean huffed.
“Who?” You scrunched up your face in thought.
“A reaper.” 
“of course…what else?” You mumbled.

“No offense but aren’t you a little late?” Uncle Dean remarked.
She smirked “I wouldn’t joke around, I just reaped me a fresh soul.” 
both your faces fell at the same time. “What?”  You questioned her. “What did you do?”

“I didn’t. Reapers can’t get their hands dirty…it’s the rules.”

“Y/N, stay here, I’m going in.” Uncle Dean declared, his hand firmly on your shoulder- ready to hold you back as though you’d resist. Which you were, only Billy stepped in. “Good luck getting through that.”
“You did.” You mumbled.
“Yeah,”Uncle Dean nodded “So you can get me in too.”
“It’ll cost you.”
“Then I’ll owe you.”
“Okay, but don’t say I didn’t warn you.” She sighed.
“Y/N, just me okay? I don’t think your Dad wants you to have some sort of deal at this point.”
“Okay.” You nodded, understanding his point.
“I’ll be back.” He winked before heading towards the door.

The moment he left you looked up at billy and she looked down at you. “Lemme guess, you want in?”
“You really think I’m gonna stand here and wait?” You questioned.
“I suppose not. But you might still owe me.”
Might?” You echoed.
“I might let you off.”
You frown at her cryptic way of phrasing it. “And if you don’t?”
“We’ll just have to see.” She smiled and then disappeared.

Nearing the door, you hope there wasn’t anyone on the other side to question you any further. You fell through, noticing a blue outline in the corner of your eye as you hit the floor. Heaving yourself off from the floor, you look around. There wasn’t anyone…which was strange. At most you were expecting someone.

“Okay…weird.” You spoke to yourself, following the faintest of noise you could pick up on.

When you reached a main room you quite literally walked into your Dad. He stared at you in disbelief. “Y/N!” He sounded a little angry if nothing else.

“Hi.” You looked up sheepishly.
“ ‘The hell did you get in?”
“Duh, a reaper let me through.” You joked.
He half smiled and half frowned. “Well, there’s a demon walking around so don’t walk off. I’m serious this time.”
“Okay.” You nodded, noticing his serious face.
“K, come on.” He turned back to what seemed to be some sort of study. Only, it was quite empty. Well, empty except for the people. Pretty much everyone was in there, even Uncle Dean. Who when he noticed you, marched straight over and playfully hit you in the head. 
“Ow.” You pout.
“I said stay put.” He scolded.
“Tough tits.” You remarked, folding your arms over your chest.
“Unbelievable.” He mumbled to himself.

Jody ran over to you…quite literally and hugged you. You frowned. “Hi…?”
“I’m so glad you’re safe.” She grinned.
“…Me too?” You answered, sharing a confused look with your Dad.

“I don’t want to alarm you boys but…I think it’s in your Mom.” She whispered so Mary wouldn’t hear. The three of you looked over to Mary, who was on her own and staring around at the others. “All I’m saying is she’s acting strange.”
“So are you.” You challenged.
“Oh come on, you haven’t known me long enough to possibly know.” She laughed.
“Exactly. And you haven’t known me long either.” You draw your demon blade and hold it out in front of her to see if she’d move. Annoyingly, she only laughed.
“Woah, Y/N calm down we don’t know it’s in Jody!” Your Dad put his hands out in protest. Jody laughed “You honestly think it’s me?” She then clicked her jaw and pointed at Mary “Can’t you see she’s the demon!”
Immediately everyone backed away from Mary, who looked up in astonishment “What? No!”

“Get out of Jody!” Uncle Dean shouted.

“Or what? What are you gonna do?” She cackled. “Oh come on, you can’t blame a girl for trying. Imagine if you had tried to kill your Mom.” 

Your Dad’s hand took the blade from you before you could object and held it out himself. “Stand back.” He ordered. This time you didn’t object.

Uncle Dean stepped in front of you and drew his own blade out. They stood in a position ready to fight, ready to protect.

The demon…not Jody…threw her hand out, sending your Dad into the wall. She took a step forward, smirking. This time it was Uncle Dean who was beaten. His body thrashed into the bricks. Some other Hunters charged at her but she flicked them away like unwanted dust.
She leaped forward and grabbed hold of you, tugging her arm round your neck and holding up Jody’s gun to your head. You freeze, being sure not to move unless necessary. You stay silent and still. You did what you were taught to.
Exorcizamus te, omnis immundus spiritus, omnis satanica potestas, omnis incursio infernalis adversarii, omnis legio, omnis congregatio et secta diabolica.” 
Your Dad began, rising up from his position, in one quick flick he was down on the ground.
“Ergo, omnis legio diabolica, adiuramus te…cessa decipere humanas creaturas, eisque æternæ perditionìs venenum propinare…”
Uncle Dean continued until he too was sent back down. 

“You keep talking and I shoot!” She dared.
They stopped. 

The gun was held close to your temple, one wrong move or any wrong timing and you wouldn’t even have time to acknowledge your wrong doing. It wasn’t like in the films, time didn’t slow down. If anything, it sped up.
You willed her to move one more inch, if only she left her guard down slightly more you could…bingo. You duck beneath her grip and kick backwards, your heel wacked into her shin, sending her tumbling to the floor, you grab the gun from her limp grip and take a step back. You continue the exorcism: “Vade, satana, inventor et magister omnis fallaciæ, hostis humanæ salutis…”

“NO!” She hissed, throwing you back. You winced in pain, but held on to the gun tightly. 

The siblings then continued  “Humiliare sub potenti manu Dei; contremisce et effuge, invocato a nobis sancto et terribili nomine…quem inferi tremunt…” But she hit them down with the little power she had left.
Mary, to your surpirse, finished it “Ab insidiis diaboli, libera nos, Domine. Ut Ecclesiam tuam secura tibi facias libertate servire, te rogamus, audi nos.”

Black smoke rose from her mouth and she collapsed. The room fell silent as people got back up from their positions. You didn’t know who to look at first. Your Dad was checking over Jody, making sure she didn;t have any serious injuries. Uncle Dean was on his way over too.
Mary, on the otherhand, seemed more concerned with you. “Hey.” She smiled, holding your shoulders to help you get up “That was pretty impressive.”
“Thanks.” You shyly replied. 
“Are you okay?”
“Yeah…I’m good.” You were thankful for her concern. “You?”
“I’m good too.”
You laughed lightly- no doubt from relief. “I didn’t think you knew the exorcism?” You wondered aloud, curious to know why.
“I’ve been doing some research.” She smirked.

Crackling flamed engulfed the body, the white cloth covering up the horrors and scars that would have plastered his body. Oranges and reds mix as one as they begin to erase Asa from the world. You were sat on the Impala’s bonnet, not wanting to intrude on a Funeral anymore. Especially as you didn’t know him. It felt wrong to be sad about someone when you hadn’t heard of them until their death. 
“Having fun, yet?” Billy’s voice broke the silence that surrounded you. You didn’t answer. 
“Tough crowd.” She sighed.
“Small crowd.” You corrected, earning a smirk from her.

“You know your Dad’s more worried about you than you think.” 
You figured she’d wanted to have said this for a while.
“Ah ha.” You nodded, your eyes having not left the embers of the fire.
“I mean it. He’s as knew to this father thing as you are.”
“No offence, but what’s your point?” You asked, tearing your eyes away from the cremation. Only, your Dad and Uncle had made their way over by then. “Good question.” She managed just before they were within earshot.
“Hey Billy.” Uncle Dean sounded pissed off with her.
“Dean.” … “Sam.”
“I thought I’d made it pretty clear that the kid stayed with you?” Uncle Dean wasn’t letting this go.
“Not my problem….she’s alive isn’t she?”
“She could have died in there!” Your Dad snapped, looking a lot more worried about it than you were.
“She didn’t. Count your blessings.”
“Guys, I’m fine.” You insisted, but their glares told you they weren’t buying it….not that you were lying.

“You realise your Mother isn’t okay.” Billy nodded to Mary who was making her way over. ‘Well duh’ You thought.
“What makes you say that?” Your Dad said, turning his head to watch his Mum.
“You’re not are you?” Billy asked her “You’re not okay?”
Mary looked shocked.
“Everything you do feels wrong. You know you shouldn’t be here. Look, as a Reaper, I’m a firm believer that things that die should stay dead. This could be that favour you owe me, Dean.”
“What, our Mom?” Uncle Dean scoffed.
“Why not. You want out, it’ll save you the trouble. One way ticket to upstairs.”
“…Would you have to kill me?” Mary seemed to be considering her offer more than you expected her to.
“I can only reap your soul. But I’m sure your boys would-” She paused, having made her point.
“Then I guess you’ll just have to wait.” Mary smiled.
“Suit yourself.”

The four of you turned to each other when Billy had gone. “Does this mean you’re coming home?” Your Dad asked her hopefully.
As much as you loved the idea, you thought it was a bad idea to ask. After all, it was Mary’s choice. Not anyone elses.

“Yes,” You raised an eyebrow in shock at this “I just need a little more time.”

You sighed silently “You’re allowed to,” You assured her before someone could guilt-trip her “it’s your choice and your life. Don’t let us dictate it for you.” 
“Thank you.” Mary smiled, happy someone understood how she was feeling.
“Y/N’s right.” Your Dad agreed, “Take all the time you need.”
Uncle Dean stayed quiet…but he didn’t object.

Your Dad put his arm round you shoulder and you walked over to the car. You got in, thankful for her warmth. Dean started the engine and you relaxedm thankful to be going…home. Yes, the Bunker was your home
Your phone buzzed in your pocket, making everyone else glance at you in curiosity. Your Dad was the only one to continue to watch as you looked at the screen.
You read the name. Then you read it again. Once more. 
You frowned, running a hand through your hair before looking back at the name. The device continued to vibrate as if warning you both to pick up and to hang up at the same time.
“Y/N?” Your Dad’s voice made you look up. “Who is it?”
You took in a deep breath, his expression thick with concern.

“It’s Mick.”

Part Seven - Lucifer

I do not own these gifs

Another week brings another chapter and here it is. I really liked this episode so I found it a lot easier to write. However once again school has been setting constant hws so I apologise for it not being on time. Let me know what you guys think, any kid of feedback is greatly appreciated! 

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Lighten The Load

Written for @frenchybell‘s Birthday and 500 Follower celebration! Congrats and Happy Birthday Girl! My prompt was “I feel like I’ve had marathon sex all weekend, only without the gratification” and the gif (not mine) below. 

Word Count: 1765

Warnings: Language, talk of injuries

This hunt was grueling, exhausting and completely fucked up. What should have been a milk run turned sideways when it turned out to be more than one vengeful spirit and we were all hurting. The three of us took turns stitching one another up. There was whiskey and ice packs littering the small table in the dingy motel room you were holed up in.

Dean had a dislocated shoulder, a couple bruised or possibly broken ribs and needed five stitches in his side and another eleven in his left leg. Sam had a sprained ankle, possibly his knee as well and also required stitches to his left eyebrow.  I wasn’t fairing much better. I did not require any stitches like the brothers, but I think my left wrist may be broken and I might have a concussion. My head hurt like a bitch, but so did everything else.

We each pulled ourselves into the crappy beds, Sam on one, Dean and I on the other. We had used all the pillows we had plus the cushions off the couch to make ourselves as comfortable as possible, and settled in to watch a couple of bad movies.  We kept passing the whiskey to dull the pain and before I knew it, Sam was asleep. I felt myself getting sleepy and my head fell against Dean’s good shoulder.

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first love with jaemin

dO YOU HEAR ME SCREAMING BEING NA JAEMIN’S FIRST LOVE AND HIM BEING YOURS MY HEArT alright before we start this is my first time making something like this so pls be patient with me

• ok this twerp would definitely be the kind to slyly drop a lot of subtle but not so subtle hints that he likes you before y'all started dating


• like for example he’ll tuck your hair to the back of your ears like its nothing and then flashing you his million dollar smile

• or him telling you some cringey pick up line that is worth punching his beautiful face for poor chenle nearly threw up his lunch when he overheard you both




• donghyuck, jeno and chenle makes sure to film everything down and probably make a meme out of his mishaps

• mark and renjun are probably just there for emotional support

• he’ll probably begin by wiping his sweaty (ew) palms on his trousers and nervously clearing his throat cORNY I KNOW

• you will most probably be like ??!??? at first but then you realise what was going on the second you saw the trash can moved behind jaemin. you knew this was bound to happen so you secretly kept it inside of you knowing too damn well jaemin will appreciate it if you pretend not to know anything for his sake

• this hopeless romantic smh

• “ok so y/n there’s this thing I’ve been trying to tell you all along. this may sound ridiculous but this takes so much courage from the bottom of my heart and the strength of jaehyun and yuta hyung’s fist to knock some senses into me. and if I don’t do this now johnny and ten hyung are going to call me a wimp and I have to buy them pizza later because I proved their point. I–”

• but who the hell said you were good @ keeping your mouth and excitement shut you can’t stand the tension anymore too either so lmaO

• “I like you too jaemin.”

• “pls do not interrupt me y/n”

• before he could say the three little words he’s been dying to say, he took a deep breath but stopped half way, opening his half lid eyes widely after his mind was able to process

• “wait what”



• “can I come out now???” jisung’s head pops out of the bushes

• long story short jaemin was finally able to claim your heart that day and jisung got ant bites from hiding in the bushes for too long with the bouquet of flowers jaemin planned to give you after his confession

• the dream unit with the exception of jaemin also found their new source of entertainment from the video they got that day



• he’ll get you small lil gifts of whatever reminds you of him


• he’d even turn up at your house at 2am with fried chicken if you text him at night saying you’re hungry GOALS YALL


• I call him dropping by your classroom during snack breaks/lunch breaks with food with him, knowing so damn well about your horrible habit of skipping on your meals

• he would force you to eat with him or at least take a few bites from the food he specially prepared/bought for you


• and didn’t he say he enjoys cooking in the dorm too?? imAGINE HIS HOME COOKED FOOD MADE WITH HIS LOVE

• I’m crying blood


• “say ahh, y/n”

• “jaemin I said I’m not hungry”

• “stop lying through your food deprived mouth and eat!!!”

• “jAEMIN!!”





• but lbr it’s either that really cute BF material kind of smile he be giving you through the window or that weird derpy smile he always has when he’s being dumb

• either way you’re embarrassed by this goofball

• and to add on to your embarrassment, he knows that some of your classmates may be watching the two of you so he’d blow kisses/make kissy faces at you

• he just absolutely loves to see you blush because it’s just so cute to him and he loves cute things especially you you’re his favorite cute thing and he wants to keep you by his side forever




• because jaemin has been receiving lessons from his hyungs on dating it isn’t surprising that he brought you to the movies on your first date not because it highly suggested by his hyungs…

• you both agreed to meet outside the movie theatre and he was there an hour early and boy was he nervous as heck

• the older members were also there for a little while to prep him up aw how supportive

• sO after giving him half an hour long of prep talk and re-styling his hair (for running through them anxiously mULTIPLE OF TIME) ITS FINALLY TIME



• pls excuse me for a moment here oh my god na jaemin is seriously one of the most attractive 16 years olds I’ve ever seen f U CK CALMD DJOWN

• ok lets get back







• “aigoo, my beautiful girlfriend looks even more beautiful than usual tonight. did you dress up especially for me?”

• I want to kms

• you’d just smack his arm and walk away, trying to hide your face. “let’s go buy the tickets before the show starts, you twerp…”

• the smile on his face would just become wider and he’d catch up with you, naturally reaching out for your hand and intertwining them together

• where the fuck did that nervous dipshit go and where the fuck did he find such confidence to become such a cheesy little shit

• jaemin also bought popcorn and drinks for the both of you and being the cheesy lil shit insist y'all share the drink with two straws while giving the excuse “i wouldnt be able to finish mine if we bought two” 

 • “I can buy my share myself” 

 • “nonono it’s too late for that now the movie is about to start and the line for the snacks is now really long lets go babe you don’t wanna miss out the beginning of the movie”

 • he holds your hand and leads you both inside the theatre and to your seats • “what are we watching again” 

 • “the conjuring 2” 


 • “hmm,, ok… wAIT WHAT” 

 • you stared at him wide eyed and jaemin suddenly looked remorseful and he regrets everything especially listening to his hyungs who probably learnt all their “techniques” and “moves” from watching too much corny chick flick and kdrama 

 • “sorry, I should’ve asked you. do you want to leave right now? I can get tickets to see another movie.” 



 • but your cheapskate ass just grabs him and pulled him back down in his seat but not letting go of his hand 

 • “its fine jaemin, ive seen the trailer and my friends say it’s pretty good. let’s enjoy this movie shall we? haha.”

• though your face say yes but heart say no, jaemin was reluctant but eventually decided to sit back down when the lights went off

• “but if the movie gets too scary and you dont feel like watching it anymore you can always tell me, ok y/n? we could have dinner early or something, i’ll bring you some place nice.”

• instead of watching in the beginning of the movie, jaemin was watching you the entire time with a stupid smile of his face despite worrying over the fact that you might be scarred for life

• eventually you caught him and you had to forcefully make him stare ahead at the big screen instead. at first he was pretending but soon enough he was immersed in it

• this dipshit istg

• when the climax of the movie came, you knew what was going to happen and you immediately grabbed jaemin’s hand while following your instincts and hid behind his shoulder

• he was caught off guard at first lmao since he was too immersed in the movie that he nearly forgot that hes on a date 

• after realising you had grabbed his hand and possibly squeeze it for as long as the climax part of the movie lasted, he blushed and tries to bite back a smile from forming on his face

• and when he turned to look at you, seeing that you’ve curled up in the seat, ears covered with your other hand and eyes squeezed shut, he was this close into melting into a puddle of goo because you looked so cute and squishy and he just wants to hold you 

• and he did 

• i am trying not to scream as i type this 

• he skillfully wrapped his arm around your shoulders and pulled you into his embrace, stroking your hair as he teases you “aigoo my big baby i told you we should’ve watched something else instead.”

• you both went on to watch the movie like that, you clinging onto him like your life depended on it and him enjoying every second of it and lowkey wishes the movie to be longer

• when the creepy music in the background began to play as the second climax arrive, you were already gripping onto jaemin’s arm. being the perfect boyfriend material he is, he covered your ears. (BASICALLY JUST LIKE THE WAY SUNGJAE DID TO JOYIN WGM WHILE THEY WERE WATCHING A MOVIE I MISS THEM SO MUCH)

• but as soon as it was over (after all that exorcism and shit and everything becomes brighter), you’ll just look up and blush in embarrassment cos jaemin was staring back at you with a smug look on his face tHIS LITTL E SHIT

• you also notice that there are red marks on his arm from where you were grabbing him so you gasped and began apologizing for nearly tearing his arm apart during the movie while gently stroking his arm while rambling on and on about how sorry you are and also complimenting how he’s practically hairless 

• apparently you were rambling on too much that he couldn’t take it??? not in a bad wAY BUT it wasn’t just your rambles that was driving him crazy 

• it was your moving lips



• he kissed you 

• to shut you up 

• and to also finally man up and kiss you like how he should’ve 3 weeks ago when you both started dating

• mmMm gotta get me a guy like jaemin A++

• you were too stunned to kiss him back so you just stared at him wide eyed when he pulled away

• “i-what-huh-wait, jaemin-what-” you poor confused child

• “how did you know peach was my favorite flavor.” he wipes the corner of his lips as he said that with a shit eating grin, causing you to turn crimson.

• “what are you kids still doing here? the movie is over; leave.” 

• whoops 

• so basically that was how jaemin found his confidence and that was just only the beginning of this cute relationship and he just adores the heck out of you and loves you to bits you guys are practially engaged in his head and he hopes that not only you’ll be his first love you’ll also be his last iTSNT THAT THE CUTEST THING EVER

• i am crying blooODdd i hope you guys enjoyed this like how i enjoyed torturing myself ㅠㅠ

Doctor, Doctor, Can’t You See I’m Burning? (Part 5)

A/N This is wrapping up guys.  Next part will be the end, I think.

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You are a country doctor, and an Omega.  After your rural office was attacked by vampires, you have been staying with Sam and Dean, nursing Sam back to health.  Sam has claimed you as his Omega, and now the two of you have to deal with the consequences.

This is an A/B/O fic. Standard A/B/O warnings for knotting, claiming, heats, and aggression apply.

Characters: Alpha!Sam, Alpha!Dean, Beta!Cas, Omega!Reader

You walked down the hall towards the library with Sam right behind you. Dean whirled around angrily when the two of you entered the room.  Sam’s hand slipped to your waist in a possessive gesture. Dean’s eyes slipped past your tank top to the bite mark on your shoulder where Sam had claimed you.

“What the hell did you do Sammy?” Dean asked harshly. “I saw the sigil. I know you sent Cas away.“

Sam locked eyes with his brother, his entire body tense.  He was ready for a fight.

“I claimed her.”  He said shortly.  “She’s mine Dean.  Don’t try to fight me on this.”

Dean sighed deeply, looking suddenly exhausted. “Do you have any idea what you’ve done?  And Y/N….”  He said, looking at you closely for the first time.  “Did he force you?” He said quietly.

“No Dean.” You said firmly. “He didn’t force me.  I wanted this too.”

“God Sammy. What were you thinking? She’s a doctor, not a hunter! She’s not cut out for this!  She has a life.  A life we tore her from.  How are you going to make this work?  Did you even think about that?”

Sam ran a hand through his long hair in annoyance, “I want her Dean.  I have to have her.  That’s all I know.  We will figure the rest out.”

You placed a hand on Dean’s arm.  He looked so worried.  “I just couldn’t fight it anymore, Dean.”

Dean handed you a small white bag.  “Here’s your suppressants.  But I guess you don’t need them anymore, do you?” You could tell he was still very angry.

 “I hope you know what your doing, Sammy.  Go fix your door. I am going to clean off the sigil so Cas can come back.”

The enormity of what you had done was suddenly echoed in Dean’s words.  How would you be able to return to your life now?  Tears suddenly blurred your eyes. “Excuse me.” You said, pushing past a startled Sam and headed back to your room.

Laying on your bed with your eyes closed, you heard the door open and close.  You smelled Sam’s scent, so you knew it was him. You felt the bed dip as he got in next to you.  You turned your head to look at him, eyes bright with unshed tears.

“Regrets already?” He whispered, leaning in to kiss you and trying not to look as worried as he felt.

“No, not really. Just concerns.  Dean’s right, Sam.  We really didn’t think this through. I have a job that I love.  I busted my ass putting myself through medical school. I’ve just never seen myself as the submissive Omega.  That’s just not who I…..”

Your words were cut off as Sam’s mouth descended to yours.  Desire that was smoldering beneath the surface burst into flame immediately.  Then you let your bodies do the talking.

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Broken Pt 2

        Part 2 of Broken….If I knew how I would like it to part 1 :) Slowly learning Tumbler. warning domestic violence

          You sighed as you held a cold compress on your left side. The good thing, if there really was one was the Brock never left marks that were easily visible. Brock had left for work already issuing orders on what he wanted prepared for dinner for not only himself but his poker buddies. He also left a warning that the house was to be spotless and that there be plenty of his favorite beer. Sighing again you removed the compress looking at the dark bruise that splayed across the left side of your ribs. You were pretty sure nothing was broken as it didn’t really hurt to breath and you had be icing it on and off since last night in hopes that it would feel better by today, no such luck.

          Glancing at the time on your watch you hurried to finish getting ready for work, throwing on your blouse and wincing when the band of your dress pants brushed against the bruising. You threw on a minimal amount of makeup as you had learned over the years Brock preferred it and rushed to get your shoes, and grab your purse before you were out the door.

           Once outside you unlocked your car and smiled fondly, it was old but it ran and it was one of the last things that you had that was just yours. You laughed a little to yourself if it wasn’t Brock would have already had it taken off to the junk heap by now he complained about it daily. Then again if Brock had it his way lately you wouldn’t have a car at all.

           You made it to work on time making sure that you obeyed every traffic law, the last thing you needed was one of Brock’s buddies or Brock himself pulling you over that would go over well, and made your way inside bracing yourself for the mundane day ahead of you answering phones and helping people with their retirement plans. The only bright spot in your work day was Wanda, she had been working with the company since she had moved to town a little over a year ago and you had become fast work friends. She also didn’t know you before Brock so she never questioned your numerous excuses to grab coffee or a drink after work, chalking it up to the fact that you were obviously a homebody. Unlike your oldest friend Natasha.

          Speaking of the devil herself, you felt the desk drawer vibrate and opened it a crack to see Natasha’s name light up on the screen. Hitting the busy button on your phone system, you took your head seat off and walked quickly to the bathroom clicking the phone on as you went. When you whispered hello, “Lunch” was all she said.

         “I can’t Nat” You told her frowning, its not that you didn’t want to go, but Brock didn’t care for her and you were already nursing bruised ribs.

      “Didn’t ask, Pick you up in five” She told you hanging up before you could say anything else. You frowned looking at your watch it was already five to 12 and Natasha knew your schedule well, she always had since grade school. It was a joke to your Family, Steve had a Bucky and Y/N had a Natasha to keep you both in line. Not that you got into as many fights as your dear brother had, but you were both utterly tiny as children. Luckily Steve hit a growth spurt in the army, unlike you who still remained petite. You brother told you once, it was ok for you to be that small, him on the other hand it was a down right embarrassment. You also vividly remember sucker punching him as you were 18 at the time and he was making fun of you.

       You made your way to your desk, and logged the phone system completely out. Glancing at your supervisor you smiled and told him you were taking your scheduled lunch. You grabbed your purse from your bottom desk drawer, waving at Wanda as you left. As you got outside, you couldn’t miss Natasha in her black corvette, she smiled as she was leaning up against the driver’s side door. “Thought I was going to have to come in and drag you out” She told you and you just shook your head, “I would have” She told you honestly.

       “I know” you agreed as you got in the passenger side the same time she got in the driver’s side.

    “The sandwich place we like, ok” she ask and you nodded, waiting you knew there was a reason that she called you for lunch. Normally she had a very busy schedule and wasn’t a spur of the moment type of person. After five minutes of silence you couldn’t take it anymore.

    “Spit it out” You told her and she looked at you giving you a sly smile.

    “What” She ask

    “You know what, it is unusual for you to call spur of the moment for lunch, that means something is on your mind”

     “You know me so well” She laughed, “Clint ask me to move in with him” She blurted.

    “And you said” You ask turning toward her and only grimaced slightly as it pulled at your ribs.

    “That I would think about it” She told you frowning, as she watched your face. You gave her a look, “What” She ask you, “ I do need to think about it, I don’t want to live over a garage, I don’t care how nice he has fixed it up”

    “Then have him move in with you, in your apartment” You told her in a matter of fact voice.

   “ I hate that shit hole, my landlord is an ass. Plus I’m always over at Clint's” She shrugged, and you just raised your eyebrow.

   “I’m always at Clint’s place” she muttered as if surprised at her deceleration and you just nodded your head as she pulled into a parking place, “Why didn’t I think of this before” she seemed astounded and you almost laughed out loud.

    “You were to busy freaking out,” You offered her with a shrug of your shoulders, “plus look on the bright side, if you officially move in with Clint you can quit giving money to your asshole of a landlord”

   “Seriously Pierce is a dick” Natasha told you as you both got out and made your way inside. You almost groaned out loud when you saw Rollins and Andrews sitting in one of the corner booths. There goes failing to mention to Brock what did for lunch. You smiled at a waitress who lead you and Natasha to your normal booth feeling eyes on you the whole time.

    “What in the hell is up with Rollins” Natasha whispered as you both sat down. It was a small town and pretty much everyone knew everyone. You shrugged your shoulders, but you didn’t relax until they finished with their lunch and paid.

    You were glad that Natasha, seemed preoccupied by her discovery that she practically already lived with Clint it made her miss the signs of discomfort you showed throughout lunch that she normally would have picked up on. Once you ate, she drove you back to work exclaiming that she was going to share her answer with Clint, and made you promise to meet her next week for lunch. After you nodded she gave you a hug and you bit you lip to keep from letting out a hiss and she was gone again. The work day seemed to fly by after that, and when it was quitting time, Wanda walked up to you. “So I know that it is Brocks annual friday night poker game at your house, you want to go to the movies with me tonight? Sam has some late night session and there is a chick flick I am dying to see” she ask you smiling.

    “Its not that I don’t want to Wanda, but I have a couple projects started at mom’s old house that I want to get finished up this weekend” You told her smiling. She didn’t have to know that you hadn’t really set foot in that house since you moved in with Brock.

    “Oh, well maybe next Friday” She ask hopefully.

    “Sure” You smiled at her as you both ,went toward your respective cars. Once you settled inside you made your way to the grocery store to get the things needed for Brock’s poker night. Luckily for you the store didn’t seem to crowded and you were In and out in under thirty minutes, which should give you plenty of time to get the house ready and dinner cooked before he got home.

    You were just pulling onto your street, and when your driveway came into view you felt your breathing pick up Brock’s patrol car was already sitting in the driveway. What was he doing home so early, your mind raced and then you thought back to lunch damn it Rollins you thought as you parked and started getting groceries out of the back of your car. You slowly made your way inside and to the kitchen to sit the groceries down and before you could blink you were pinned up against the counter. “Care to tell me where you went for lunch sweetheart” Brock’s voice whispered menacingly in your ear.

    “With Nat” You whispered, your left side was throbbing the way he had you shoved up against the counter.

    “I’ve told you a thousand times sweetheart, she is a bad influence on you” his left hand ghosted down your side between you and the counter and you had to bite your lip to keep from screaming as he dug his thumb between two of your ribs, “If Rollins or anyone of my guys tell me they caught you out with her again, and I haven’t approved it you will not like what happens understand” You nodded your head jerkily as you felt like the breath was stolen from you. As suddenly as he was there he had backed off of you, “Now Sweetheart, I expect you to get the house in order and have the den ready for the game tonight” He kissed your cheek as he left the room throwing over his shoulder that he would be in the living room watching the game.

    Once he left the kitchen you took a deep breath, you knew tears were running down your face. Taking a paper towel you wet it and patted your face a minute before you picked up the groceries that had fell to the floor when Brock had pinned you putting away the beer to get cold, and then getting your ingredients to make the pizza crust, once you had that all mixed and the bowl covered with a dish towel for it to rise, you washed and chopped the toppings placing them in tupperware and back in the fridge so that they would be ready to put on once the dough was done. You washed your hands quickly, and moving as fast as your aching side allowed you went to get the vacuum in order to clean the down stairs, up to Brock’s standards. You had vacuumed the den, and moved to put the vacuum back in its respective place and grabbed the broom and went to sweep the kitchen, and dining room you knew no one would be in there much but you didn’t want to give Brock anymore reasons this evening to be upset.

    Once that was done, you moved as quietly as you could to the living room where he was propped up in the recliner. You started to sweep the living room making as little noise as possible, you did not want to interrupt him, when you felt his eyes on you. You looked up at him and you shivered as he was smiling. “Aren’t you just adorable when you do what I ask you to do” he crooned at you, and if you didn’t know the things you knew about him now you would have thought it was sweet really. “Sweetheart, why don’t you bring me a beer” he ask smile still on his lips. You knew he expected you to do so, and you just nodded your head placing the broom against the wall so that it would stay there and went back to the kitchen to get him his beer. You popped the top and threw it it in the trash and made it back to him in record time.

     “Here” You said softly reaching it toward him. He took it from you and was still smiling.

    “Why don’t you sit with me for a little bit” He suggested, and you bit your lip.

     “Brock, I still have to finish sweeping the living room, then I have to get the pizza in the oven” you stated softly and cringed when his eyes narrowed a little bit, “I just want to make sure that everything is done so you don’t have anything to worry about when the guys start showing up” you said quickly. He waved his hand at you as if dismissing you and you let out a sigh of relief. You made quick work of the living room not wanting to stay In his sight more than you needed to and quickly put away your supplies and went back to finish up the pizza. Once it was in the oven you set the timer and then made your way back to the den to set up the poker table and the chairs as well as get the cards and chips out and place them in the middle of the table. Once that was done you checked on the pizza again, got out a couple bowls to fill with Chips and Pretzels and sit them around the den. When the timer went off you removed the pizza to cool and made your way back into the living room where Brock was still where you had left him. “Everything is ready” You told him softly.

    “Good, why don’t you go upstairs put on something a little more comfortable” Brock told you, “Give the guys a reason to be jealous if you know what I mean” he winked at you. Nodding at him you turned and grimaced you had hoped that he would let you retreat to your room tonight while they were hear but it seemed like luck wasn’t on your side tonight.

    You made it upstairs and grabbed out of your closet one of the dresses you knew Brock loved, and that you absolutely hated for no other reason than he loved it. You took it in the bathroom with you, and had decided that a shower might help to relieve your nerves when you heard your cell phone playing the national anthem. You fished it out of your purse quickly hoping that Brock didn’t hear it, Steve normally didn’t call you two days in a row. “Hey Stevie” You answered softly locking yourself in the bathroom.

   “Hey Cricket” He said just as softly and you felt your stomach drop, he normally didn’t pull out old nicknames.

   “Stevie is everything alright with Peggy, and the baby” You ask quickly.

    “Yeah” you could hear him sigh.

    “Then what” You ask your stomach still in your throat.

   “It’s Bucky he was overseas, in the field tending to the injured” Steve paused, “Hell Cricket there was a grenade, Buck was hit”

    “Is he, Is he” You couldn’t finish you knew tears were falling, Bucky was just as much family as Steve was he had been there since you could remember, you used to joke that Bucky was more protective than Steve was.

     “He is alive, they have moved him to a military hospital in Germany, as soon as they can they are going to move him stateside, but he has lost his left arm” Steve croaked out and you knew he was in tears and you had rarely seen your big brother cry.

   You heard yourself sob, and you heard Steve in the background “Cricket it’s ok, he is going to be ok”

    “Stevie, are you going to him” you ask suddenly, “I know Peggy” you started.

    “Peggy had already cleared it, we are both taking leave we are going to go and make sure he is ok” Steve told you and you sighed.

     “Steve Tell him” You started and you heard Brock opening the bedroom door, “Tell him to get better soon, and that I love him” You whispered the last part in hopes that Brock didn’t hear it. “I gotta go” Yo u told him quickly as you heard Brock’s footsteps getting closer to the bathroom door and without another thought hit end on your cell phone.

Dinosaur Men and Remote Wars

Sent by Anonymous:

“Can you do one when you and Andy are dating and he comes to your house and your mom loves Andy but your father doesn’t and he is spying on you and Andy where you two are in room but Andy is really sweet with you? Thank you! I really love your writing! and sorry if its long.”


So, I hope what I did kept to what you were asking for, but it may not have, my inner romantic was all like “Write this, and this, and don’t forget to put this in, and also…”

Yeah, my inner romantic is a pain.

Anyway, enjoy reading, and never apologize for long requests, I don’t mind ^.^


The door bell rang and you shot up in bed.

“I’ll get it!” You screamed as you raced out of your room and down the stairs to answer the door for your boyfriend.

You saw the disapproving glance your father shot you from the couch, but you didn’t pay any attention to it, just smoothed out your clothes and hair and answered the door as calmly as you could manage.

“Hey, babe.” Andy smiled at you, and your heart melted a little bit.

“Hey,” you said, grinning like a loon.

“Are you just going to stand there saying ‘hey’ or what? Come inside, you’re letting all the cool air out.” Your dad said to the two of you, mocking your ‘hey’, making it sound effeminate, and making you sort of pout.

“I’m sorry.” Andy murmured, knowing that your dad was only hard on you like that when he was around. You didn’t blame Andy, it was just part of the process. You Dad hated Andy now, but eventually, hopefully, he’d warm up to him.

“It’s okay.” You said back, in just as low a tone, as he came in. Your father was a good man, a kind man, but he’d be damned if he ever liked a guy you brought home. “Let’s go to the TV room.” You told him, taking his hand and leading him down the hall.

“Batman?” He asked hopefully, since usually you’d make him watch a chick flick when you take him to the TV room, and you laughed.

“Yeah, you can pick the movie.” You told him and when you looked back he looked like a giddy kindergartener.

“You’re my favorite girlfriend ever.” He told you wrapping his arms around your waist as you entered the TV room.

“Yeah, yeah, only when you get your way.” You laughed grabbing the remote and passing it over your shoulder to him. He bit it and accidently turned the TV on.

“Stop biting things.” You laughed, and he replied by taking the remote out of his mouth and then biting your neck.

“Andy!” You laughed, swatting at his face. He roared like a dinosaur and started clomping around the room, dragging you with him wherever he decided to go. You laughed and hung onto his arms, allowing yourself to be taken where you may by your ridiculous boyfriend.

“No, I’m a dinosaur, not Andy.” Andy corrected you, pausing his antics briefly to do so, before continuing with his silliness.

“Whatever.” You told him before getting into character. “Oh, dinosaur, please don’t rip my head off!” You pleaded, and Andy stopped moving and roaring for a moment. When you looked up at him he had a thoughtful look on his face. When he snapped out of it he was grinning.

“Nah, this is way more fun.” He said before continuing to pretend to be a dinosaur.

You couldn’t help but laugh, and when he finally stopped for good it was because your dad yelled at you two to keep it down. You frowned a little at the harshness of your father’s command, and Andy hugged you.

“I’m sorry, I should’ve known better.” He told you, but you shook your head, turning so you could lean against his chest.

“It’s okay, it’s not your fault, he’s just really protective.” You assured him, and he smiled.

“Yeah, that makes sense. A beautiful girl like you needs to be protected, from witches and dragons and monsters, I wouldn’t want any of those nasty things making off with my princess.” He said, moving so the two of you could sit on the couch in front of the TV.

“But monsters and dragons and witches are fun.” You laughed gently, leaning against his chest. You could hear his softly beating heart, and it made you feel more connected to him to know that your hearts were beating so close together.

“Monsters and dragons and witches,”

“Oh my.” You finished, knowing what he was doing.

“Monsters and dragons and witches.”

“Oh my.”

“Monsters and dragons and witches!”

“Oh my!”

He started laughing, and you followed suit. “You know, I told you that you could put on Batman, and there is a strange lack of Batman from the television screen.” You reminded him, and just hurried to put on Batman.

“I love you.” He murmured once he got the TV set up.

“I love you too.” You said softly. You both knew better than to say it very loudly, your father had caught you saying it once, and to say it hadn’t ended well would be an understatement. It was the relationship disaster of the year.

“Aw, you guys look so cute together.” Your mother said from the doorway where she had poked her head in.

“Thanks, Ms. (Y/M/L/N), that means a lot coming from you.” Andy told your mother, always willing to butter up the half of your paternal unit that loved him like her own child already.

“Alright, well do you guys want anything from the store, I’m heading out to get a few things for dinner,” your mother offered, and you were quick to jump on the case.

“Gummy worms!” You told her, and she laughed.

“Alright, that’s fine, anything for you Andy?”

“No, Thanks, I’ve got everything I need right here.” He said, looking down at you and smiling sweetly.

You giggled, and your mother rolled her eyes, but there was a twitch of a grin at her lips. She had liked Andy from the beginning, despite the tattoos and the piercings, she had seen past that to the wonderful, sweet person that he was, but your father… well, he just didn’t.

When the movie finally ended you didn’t feel like you had just wasted two hours of your life, not time spent with Andy was ever wasted. You smiled up at him to find him already smiling up at you. His hand had started stroking your hair at some point in the movie and had nearly put you to sleep, and he could see it in your eyes.

“Hey, sleepy head.” He greeted you, and you nuzzled yourself closer to him.

“Hey, Batman.” You smiled, knowing how he smiled when you called him that. You didn’t even have to look up and see it, you could almost feel it spreading across his face, he memory ingrained into your mind, but you wanted to look anyway, because it was such a cute grin.

“You’re the best.” He tells you, kissing your forehead.

“Anything you can do I can do better.” You started singing.

“I can do anything better than you.” He continued.

“No you can’t,” He sang.

“Yes I can,” You started but then stopped. “Did we mess up somewhere?” You asked him, and he nodded.

“I think so.” He shrugged. “I just like that you go along with it.”

“Yeah, (Y/ex/BF/N) the Ass never used to go along with it, he just looked at me like I was crazy.”

“Yeah, same, it’s so much better when you go along with it.”

“Yeah.” You laughed.

“We had the same conversation twice.”

“I was just thinking that.” You grinned and looked at the black TV screen.

“Let’s watch Halloween.” You suggested, and he groaned.

“I hate that movie, it’s so cheesy.”

“You’re a horrible person, that movie is great.”

“Great trash.”

“It’s a classic!”

“Batman, is a classic.”

“Shut up and give me the remote.”

“No.” he said, picking the remote up out of your reach.

“Andy!” You whined, reaching for it even though you knew it wasn’t within your reach. “I’m gonna stomp on your balls.” You threatened halfheartedly before getting on your knees and leaning over the armrest on the sofa to try and reach the controls.

“Monkey armed bastard.” You growled when you still couldn’t reach the remote.

“You’re just jealous of my long arms and legs, I could be a model if I wanted to be.” He said haughtily, and then started laughing when you just latched onto his arm and started hitting it.

“Give me the remote.” You said, hitting him, not hard, but enough that you were getting your point across.

“Abuse! Abuse!” He called out, dropping the remote.

“Haha!” You laughed, trying to get off him and get the remote, but he held fast, grabbing you around the waist.

“You hit me.” He said in a sad pouty voice.

“You were being mean.”

“I don’t hit you when you’re being mean.” He said and you looked up at his pouty face with a hint of remorse.

“But I’m a lot meaner than you are.” You defended yourself, expecting him to say that you weren’t mean, and he knew that you were expecting him to say it, which was why he didn’t.

“Hey,” You said, smacking his chest. “I’m not mean.”

“You said it.” He laughed, and you pouted.

“Aww, come on, don’t be sad.” He murmured, kissing your temple. “Knock knock.”

“Who’s there?” You asked.

“Boo.” He said, making you smile, since you knew where he was going.

“Boo, who?”

“Aww, don’t cry, it was just a joke.” He told you, and you chuckled. “I think I might be a genius.” He told you, “Because that was the most perfectly timed cheesy joke ever.”

“Yeah, it kind of was.” You agreed before making another try for the remote.

“Oh no you don’t.” He said, holding fast. “We are not watching Halloween in the middle of April, it just isn’t happening.”

“It’s October!” You laughed, collapsing against his chest.

“No, it’s April, silly girl.”

“You’re insane.” You laughed.

“I know that.” He kissed your temple.  “And so do you, or did you forget?”

“No, I remember.” You said, and before you could continue your Dad walked in.

He had a stern look on his face, one that told you he’d been listening and didn’t approve of the two of you being so cute and cuddly.

“Mom told me to bring you these.” Your Dad said, handing you’re a large bag of gummy worms.

“Yes!” You said, taking the candy from him, and immediately beginning to open it.

“Damn it.” You said as  your Dad started to walk out of the room, you couldn’t get it open.

“Give it,” Andy said, and you gave it to him. He also couldn’t open the bag, which made you laugh. When you looked up at him he was pouting, and you laughed.

“I’ll go get the scissors.” You told him, and he let you get up, and you grabbed the remote and made a mad dash for the kitchen.

“That’s cheating!” Andy said following after you.

“Nuh uh!” You called back, running around the island to stand by your mother.

“Hey mom.” You said when Andy came running in.

“Are you two fighting over what to watch again?” She asked, a smile forming on her lips that she tried, unsuccessfully to hide.

“Pretty much.” You said at the same time Andy said.

“She’s cheating!”

“It isn’t cheating.” You told him. “It’s using all of the resources available.”

“Sounds like cheating to me.” Andy growled, getting that determined look on his face.

“Oh shit.” You laughed, knowing you were never going to win this.

“Leave the worms, when you decide on what to watch you can come get them. I’ll even open them for you.” Your mom said as she continued to busy herself with dinner preparations.

“Alright.” You said, setting the candy on the counter only for Andy to lunge forward and get it.

“That’s cheating!” You yelled at him, and he smirked.

“I prefer to think of it as using all the resources available.”

“Mom!” You whined, and she laughed.

“He has a point.”

“Let’s play a game.” Andy said, holding the candy out tauntingly. “Worms for the remote.”

“Andy.” You whined, but he just shook his head.

“Trade, or the worms get it.” He said, holding them over the trashcan.

“You wouldn’t dare.”

“Try me.” he taunted, and you bit your lip.

“Fine.” You growled, putting the remote on the counter and sliding it to him.

“It was nice doing business with you.” Andy said, holding out the candy for you to come and get.

“I was cheated.” You pouted, taking the candy and ripping it open with a knife. “Just for that you can’t have any.”

“That’s okay.” He shrugged, because you both knew you didn’t mean that.

“Let’s watch Saw.” He said suddenly as he looped his arm around  your waist and led you back to the TV room.

“Fair enough.” You shrugged, popping a piece of Candy in your mouth and then holding one out for him to bite.

“Worms, exactly the shape all candy should be in.” He said, and you smiled.

“Dad was watching us earlier.” You told him.

“Well hopefully he punishes you for hitting me. I think you deserve a grounding from anyone who isn’t me until 2017.”

“Oh, so you can have me all to yourself,” You laughed and he just nodded.

“And the best part would be you couldn’t tell me not to come back, because you wouldn’t have any friends besides me that you could talk to.”

“You are a sad, strange, little man.”

“Put that thing back where it came from or so help me.” He sang, and you laughed,

“I love you.” You murmured, and he smiled down at you.

“I love you too.” He replied softly, kissing the top of your head.


Originally posted by snowylicious24

Pairing: SamxReader, Crowleyxdaughter!reader
Word count: 2,716
Warnings: smut
[She’s Leaving] [Hell’s Princess] [Hi, Franky] [Witches]

Dean smirked. “Really? You’re asking me for help?” He teased. “I’m surprised you don’t have your nose in a book or browsing the internet.”

“If you’re just going to make fun of me….” Sam glared.

“No, no. I had to get that out of my system.” He chuckled. “You know what she likes. Just go off that. You make her laugh, smile, and for some reason she loves you.” Sam rolled his eyes. “Just tell her how you feel.” He shrugged. It wasn’t like Dean had experience.

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Drive-by Romance (Part 2)

Summary: A moment of embarrassment turns into an unexpected romance. 

Word Count: 1,925

Warnings: None.

A/N: Here’s part two! I think this is actually gonna end up being four parts total, but I’m open to more. This is gonna have a few time jumps, so if there’s something in between that you’d like to read, let me know!

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You chewed at your lip, your eyes darting back and forth between your two options. This was easily the hardest decision you’d made all week, and you’d been standing there for five solid minutes already.

Suddenly, a pair of warm arms wrapped around your waist and a chin rested on your shoulder.

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Let It Be (Part 4 of Blue Collar Kind of Love)

Part One Part Two Part Three

Summary: You have a one-on-one with your father for the first time in weeks, and as expected, things don’t go so good.
Pairing/Characters: Sam/Reader, OC Parents
Word Count: 2785
Warnings: Use of a name in a derogatory way, your “dad’s” just a major asshole ok, sweet sex that got a little dirty, a little come play, unsafe sex (you know what to do), mention of past abuse and assault (the mention is brief but depicts attempted sexual assault so pleasepleaseplease don’t read if that triggers you in any way), some fluff and sappy stuff to top the cake
A/N: Okay, so this is the last part before the epilogue! I KNOW. You’re all probably like wtf? But I did say this would be a three or four parter, and ended up being a five with the epilogue (that came outta total left field btw). I hope you guys like this part! I for some reason don’t like the way it turned out but that’s just me being an obsessive writer which unfortunately comes with the territory lmao

You walk into the house, feeling as if the tall white walls are caving in on you as soon as you step through the intricately carved threshold. It’s never felt more strange being in your own home before, like it wasn’t where you belonged at all, like there was a suddenly obvious lack of warmth and safety and a comfort you craved but never found in this place. Maybe you were being dramatic, maybe you were just being ungrateful—what girl wouldn’t want this life? A life of means, of nice clothes and an expensive car. 

Somehow though, it just didn’t feel like enough anymore. Maybe it never had been.

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Practice - Justin Bieber imagine (mature)

Can you do one where you and Justin are best friends and you’re a virgin so he lets you practice on him☺️? Btw LOVE your blog💕

everyone be sure to check out  the blog below because she came up with the prompt :))


requests are always open !!


word count : 2884 (its kind of long but its cute & hot & worth the read!!)

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Justin and I were currently snuggled up against the couch , watching some tv show that Justin loved but I never really got into . It was almost ten o clock at night and I was getting a little sleepy , but not enough to actually want to go to bed.

I looked up at Justin , his eyes focused on the television , and I sighed loudly , making him look down at me .

“Yes?” He asks , smiling .

“Im boooored” I groan , moving away from him slightly so that I could see him properly .

He grabbed my hand before I could go any further , before playing with my knuckles , making me smile .

“What do you want to do?” He kisses my finger tips and they warm immediately.

“I don’t know , im your guest! You have to be a good bestfriend and entertain me “ I say matter of factly , and he stares at me like im crazy.

“Wanna watch a movie?” He asks , and I nod, before opening my mouth .

“No chick flicks” He says before I can continue , and I pout, crossing my arms .

“Fine” He groans and I squeal , grabbing the remote from his hand and going to Netflix .

“Oh my god” Justin says , making me look at him with furrowed brows .

“Are we Netflix and chilling right now?” He says , his face serious , and I burst into laughter .

“You did not just say that” I giggle , throwing a pillow at him , which he caught .

He chuckled , before standing up . “Im gonna grab some popcorn , you want anything?” He asks , and I turn back to look at him.

“A soda pleaaaase” I grin , and he shakes his head before walking out of the living room .

I scrolled through Netflix, really feeling a romantic movie , before landing on Like water for chocolate. Seems romantic enough.

Justin came back into the room, two sodas in one hands and a bowl of popcorn in the other.

He looked at the screen then down at me , before shaking his head .

“What?” I ask , noticing the look on his face .

“You know this movie has a lot of sex in it right?” He says , setting down the popcorn and drinks on the table .

I crossed my arms . “So?”

“I just know how uncomfortable you get when you see those things” He gives me a smug look , and I feel the heat creeping up my neck .

“I do not get uncomfortable!” I defend , and he gives me a ‘really bitch’ look.

“You literally covered your eyes everytime someone kisses in a movie” He says , chuckling .

“Shut up” I mumble , standing up and sitting on the couch.

He sits down next to me . “Y/N , im your bestfriend and I love you . So don’t take it personally when I tell you youre just about as inexperienced as a potato” He jokes and I gasp , hitting his shoulder .

“That it definitely not true”

“Are you still a virgin?” He asks , and I roll my eyes .

“Why does that matter?” I mumble , and he sighs .

“Point proven”

“Well , im just nervous” I admit , and stares at me , waiting for me to elaborate .

“Like , I don’t want to have sex with a guy and be terrible” I say quietly .

“Well babe, youre never gonna know if youre any good if you don’t try” Justin says , his hand on my knee.

I look up at him . “Will you teach me?” I ask , and his eyes widen , and my body fills with dread .

“I m-mean , youre my bestfriend and I trust you more than any guy” I say quickly , looking away .

“Y/N” He says , grabbing my chin and making me look into his eyes .

“You want me to take your virginity?” He asks , as if clarifying , and my face gets hot .

“I mean , if you want . I don’t want you to feel like you have to . I just want practice”

Justin was quiet for a moment , before standing up , extending his hand .

“Come on. If im gonna be your first I want it to be special for you” He says , waiting for me to grab his hand .

I let out a deep breath , my heart racing as I grabbed his hand , and he lead me up the stairs to his bedroom .

Justin sits down at the edge of the bed and I stand between his legs.

“Were just gonna kiss a little bit , get us in the mood . Okay?” He says gently , looking into my eyes for any bit of regret I might have . But I didn’t have any.

I nod , smiling reassuringly , and I watched as he patted his legs , making me turn my head in confusion.

He laughed . “Straddle me” He says , and I nod , before hooking my leg over him , a leg on each side of his waist .

I was breathing quickly , not believing that I was about to kiss my best friend of my entire life . I mean , sure , weve kissed before , once when we were 7 , and we didn’t talk for three hours after if because he claimed I had cooties . And another time when we were thirteen , because out friend dared us to during a dumb game of truth or dare.

I mean , Justin was very attractive , and ive always known that . And of course ive had my crushes on him throughout our life , our parents thought wed get married one day . But then Justin started dating , and I started dating , and the romantic aspect of our life kind of disappeared .

Until right now .

“Relax” He says gently , his large hand caressing my face as I tried to steady my breathing .

“Just focus on me . Don’t focus on anything else .”He says , and as he speaks, his face moves closer to me , his lips grazing mine gently , making them tingle .

“Just , relax” He whispers , before pressing his lips against mine. My entire body ignited at the feel of his lips, and I turned my head, deepening the kiss . Justins hand fell onto my waist , before squeezing gently , making me moan . He dove in ,  his tongue battling with mine .

I wrapped my arms around his neck , running my fingers through his hair and tugging slightly making him groan .

My ears perked up at the noise , and I did it again , another soft groan leaving his lips .

Justin pulled away from the kiss before pressing open mouthed kisses on my neck , making me close my eyes, mouth agape .

Justin licked a strip down my neck making me gasp , before attaching his lips to mine. I bit his bottom lip before pulling back , wanting to hear that sound come from his lips again .

Justin moaned , falling back onto the bed , my body on top of his as his hands found my waist again . I sat up , removing my shirt and throwing it somewhere on the floor , before attaching our lips once again .

All of a sudden Justin started to move my hips against his , and I took a sharp breath , the sudden sensations I was feeling making me squeeze my eyes shut .

“Justin” I moaned , completely new to this feeling .

He let go of me and let me take control , and I started grinding my hips against his growing penis , little pants leaving my mouth .

“Fuck Y/N , im gonna cum if you keep doing that” He says , before flipping us over .

Justins hands ran down my body and stopped at my pajama shorts , before slowly pulling them off .

I grabbed Justin by the hem of his shirt and pulled it off his body , and his body hovered over mine before kissing me again .

I watched as he moved down my body , pressing hot kisses against my skin , and I already felt myself start to shake .

He kissed down my stomach , making me bite my lip.

I turned my head to the side as I felt his breath near my most private area , and when he slid my underwear off I felt my face get hot .

“Its okay” He murmurs , pressing a quick kiss to my lips before moving down again .

I moan loudly when I feel his tongue on me , my back arching off the bed . Whatt he fuck why am I just now doing this ?

“Oh my god Justin” I moan as his tongue swirls around me , my hips bucking into him .

I ran my hands through Justins hair , breathy moans leaving my lips as he continue to eat me .

“You taste delicious Y/N” He moans , sending vibrations through my entire body .

“Please” I whimper , not really sure what im asking , but at this point I didn’t care , my mind wasn’t in its right mind .

“Fuck!” I curse when he sucks on my bundle of nerves , my heart pounding and my breathing erratic .

After a few moments I feel Justin slide a finger inside of me making me suck in a breath , the feeling extremely uncomfortable .

“This is going to help stretch you out” He reassures , and I nod , waiting for the feeling to go away but was soon distracted once Justin kept licking between my folds , his finger going in and out of me .

Suddenly my legs tensed up as Justins finger hit a spot inside of me , making me moan his name loudly , my orgasm washing over me .

Justin continue to lick me as I came , making me close my legs around his head .

“Holy” I pant as he pulled away , before kissing up my stomach and meeting my lips again .

I could taste myself on his tongue and I felt myself get hotter.

“How was that?” He asks , and I stare at him , dazed .

“Amazing” I say , but now I wanted to help him .

“Can I ?” I ask

“You don’t have to. This is your night and I want you to focus on your pleasure” He says sweetly , making me smile shyly at him .

“I want to” I say , sitting up and palming him through his shorts .

I watch as he takes a sharp breath , his eyes fluttering slightly as I flip us over so that im on top .

I pull his shorts off , before sliding down his boxers , my eyes widening slightly .

I remember accidently seeing Justins penis once in the 7th grade , and I was awkward around him for like a week before actually telling him . He laughed about it , informing me that it was okay since I was feeling extremely guilty.

But it wasn’t this big before . He was definitely hung .

I stared at it , feeling my lower region ache as I watched the precum ooz from his erect member , and then I wrap my hand around it .

Justin moans , falling flat on the bed as I began to move my hand up and down .

I mean , I wasn’t completely stupid to the whole sex thing . I knew what to do when giving oral sex . I think .

I put my mouth on the tip of his cock , giving it a kiss. Justins hands immediately grabbed my hair , moving it away from my face so he could see me .

“Should I suck it?” I ask , just to make sure .

“Y-yeah , I mean if you want” He says , his voice hoarse .

I nod , wrapping my mouth around the head of it , tasting the pre cum and moaning .

“Fuck Y/N, moan again” he tells me , and I do , making his eyes roll back .

I take more of him into my mouth, swirling my tongue around his long , thick member , before hollowing my cheeks .

He’s too big so I cant fit him entirely , but I try , my eyes water slightly .

“Oh my” Justin cuts himself off, pulling my hair slightly , and I close my eyes , relishing in the fact that hes moaning because of me .

“Stop” He says suddenly , making my eyes fly open .

“Stop Y/N” He says , pushing me gently and I reluctantly remove him from my mouth with a pop .

“I don’t want to come yet” He pants , letting out a breath .

I nod , and he sits up , our lips connecting once more before he gets up , grabbing a condom from his side drawer.

He gets back on the bed , before hovering on top of me , unhooking my bra .

His lips attach to my nipple , making me moan as he began to suck and flick his tongue over it , kneading the other one with his fingers .

“Justin” I moan quietly , making him look up at me .

“Im ready” I say , and he looks into my eyes once more before nodding , sliding on the condom and lining up at my entrance .

He slid himself up and down my folds , making me buck my hips , before he interlocked his fingers with mine .

“I love you” He said as he pushed inside of me , and I bit my lip to keep from crying out as he hissed .

“Fuck” We both said , and  squeezed my eyes shut .

“Relax” He murmurs , kissing my head as I breathed deeply .

I nodded for him to continue , and gasped once he was completely inside of me , the stinging sensation taking over.

“It hurts” I whimper .

“I know baby , but it will go away soon” Justin said , his voice tense .

“Youre really tight” He adds , and I laugh despite the pain I feel .

“Well , what did you expect?” I retort , focusing on the look of pleasure on his face, which did unexplainable things to me .

“I think im okay now” I say after a minute .

“You sure?” He asks , and I nod .

I arch my back slightly as he pulls back out , before pushing into me completely .

“Shit” I moan , gripping Justins fingers tightly as pleasure sparked up my spine .

‘M-move justin please” I moan , moving my hips to feel that sensation again .

Justin started moving back and forth , and my eyes rolled to the back of my head as he thrusted inside of me , my body becoming numb with pleasure . I removed my fingers from his as he lifted my leg up , before thrusting deeper inside of me , making me scream .

“Oh my god oh my god fuck fuck” I cried , running my hands down his back as he brought me to another world.

“Youre so beautiful” Just whispered to me before attaching his lips to mine , moving position slightly so that he could hit me at a new angle and my stomach clenched .

“J-justin” I moaned , feeling the pressure building up in my lower region .

“I love you Y/N” Justin groaned , burying his face in my neck .

“I love you too Justin” I said , my voice about three octaves higher as I focused on the immense pleasure I was feeling .

Justin pulled out of me suddenly making me look up quickly , but before I could complain he turned me on my side and slide all the way into me making me scream in ecstasy.

Justin drilled into me as fast as he could , and I couldn’t do anything but cry as my orgasm washed over me , wave after wave of pleasure .

Justin thrusted into me a few more times before stilling inside of me , groaning loudly as he attached his lips to mine , both of us coming down from our highs .

I let out a deep breath , my entire body sticky with sweat as I wiped the tears from my face , before looking at Justin .

“Well?” He asked , pulling my body close to his and kissing my forehead .

“I want more”