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I've never noticed Kaner's lisp before that gif you made. Has that always been a thing? Do you know of other "evidence" for it?

i’m just gonna start this off with a quote to ~set the mood:

Patrick Kane is a little bit gauche but entirely without guile.

He has the face of an angel, even with that valiant attempt at a playoff beard, long curly eyelashes and just the slightest lisp.

the short answer is: yes, he has a lisp. and like the lolzy quote above says, just the tiniest one. it’s probably not all that noticeable unless you’re watching his mouth, lips and tongue closely when he talks (which i clearly do).

i would say that his lisp was definitely more prominent when he was younger. like this video here is a prime example of it:

it makes me believe that he kinda trained himself out of it. speaking as someone who had/still has a little lisp myself, it’s definitely something that you can get pretty insecure about, even/especially when people start pointing out how “adorable” it is (lmao when i was younger i would practice really hard just so that it wouldn’t be as noticeable) (ngl i admit i do find his lisp cute haha)

but with kaner now, his lisp still shows itself when he’s excited like here:

and here:

it also still shows itself once in a while: 

and ofc most recently:

here are other examples in video form (i was collecting links for a potential themed gifset in the future but i’m feeling lazy so here’s just some i found. ymmv!):

beautifulwhensarcastic  asked:

Clint/Nat lawyers AU

- oh god Clint and Nat working for rival firms yes!??!?! Or maybe that’s how it started out. Clint works as a miserable attorney at one of those intense obviously corrupt firms trying to make partner. He’s miserable and underappreciated but stays where he is cause he’s got Wanda and Pietro, his orphaned niece and nephew, to take care of. Nat is one of SHIELD’s best litigators and got picked up by Maria Hill from her shitty old firm the Red Room. 

- Reverse their relationship and have Nat be the one who recruits Clint to SHIELD because even though she is rivals with him, she knows he’s a damn good lawyer and she wants him on her team. Natasha absolutely finds Clint hunts him down to his apartment and knocks on his door at the worst moment. Clint probably has yet to shower, spilled coffee all over his shirt, carrying one twin in each arm, opens the door to Natasha in her usual classy black ensemble and Clint’s jaw drops. Seeing her outside of a court room has changed Clint’s life and he has a ‘oh no I’ve fallen in love with the enemy!1!’ moment while Nat looks at him and goes ‘oh good he’s just as messed up as I am’.

- On court hearings, Clint carries two greasy paper bags of burgers and fries from their favorite burger joint in his briefcase so they can eat it to celebrate their win. Natasha sneaks in her cat Liho in her briefcase that she customized so he can rest in there comfortably and she can hear him purring. A comforting sound when she’s feeling the pressure. 

- Because they are absolute nerds, Clint and Natasha like to just lie in bed together with the twins curled up between them and they put them to sleep by going through their state statutes from memory. Natasha jokes that they’re slowly training Wanda and Pietro to become lawyers themselves and they’ll become a family of super lawyers.