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I grew up with hockey like any other sport, casually and only really knowing/caring about my home team & only interacting with my fellow home team fans, but now I'm seeing there's like this whole tumblr fandom to the nhl and I was wondering what are like the reputations of the teams??? And obvi everyone has their own biases based on their faves but I was just curious (bc I love hearing about all of the reputations and drama and gossip that is 100% alive in the sports world)

um okay i really love this ask but i’m also Nervous to answer it bc obviously my views are gonna be based on my teams and tbh i don’t a ton about some of the teams. so let me just preface this by saying that i don’t intend to shit on anyone’s team. pls don’t come yell at me. i love y’all. i’m gonna put this under a read more bc it’s gonna be long af. this isn’t so much drama as it is just a primer on the teams bc i’m not looking to start drama. 

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I've never noticed Kaner's lisp before that gif you made. Has that always been a thing? Do you know of other "evidence" for it?

i’m just gonna start this off with a quote to ~set the mood:

Patrick Kane is a little bit gauche but entirely without guile.

He has the face of an angel, even with that valiant attempt at a playoff beard, long curly eyelashes and just the slightest lisp.

the short answer is: yes, he has a lisp. and like the lolzy quote above says, just the tiniest one. it’s probably not all that noticeable unless you’re watching his mouth, lips and tongue closely when he talks (which i clearly do).

i would say that his lisp was definitely more prominent when he was younger. like this video here is a prime example of it:

it makes me believe that he kinda trained himself out of it. speaking as someone who had/still has a little lisp myself, it’s definitely something that you can get pretty insecure about, even/especially when people start pointing out how “adorable” it is (lmao when i was younger i would practice really hard just so that it wouldn’t be as noticeable) (ngl i admit i do find his lisp cute haha)

but with kaner now, his lisp still shows itself when he’s excited like here:

and here:

it also still shows itself once in a while: 

and ofc most recently:

here are other examples in video form (i was collecting links for a potential themed gifset in the future but i’m feeling lazy so here’s just some i found. ymmv!):

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7/19/15 Blackhawks Fan Convention 2015: Kids Only Press Conference panel, ft. Andrew Shaw, Trevor Van Riemsdyk, David Rundblad and Bryan Bickell

This is where you’ll find the hard-hitting journalism. Best panel of the weekend.