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First of all, congratulations on the adoption! I think it is so wonderful for you to give those children a loving home. I’m sorry that your mother hasn’t been as welcoming as would be desired. I’ve recently experienced something along similar lines with Phlox and Studmuffin. So I will share that story with you, hopefully to show that even if the child is not adopted, there can be that awkwardness. Then I’ll share my two cents (or probably half a cent worth in quality) advice for how to help ease your mother into a positive relationship with the children.


Soooo, I went in game today to make these two! They’re residences of the amazing world called Island of Vurz by @risastorm!

The male sim here is called Hubble Gibbs, an unstable genius who’s ultimate goal in life is to be able to travel to the future and experience both the Dystopia and Utopia future (of which he has his own theories hehe)

And the female sim is called Celestial Ellips, a family-oriented bot fan who plans to create a big family to keep her company while their father spends his days in their basement.

I’m not sure if I’ll be playing with them or create more sims to occupy the world and see if one fancies my eye! I might make a LEPacy and use them as the founders, because I might already have an ideaaaaa, but I’m not promising anything ;))


Well it seems to be going al-

Blind Sided Lacey: Are we done yet?

Splash Lacey: -_-

Claret: Is she… dead?

Eden: Ummm what is this?

White Lace: Who’s the dude?

Splash Challenge Lace: This is weird. Why is she dead? Why am I dead?!

Fairy Lace: Oh my what an interesting night this has turned out to be!

Vampy Lacey: Mmm yes, yes indeed.

Chance: Who are all these girls? And why do they look like me. o_O

Berry off set: God I have a problem…




please send your prayers that i do not ask him if he knows any members of one direction or mary berry before we have our first drinks.

thank youuuu for your looove

I um, I am completely speechless. I guess I would say there is no reason why I would not publish this. This is beautiful and I am honored to… ughh I’m actually crying. I’m honored. I am truly honored. All of my love to you and your brother today. I’m sorry there is no picture. I needed to answer this immediately. 

This is me right now…

Is it a boy or a girl?

We don’t know yet.

Oh… I hope it’s a boy. I need a boy cousin. You hear that in there! We want a boy please!

I have been waiting for someone to comment on this. XD When this was happening, I had no clue what the baby would be and I had no plans of making them a couple. Like not even in the slightest. So this was really neat to find, when I was looking through the archives a month or so back. :3 My sims writing their own stories again. They truly were meant to be.


Roz: I kinda knew what was happening, seeing that I was the oldest. He would come over and they would stand way too close for way too long, always talking and laughing at the stupidest crap. I thought it was weird, but it wasn’t really any of my business. I knew they would get caught eventually. Didn’t ever see it going as far as it did though.

Misty Rose: We were really young, so it didn’t make much sense until Cherry came along. We knew she looked different, but we had no idea how different she actually was. We felt bad for Dad, but I dunno, she was our mom, it’s not like we could stay mad at her.

Tea Rose: I guess it was harder for me to get over it all. I took a lot of it out on Cherry. I know now it wasn’t her fault, but when we were younger, I tormented the living berry out of her for it. Not sure what was so special about him, my dad was way better…

Carmine: I’m probably going to get killed for saying this , but I didn’t really have that big of a problem with it. I loved Cherry and if it hadn’t been for them, we never would have had her in the family. Sucks my dad had to get mixed up in it, but Cherry is my girl man! I can’t imagine what it would have been like around there without her.

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Darling? Do you ever think of Amethyst from time to time? She is technically your sister isn't she?

Of course I do. If it weren’t for her, I wouldn’t have the life I’ve lead. It was challenging at times and berry knows I made mistakes, but I wouldn’t trade any of that. I love my family and I appreciate her every single day I wake up to see them. She’s my hero and I think what hurts most is she’ll never know that.

I guess I should answer this before it’s too late…