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『2Ps invited for dinner with S/O's family, when S/O asks, "Daddy can you pass the salt?" Both and 2p stand up』

(Wrote this from a confusion for my first ask)

2pAmerica/ Al: “Fuck.”

Al would give a sheepish chuckle, point finger guns at S/O’s dad, and proceed to walk out while still pointing finger guns. Managed to knock over a vase too. The moment he’s at the door, boi would ruN.

Poor Al tries to avoid any contact of S/O’s family from now on.

2pCanada/ Matt: “Is thAT A BEAR I SEE”

There’s no window at the dining room. But that doesn’t stop Matt from claiming he has to protect them. Matt tries to distract S/O’s dad, and says he is an expert at wrestling bears.This is how the man escapes.

The whole family is now more concerned about the s/o’s boyfriend.

2pFrance/ François: “I swear the sex is safe”

Does not make things better at all. He can no longer keep the act of VirginBoy™. The s/o had to shush François and excuse themselves, both leaving a very furious dad.

It took months for François to gain back the family’s trust

2pEngland/ Oliver: “o-oh dear, I- um- ” *passes salt to the father* “H-here you go!”

Oliver tries to act like a gentleman and “help” the dad on passing the salt. S/O’s father grabbed it, and broke the salt holder for intimidation.

Oliver almost passed out of fear at that point.

2pChina/ Xiao: out of fear and panic, this man daBS

“She said dabbing right?” Poor Xiao, trying to play it off. Doesn’t have enough charm skills to trick S/O’s father, resulting to Xiao receiving a glare.

Dinner continues but with very high tension.

2pRussia/ Viktor: “Ah”

Viktor, Viktor, Viktor,,, This gentle giant would freeze, completely towering over S/O’s father. Tries to think of a MatureExplanation™, but can only think of, “I didn’t heard her correctly.” Manages to sit down and dinner continues, but the judging eyes of S/O’s father never left Viktor

Viktor immediately left the house when dinner was finished. Now searching up ways on how to fix this. He is still shook.

2pGermany/ Lutz: “haha oh whoops I thought she meant me- oh”

Takes Lutz a couple of seconds to realize how fucked he was. Knowing he can’t back out, Lutz grabs S/O’s hand and boOKS IT. He shouts “Thanks for the food!” And jumps through a window. S/O doesn’t follow, just sighs.

Lutz had to fix the window, and banned from entering S/O’s house for weeks.

2pPrussia/ Gilen: “I- um- this- I- SirIAmSoSorry”

Starts apologizing profusely that even S/O’s father is concerned. This precious boy manages to pull it off with his apologies, also the fact he almost started crying.

Gilen is still accepted into the family, they appreciate his honesty. Smh other 2Ps should take notes.

2pAustria/ Roland: “I’m sure your daughter asked for me-” “roLAND”

Pray for the S/O, not Roland. He already dug his grave at that point. A smirk still not leaving his face even when kicked out of the house.

Suffice to say, he was never invited again.

2pItaly/ Luciano: “Oh I though she said Luci?”

Have you ever seems a man act so smooth that you can sense desperation? That’s Luciano. Tries to play it off, but every suspicious father never let their guard down. Luciano proceeds to suck the family’s ass whenever he can. Complimenting the food and even the walls. Someone help him.

They let Luciano stay for the sake of shutting him up.

2pRomano/ Flavio: “I must misheard! I thought S/O meant- um- Have I ever told you how your outfit is amazing?”

Similar to his brother, he tries to be smooth. And change the topic. His knees gave out under the stare of S/O’s father

Flavio still hasn’t resurfaced from under the table. S/O’s father is not impressed.

2pJapan/ Kuro: “Ah, I forgot daddy meant father”

Pretends that he hasn’t fully learned English. Lmao why you always lyin’ . S/O also tried to convince her father that Kuro hasn’t fully know English.

Kuro’s politeness throughout dinner saved him, but S/O’s father is curious on how Kuro mistook daddy for the word “Friend". Lmao who am I kidding, no one believed that lie.

2pSpain/ Andrés: proceeds to grab the salt, pass it, and sit down

Andrés gives no fuck at that point. Continues to eat his meal while trying his best not to swear under the glare of S/O’s father. S/O is covering her face and wants to disappear right there.

After the silent meal, Andrés and S/O’s father exchanged handshakes. Andrés’s hand broke as bones cracking can be heard.

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Ok now I'm REALLY curious to see one of your forms... Can I? ...You show me yours and I show you mine? Ok that sounded wrong I'm sorry...

“You know as well as I, that someone in my position really shouldn’t be showing my forms for no reason.I’m not sure if you’re one of MY angels, or someone else either…maybe you’re one of Kindess’ or Diligence’s angels…”


Livestream doodles! was taking requests yesterday, so here’s a few. Also, thanks to @ask-2pengland-dearest for letting me draw their baby, to @numberonebadart and @ask-japandroid for their suggestions, and for @askfreedumbland for the adorable Alfred child! sorry if I missed anyone - drop me a note and I’ll add you in.))

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Oh thank GOODNESS you are back!!! I was so worried- are you okay?? Are you feeling alright? Is your head hurting are you hungry at all?? You should lie down and rest I can't see you sick dear!!!!!!

France: Oh, Oliver… H-Hey, don’t cry, I’m fine. Hey.. c’mon, let’s.. er, let’s go out for a walk together, we could both use some fresh air.

FINALLY UGH DJFHJAGHER SGAREG took me longer than expected mostly because i did not know how to draw blood alsokinda ran out of ideas thus the two second filler lol

there will be a day when i have a solid finished product without the sketchy lines and a drawing tablet. That day is not today.

I used ask–ollie san’s headcanons and character design even though i didnt ask im sorry please forgive me qwq //and notice me //internal crying//


I know a few demons, but I don’t see quite enough devils out here. Pretty pathetic if you think about it, but what can you do?And hun, I’m as single as the amount of heads on Cerberus.

Joking. But why do you ask? Are you interested~? 😈💕

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cupcake loving mermaid? rp

Francine sat on the rocks by the ocean enjoying the summer sunset. she had been painting all day and finally finished the piece of art work. as she got up to leave she noticed someone sprawled out on the rocks seemingly unconscious. she rushed over to make sure who ever they were was alright not noticing the young man had a fish tail instead of legs.