ask 2p preussen



That’s matter the circumstance, no matter how happy or content a person might look.

If anyone you know says they want to take a “selfie”..stop them.

Take both their hands and discard their phone, throw it to the ground if you must!

Just be sure to look them in the eyes and tell them.

Tell them that you think they’re the most beautiful thing on this goddamn earth.

Ok well first of all I really want those boots I saw at that one store yesterday. I can’t remember the name but I’m sure you’ll figure it out you’re so smart like that Prussia-


One of those fancy bags made out of leather? The ones that are really glossy and smooth!!

And of course dresses always make amazing gifts!! Realistically I could just make any kind of dress I wanted but receiving a really nice expensive professionally made one would be a nice change!!

AND PUPPIES. I think my pets ran away? So new puppies would be great to help compensate the newfound crushing loneliness I’ve developed.

And lastly I’d really appreciate if you could get them all jewel-encrusted? Just all over everywhere even the wrapping paper- But of course not on the puppies because that’s morally ambiguous and probably wrong but anyway-

Thank you Prussia you’re the greatest wow!!


2p-preussen said: …No, no. You did not do anything to—… you can stop apologising, you have done little wrong that calls for such. …This…. is just something I do not think I have seen in years.


W-well, hello Gilbert-…

I’m s-sorry if my apologizing is…bothering you-

S-sorry for doing it again-

I mean-

I’m sorry that-


So how are you?


Smelly? A MEMORY? I am more than just some MEMORY. I am what was once the strongest country in Europe–I was a KING of my kind! Everyone looked up to me, everyone RESPECTED what I did!!

Boring? BORING? You truly know NOT of what you speak, you INSOLENT creature, how DARE you try to touch me! I will have your head for this disrespect. I will see that you are all properly –


….I think…

I think I may have some apologising to do.


Why would I find him irritating? He’s never done anything wrong.

That is correct. He has never. Done anything to inherit my ill will. I fucked up. I was the one who ruined any possibility of us getting along, of anything familial between us by being an impossibly self-absorbed, power-mongering asshole.

I treated him like a tool and made him feel like he was not worthy of being called my brother. By the time I realised that really, all you have in the end is family; it was too late. I have tried to fix things, many times. But perhaps it really is never meant to be fixed.

Now cease asking about my brother. I grow tired of having to explain things I would rather not think about.