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//Here the UKs´ valentine cards. with their own handmade chocolate (Except Damian), isn´t they lovely 8´D?

Edit: Added the “To/From” with their own representative calligraphy 8Dc


Vs 2017:

See the improvement?

Countries like me have been around for a long time to we accumulate a lot of clothing, especially in my line of work. Mafiosa. So I don’t really have one favourite formal outfit. Here are a couple of my favourites

When you’re working with Germans it’s best to blend in.

A present from China, we’d get along better if he would stop making fake prada bags.

Kuro likes to drag me to Bon festivals, luckily this yukata is a perfect guise for appearing sweet and innocent, remember kids: dumb innocence is the best disguise.

A dress from my renaissance days, big skirt = lots of knife hiding places.

alilsketchdoodle  asked:

Can I ask for 2p fem England relationship headcannons? (Fem s/o please!)

Yeah you can fam!

Oliva Kirkland Girlfriend Headcanons 

- Will always want to play with her hair 

- She makes s/o clothes so they can match

- Always offering to do everything 

- Expect a gift from this sweetheart every day

- Asks if she can doll her s/o up from time to time 

- Talks a lot when she’s painting nails

-Feels embarrassed about how small her breats are

>Please save her 

-Speaking of which, she very low key likes using her girlfriend’s chest as a pillow

- Very blushy if her s/o flirts or hugs/kisses her back

- On dates she’ll try to cover up her freckles because she thinks she’ll look prettier

>Tell her she’s beautiful and she’ll cry from happiness 

- Her girlfriend is probably going to end up carrying her

>Do this she gets really giggly and happy

- Tickle fights are common

>She always loses

- Sings disney song duets with her s/o

-She adorable

-She’s a cinnamon roll

- She’s yours

rici-roni  asked:

I need some good f/f sin. How bout general nsfw headcanons for any of the girls you want to write for.

(// This is pretty vague so imma just plop random nsfw facts for the gals here. This doesn't cover anywhere near all of them but oh well.

(2P Japan) Akane: Queen of oral, tops, don't try and fight her on this she will bottom over her dead body.

(2P America) Emily: Likes public settings more than is probably healthy. If you two are driving alone or at a table that covers enough then don't be surprised when her hands start sneaking downtown. Likes things rough.

(2P Prussia) Marina: Shy bean, gets blushy at everything. Plese pull her hair and worship her body, It will make her dreams come true. 

(1P Italy) Felecia: This girl is sexy and she knows it. Not into anything too crazy but she isn't afraid to try new things, to her it’s all about being close to her partner and them both feeling good. Is a switch.

(1P Germany) Luise: Outwardly she’s pretty shy about sex, but she really likes the idea of tying up her partner and having total control. She hasn't brought it up with anyone before though.

(1P Japan) Sakura: Quiet and soft-spoken, she is never really the one to initiate things. Likes the idea of being taken care of, so treat her nice and things will go well. Call her your baby or other sweet things.

(1P Russia) Anya: Likes being in charge, and taking care of people. Lowkey into degradation on others as well. Call her mommy and you’ll have a really good night.

(2P China) Lien-Hua: Giggly girl. A complete switch and very versatile. Likes toys on herself and others. Also, threesomes+ are a thing. High sex with her is adorable.

sta ‘zitto! Don’t call me cute, stupido vecchio hag! When I get big I’ll show you all!!!

2p nyo chibitalia is online! Send in event asks!

anonymous asked:

2p nyo italy single mother headcanons with a female child please? Thank you!

- teaches her how to braid hair
- hey guess who taught this little girl how to cook food?
- hey guess who taught this little girl how to murder someone
- strict but fair
- when her daughters gets a partner she’s even more threatening than before
- I feel like she low key taught her daughter how to be coy unintentionally from all the single guys who tried to flirt with her
> “mommy why is this guy talking to you is he being annoying?” “No no now um…go play with your toys I’m busy”
- tries to make the talk as casual as possible and fails
- During periods she stays laying down with her and just relaxing, as well as doing whatever the daughter wants
- Will glady braid her daughters hair
- always attends every princess meeting and tea party
>has a few picture saved on her phone of it too
- very intimidating


Part 1/? With @ask-mama-germania , she’s the best mama and Luciano is definitely a difficult child to deal with!

Because give me all the negative CRs- and Luciano is probably the member of the German family Germania interacted less with.

I suck with backgrounds and everything, really, but I am trying and I’m learning.

Oh, and since my handwriting is terrible:

1- when you suggested to meet in such a remote place I knew something was not right and now I understand.
2- I thought me and Flavio finally put an end to this madness but no- here you stand, challenging me
3- Why did you buy another polo? No son of Mine should go to church looking like a hobo.
4- Good day to you too as well… mother
5- Since when do you call me… mother? And what’s with that smile? We both know it’s fake.
6- I promised Flavio I would behave in a certain way so shut up and don’t make me eat my words. He means the world to me and he seems really happy to have a ‘mom’
7- If flavio is the only reason you’re acting so friendly drop the act, I don’t care about lies…
8- …
9- What a surprise, we do have something in common after all. Now move…
10- “We only have half an hour before Mass” “Well, that’s plenty of time” “Not really” “Mh?” “You’ll see”

p>During Fall Break, Olive and Lukas visited Oregon and Hawaii. Oregon wasn’t on the duo’s list but along the way, they ended up visiting anyways due to an airliner with misfortune. Olive recalled the trip as wonderful and mentioned that the gnome they picked up along the was an odd little fellow.
Olive relaxed in her shared apartment- watching her new, small companion make odd little buildings for her flower bed. She didn’t have the heart to tell him that they wouldn’t be useful til spring. Her thoughts went back to the trip, the stem of memory starting just on the thought that the gnome made Lukas happier than he had been before.

For the anon who asked to see Olive in swimwear- such a lovely prompt idea~ thank you for the ask