ask 2p lovino

the assholes to teachers & troublemakers:
2p america, 2p canada, 2p germany

the Stoners & smokers:
2p china, 2p france

the Straight A student:
2p england, 2p russia, 2p prussia

the bored one who doesn’t give a flying fuck but still got straight A’s ????:
2p japan

the Playboy that all the guys hate and all the girls love:
2p italy

The-one-point-everyday fashionista:
2p south italy

anonymous asked:

Flavio, it seems that Lovi isn't very fond of you... But how do you feel about him?

*chuckles and looks over Lovino as he drops his sunglasses just a little*
Lovino? I think he is absolutely charming! The whole facade of being angry and spiteful just to hide a soft and sweet interior is just cute! Not to mention, I can’t hate on his fashion since he does dress very well. Overall, he is just adorable. I can see why you all love him, though that pouty side does get a little old…

“Nobody asked you!”

“Lovino, darling, they just did.”

“Shut up…”

2ps as things I’ve said

Allen / America: Bitch is a pussy. That makes this relationship gay as fuck.

Oliver / England: No no no! We don’t jump off rocks! We stay safe on ground like good kids!

Francois / France: Go away. I have depression to wallow in.

Zao / China: I swear to God, I’m not high this time!

Vlad / Russia: Why have friends when you can read?

Matthieu / Canada: My brother is a piece of shit, but mom says I have to love him regardless.

Luciano / Italy: Eat your spaghetti to forgetti your regretti.

Lutz / Germany: I’m just here to get everyone pregnant.

Kuro / Japan: Don’t judge me you sinning piece of crap.

Flavio / S. Italy: I may be trash, but at least i’m cute trash unlike you.

Gillen / Prussia: I welcome death with open arms.

anonymous asked:

What do you think of your counterpart, Romano?

Flavio: Well, he does remind me of my little fratello, Luciano! If only he would tone down the swearing, tsk…

Lovino: He’s me, but reminds me of tomato bastard Spain and Veneziano too much. Too cheery, too bubbly. *sigh* Luckily, I know how to deal with him.

((mun wasn’t sure if question was directed to Romano or Flavio, lol))

2p’s as Teachers

Allen / America: Mechanics

Oliver / England: Literature

Francois / France: Janitor 

Zao / China: Chemistry

Vlad / Russia: Business Finance

Matthieu / Canada: Environmental Science

Luciano / Italy: Culinary Arts

Lutz / Germany: Physical Education

Kuro / Japan: History

Flavio / S. Italy: Cosmetology 

Gillen / Prussia: Mathematics 

2ps as Drunks

Allen / America: Would hit on girls. Not to the point of being a creeper though.

Oliver / England: Hallucinations bro.

Francois / France: He’d just zone out majorly.

Vlad / Russia: Doesn’t drink

Matthieu / Canada: A lot like Allen, but ends up hitting on guys.

Luciano / Italy: Also very flirty. but extremely ditzy and will revert back to Italian.

Lutz / Germany: Party animal.

Kuro / Japan: Still quite quiet, but acts dominant af.

Flavio / S. Italy: The stripper and one most likely to get laid.

Gillen / Prussia: The rare occasion he gets drunk, he’s the emotional one.

2ps as Battery Percentages

//IDK where this came from honestly. I thought about their “Fuck I’m done”and energy levels and this came about

Allen / America: 69% (Allen you whore)

Oliver / England: 99%

Francois / France: 5%

Zao / China: 75%

Vlad / Russia: 50%

Mathieu / Canada: 64%

Luciano / Italy: 55%

Lutz / Germany: 80%

Kuro / Japan: 30%

Flavio / S. Italy: 95%

Gillen / Prussia: 1%

doievenknowgosh  asked:

Hi darling , how would the 2 p axis and allies react to being turned into a pet (puppy or kitten)and then their s/o comes in their house and starts looking for them and then they see them and in a flash they are scooped up and having smooches and kisses all over their face with a lot of rambling about how cute they are? Thank you so sorry if I'm bothering you have a nice day .

//You aren’t bothering me at all, love 😊

Allen / America: I mean, he’d love the attention, but he isn’t cute

Oliver / England: Wouldn’t like being in the state, but loves that you’re fawning over him~

Francois / France: No. He’s the kind of dog you need a “beware of dog” sign for. He won’t attack you, but he’s angry at everything.

Zao / China: Holy fuck yes. Give the babe love.

Vlad / Russia: He just wants to fix it, bro. He won’t shy away from the petting, but he wants to be normal again.

Matthieu / Canada: Pretty much like Russia with some slight aggression to the situation and being called cute.

Luciano / Italy: He’d paw at you to leave him be and run away, but he doesn’t mind your affection. Just can’t get distracted.

Lutz / Germany: YES. LOVE HIM. HE IS A GOOD BOY.

Kuro / Japan: Boy’d act like Luciano

Flavio / S. Italy: He’d be anxious at first, but get used to it knowing his baby brother will fix everything~

Gillen / Prussia: He’d be upset, but accept your love and affection.

anonymous asked:

2p Axis with a virgin s/o?

Luciano / Italy: He’d just give you a small smile and politely as to be your first.

Lutz / Germany: I mean, this guy would either get turned on at the thought or feel the need to fawn over your innocence and tell you how adorable you are for staying pure.

Kuro / Japan: He’d be indifferent, but it’d give him some good ideas for his secret hentai collection.

Flavio / S. Italy: He’d coo over the fact and then launch into his story of how he lost his virginity.

Gillen / Prussia: This guy would blush out the ying-yang. Poor innocent asexual babe….

2ps as Sports

Allen / America: Baseball (duh)

Oliver / England: Dance (Okay so I consider this a sport, but according to some websites it is not. Others it is, so I’m going with what I and my dancer friends believe.)

Francois / France: Shuffleboard 

Zao / China: Soccer / Football

Vlad / Russia: Ice Skating

Matthieu / Canada: Hockey (Again, duh)

Luciano / Italy: Fencing

Lutz / Germany: American Football

Kuro / Japan: Karate

Flavio / S. Italy: Gymnastics

Gillen / Prussia: Equestrianism / Horse Riding

anonymous asked:

How would the 2p!s React To an S/O who's a total historian (really into books museums stuff like that)

Allen / America: He’d let you do your thing and maybe go to museums, but he’s not really into that stuff.

Oliver / England: He’s not into history necessarily, but he enjoys museums and books as well so he’ll join you in your activities.

Francois / France: Pretty indifferent. I mean, he IS history.

Zao / China: History itself will make him uncomfortable, but he’ll let you do your thing.

Vlad / Russia: As long as it’s not his history, he’s so down.

Matthieu / Canada: He’ll join you on your outings and sit with you and read, but he isn’t a history buff.

Luciano / Italy: He loves history. That. That is how you turn this guy on.

Lutz / Germany: He finds it adorable, but he’d feel like America

Kuro / Japan: He’d behave like Canada honestly

Flavio / S. Italy: He’s not into history and gets bored easily, but he won’t hate on it.

Gillen / Prussia: He loves history and will do whatever to make you happy.

anonymous asked:

How would 2p axis react to seeing their s/o wearing a lingerie colored by the colors of their flag? (For example green white red colored lingerie)

Luciano / Italy: He’s down~

Lutz / Germany: Very much into that. Like. Hardcore.

Kuro / Japan: He won’t show any reaction, but he he’s got some hentai ideas~

Flavio / S. Italy: It depends on if he created it or not, honestly. If he did then he’s so down.

Gillen / Prussia: Majorly blushing asexual babe…