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I've got an odd request, hc about mercy finding out that her s/o is a vigilante (been binge watching arrow and the flash)

  • She’s concerned first of all
    • It’s a dangerous job
    • You could be murdered in the streets and no one beside her would care
  • However, she understands
    • She fell in love in love with you
    • Knowing that desire to protect others
  • She’ll patch you up when you crawl home
    • Holding her tongue from the scolding she wants to give
    • She’s just worried

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Hello. I just wanted to let you know that the account ___viktor__n_ was reposting your art on their Instagram account. But they didn't stop there. They had the nerve to PUT THEIR INSTAGRAM NAME AS A WATER MARK OVER YOUR ART AND IM REALLY ANGRY. Like, who does that?

Oh my goodness, thank you so much for telling me this! I don’t really know why they did that either.. However I asked them to credit me in the description as the original artist. ^7^);; I am glad for your support in this matter!

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To miscarriage anon: please listen to Job 1:21. People ask why God allows bad things to happen to good people, and the answer is, He doesn't. The devil is the maker of all things bad and sometimes that's just how life is. Every good and perfect gift is from above. But lean not into your own understanding, beloved. Trust in the Lord for His plans are far greater than you can dream of. Do not be discouraged, find your delight in Him and He will grant you the desires of your heart. Hope it helps.

Hi friend,

Thank you for this. I pray that person sees your message. <3

All my love,


band asks
  • blink-182: describe a memory you want to keep forever
  • death cab for cutie: how well do you convey emotion?
  • fall out boy: what motivates you?
  • green day: are you satisfied with the government?
  • jimmy eat world: how good are you at encouraging others?
  • my chemical romance: have any of your relationships ended badly?
  • the offspring: how messed up do you think society is?
  • panic! at the disco: list 5 of your quirks
  • paramore: how do you choose what to listen to?
  • the front bottoms: describe your current mental state
  • twenty one pilots: what do you think about before you fall asleep?

“‘Love you,” slipped out of him, into the little conversational void the moment had left behind, fueled by the bundle of emotion that was always at the surface around her, always dying to escape, be freed, be known.

He heard her gasp, just slightly, and then she stilled for a half second. Before he could take it back or make light of it, she released a tiny sigh, fluttery and affected, and whispered back, “'Love you too.”

His eyes snapped open just in time to see her go, a sliver of her suit visible as the door clicked shut behind her.

He bit his lip and breathed deep, insides wobbling at the… confession? Endearment? Salutation?

Ladybug said she loved him.

21 Jump Street sentence starters

67 starters
feel free to change gender pronouns
content warning: cussing, sexual themes, violence

  • “Oh my god… You’re not asking me to prom, are you?”
  • “There’s not a nice way to put it. You’re a fucking nerd.”
  • “You’re good at this, huh?”
  • “Hey, you want to be friends?”
  • “Get ready for a lifetime of being badass motherfuckers.”
  • “You want me to beat your dick off?”
  • “Don’t run from me! You’re making it worse for yourself!”
  • “I’m not playing anymore! I’m so not kidding!”
  • “You got the right to… suck my dick, motherfucker!”
  • “This place is weird…”
  • “Keep that dirty dick in your pants.”
  • “They put this on the internet for everybody to see?”
  • “_____, I just really don’t want to fuck this up.”
  • “This house is adorable.”
  • “Oh my god, _____, did you do all this yourself? This is unbelievable!”
  • “Just shut up.”
  • “I think I shit my pants.”
  • “What the fuck are those things?”
  • “I’m so confused right now.”
  • “You don’t care about the environment? That’s kind of fucked up, man.”
  • “Oh my god. Relax, dude. Who cares?”
  • “Chemistry’s the one with the shapes and shit, right?”
  • “I was just busting your balls.”
  • “Wow. You’re fast. Not… like that. Just… let me check you out. I mean—”
  • “Okay, I’m not asking. Take it now or get the fuck out.”
  • “I don’t like that. Put your tongue back in your mouth.”
  • “Organized sports are so fascist. That shit makes me sick.”
  • “It’s backwards and unnatural, and it’s gotta be stopped.”
  • “Fuck you, man. I don’t need to tell you.”
  • “You saying we should throw a party?”
  • [phone call] “It’s so weird that you’re calling me. I pretty much text except for when a random old relative calls.”
  • “Wow. You’re a sharer. I dig that.”
  • “Where is _____, man? He said he’d be here.”
  • “Yo, this is butt. There’s, like, no hot dudes here.”
  • “Are you drunk? Have you even been drunk before?”
  • “Did you see that shit?! That was crazy!”
  • “Oh, shit… When did I get stabbed? That’s awesome!”
  • “Dude, I don’t know if that was a good idea.”
  • “I’m sorry, what are you getting mad at me for?”
  • “Shut your fucking mouth, you understand me? Shh!”
  • “I will straight-up punch you in the face if you do not shut up.”
  • “You’re so lucky your parents don’t give a shit about you.”
  • “Wow, that’s a bigger hug than I was expecting.”
  • “I just want to make sure that you and _____ are going to be careful with whatever it is you’re getting involved in.”
  • “Is that a code for sex?”
  • “I’m so happy that I met you.”
  • “God, just let me do my thing. I know what I’m doing.”
  • “Seriously, if you do that again, I’m gonna Whack-A-Mole you in the balls.”
  • “Get the fuck out of the car!”
  • “What’s wrong with you?! Run!”
  • “That’s right. Go to sleep, bitch.”
  • “You just got head-butted, motherfucker!”
  • “Are you fucking serious right now?!”
  • “What are you doing? Have you completely lost your mind?”
  • “You’re embarrassing me.”
  • “Worst best friend ever!”
  • “I don’t want to talk to you ever again.”
  • “Have some fairy dust, motherfucker!”
  • “You’re supposed to be my friend!”
  • “I would’ve taken a bullet for you.”
  • “I’m lost without you.”
  • “How do you ever expect to make any new friends with that attitude?”
  • “The only approval that I ever needed was my best friend’s.”
  • “You think I’m hot?”
  • “You’re a goddamn rock star.”
  • “I think you should be mad at more guys, because you deserve a guy who’s good and who doesn’t lie to you. You shouldn’t settle for less than that.”
  • “Thanks for saving my life. Asshole.”

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So I looked up Nox Sollihagen website and pictures and that's totally where his first picture with the numbers came from. Second it says the club was closed today when normally it should be open until 3am soooo I'm really thinking that's where they filmed today. I'm convinced that Julie has to be allowing Honk to be posting stuff otherwise he is giving away way too much stuff and I'm sure they would have stopped him by now, so Julie and Henrik are both purely evil. what do you think?


The signs as Punk/Emo/Metalcore bands

Aries: Tweny-øne Piløts

Taurus: Sleeping With Sirens

Gemini: Asking Alexandria

Cancer: Pierce the Veil

Leo: Panic! at the Disco

Virgo: My Chemical Romance

Libra: Black Veil Brides

Scorpio: Green Day

Sagittarius: Falling in Reverse

Capricorn: Bring me the Horizon

Aquarius: Blink 182

Pisces: Fall Out Boy


When its freezing outside and your ass is sweating balls and nontweakers are like:
“Wtf why are you not cold, your wearing shorts and your sweating like your moving a house.. I’m freezing ?”
-“Na it ain’t even that cold”
“Its 30 degrees….there’s snow on the ground…..”

When you ass can’t sleep so your up and down all night and people are like:
“Are you ok your up awfully early?”
-“Na it ain’t that early”
“Its 6:30….and you already got the lawn mowed…..”

Or when your trying to explain weight loss:
“You’ve lost a lot of weight…?”
-“Yeah, so would you if you smoke a pound of meth. ”

Johnny - The first time

Mature content ahead


Word count: 2.3k


I sighed, and looked out the window. Another relationship ruined. All because of three stupid things. Me, myself and I. For some reason, everytime the subject came up, I always found a way out of the awkward subject. And what kind of subject is that you may ask. 

My virginity.

A 21 year old who is still a virgin. How often do you hear about them? Apparently none of my previous boyfriends had, and when I told them that I wanted to wait for the right time, they either said it was stupid, or that they didn’t want to wait for me to become ready.

And I just made that mistake again, to date an asshole, who only saw me as something to fuck and not love. And it wasn’t even like I was begging or expecting for him to love me all day everyday, but a girl needs someone to hold her and make her feel loved once in a while. And apparently none of the boyfriends that I have, had done that.

Right now there were only one guy still in my life. Johnny. My childhood best friend. The only person who could make laugh so hard I almost peed myself, and make me so mad I wanted to knock him out at the same time. And no, it wasn’t like I loved him, or even liked him like ‘that’, we were just really close. So close, that sometimes people mistakes us for a couple.

A knock on my window, made me wake up from my thoughts. I furrowed my eyebrows, and went over to check what it was. I looked out the window, and found two eyes staring right back at me. “Johnny?” I mumbled confused, even though I wasn’t even surprised that he was here.

Johnny lived in the apartment building right next to me, with some of his friends from school. “Surprised to see me?” he asked with a grin hanging from his lips. I shook my head and laughed slightly. “Not really” I said, and threw my legs out of the window, for them to rest there. Johnny sighed. It was almost like he knew what had happened, since he came at the right time.

“Weren’t you supposed to have a guy over tonight?” He asked without much emotions in his voice. I nodded. “ Yeah..” I mumbled, even though I knew he heard me. “I was.” I looked over at him, and saw he was resting his head on his hand. He looked me with an expression mixed with pity and anger. “And did he just run off like the others already have?” he asked me, with harsh but soothing voice. I looked at him, my eyes starting to tear up. He looked at me and immediately knew the answer.

“Fucking asshole” Johnny said, while gritting his teeth. I looked at him, with tired and angry eyes. “It doesn’t even matter” I said sniffling and drying my eyes, angrily. “Don’t worry Y/N, it will happen soon-“ he said, but I cut him off. “Oh my god Johnny just shut up.” I said annoyed and looked away from him. “You don’t understand, and you never will. You can have every girl on this entire planet if you wanted, but why does everyone keep running away from me?” I asked and couldn’t help the tears falling from my eyes. It wasn’t a lie. Johnny was extremely popular with girls, I knew for a fact that Johnny had slept with more than a couple of girls. He wasn’t a fuckboy, no, Johnny was way too much of a gentleman to just fuck girls left and right. He just had a very hard time saying no to girls (especially sex), and because of that, he sometimes ended up being screwed over too.

“Y/N please don’t cry. All the guys you have dated are just assholes, who can’t see how amazing you actually are” he said truthfully. But he just couldn’t see my problem. I let out a frustrated sigh, and wiped my tears. “Don’t you see it Johnny. Even though you say that It’s never going to happen. I’m never going to meet a guy who I’m so comfortable with, that I can give him my virginity” I said, as my tears kept falling. Johnny looked like he was thinking about something and then looked at me. “How ‘comfortable’ do you need to be with guy, before you can have sex with him?” he asked me, looking me in the eyes, with a generally concerned and curious look. I looked at him and thought about it for some time. I didn’t actually know the answer, I mean, how do you define being comfortable with someone?

I looked at Johnny again and shrugged my shoulders. “I don’t know. As long as he makes me feel loved and important, then I don’t really think I have a problem” I said truthfully. He looked at me and smiled sweetly, looking pleased with my answer. A long comfortable silence passed, and Johnny said something again.

“Can I come over?” he said, already getting up. I just nodded, knowing that if I would have said no, he would still be coming over. Not long after, I heard someone knocking on my door. Quickly I ran down and opened it, to see Johnny in his pyjamas. He stood towering over me, before giving me a hug. It felt good to be held by someone. I quickly hugged him back. We stood there for a minute, before Johnny asked me if I wanted to go to my bedroom. I nodded, and went into my room with him.

I closed the door behind me, and looked at Johnny who was sitting on my bed observing it. I looked at him confused. “What? Is there something unusual on my bed?” I asked, before jumping down on it. He laughed to himself. “No. I was just checking if you lied. But these seems to be made nicely and clean” He said smiling. I threw a pillow at him, but it just made him laugh harder. “You’re such a pervert” a said laying down, with my head resting against a pillow. Johnny looked at me for at second, before laying down next to me.

It wasn’t weird for me and Johnny to be laying down or cuddling on my bed. In fact it would be weird if we didn’t. I noticed the way Johnny looked at me. It wasn’t the usual he gave me, but a new one. He kind of looked in love. You know that look people give each other when there’re in love? Yeah, he was definitely giving me that look right now. I looked back at him, and kept looking at me like that, but he was… blushing?

I looked at him weirdly. “What?” I asked, actually curious about why he was blushing. He just shook his head. “I just imagined something that I shouldn’t have” he said. Now it was my time to blush. Oh my god. What was happening? This wasn’t what me and Johnny was supposed to do. We were supposed to be teasing each other, and calling each other names. This feeling was way to… intense.

But I didn’t stop here. And I’m glad I didn’t. For some reason I really wanted to know what he was talking about. “What did you imagine?” I asked and laid my head on his shoulder. Right when I did that his body tensed up. “Unusual” I thought, but didn’t say anything. He blushed harder. “N-nothing its j-just… no, nevermind” he said while looking away. That just made annoyed. “Since when did you become a softie?” I asked, wrapping my legs around his hips, while cuddling closer to him. “Don’t worry Johnny. Just tell me-“ “How would you feel about having sex with me?” he cut me off, while looking at the ceiling, almost in shame.

A sudden feeling of butterflies erupted in my stomach. I looked at him in doubt, if he was actually serious. But he showed no signs that he was joking. I considered it a bit. Was this the right thing to do? I mean I felt comfortable with Johnny so it probably wouldn’t be that bad of an idea.

I looked at him. “Okay” I said, slowly, and a look of confusion hit his face. “Wait, are you serious?” He asked making me feel stupid for even answering yes. He noticed immediately that he had hurt me, and quickly apologized. “No no, I meant it’s just… Are you sure?” He asked with worry in his voice.

“Better to lose it now than ever. So yes” I said, and looked at Johnny. He smiled at me, and when he noticed that I wasn’t going to make the first move, he slowly positioned himself over me, and went down to kiss my lips. He started to move his lips slowly against mine, almost afraid to break me. One of his hands were next to my head, and the other on my hip. I felt face and secure in his arms. The kiss started to get a bit more intense, and Johnny began kissing down my neck before taking his shirt off. My hands flew down to his torso and felt his muscles, while he was kissing down my neck again.

It started to get hotter, and soon enough Johnny’s hands were feeling up under my shirt on my stomach, anywhere but my boobs. He was afraid to touch me and make me uncomfortable. So I sat up, and pulled my shirt over my head, exposing my almost bare upper body. His eyes went wide, and I could see the tent forming in his pants. I flung my arms around him and put my mouth to his ear. “It’s okay Johnny, you can touch me” I said while guiding his hands up to my chest. He looked surprised, but didn’t hesitate to touch me, where I wanted him the most. I let out a small moan, which apparently turned him on so much, that I could feel his bulge on my inner thigh.

One by one our clothes were slowly discarded, and we were left nothing our underwear. “Are you sure about this? I mean, it’s not too late to back out now” he said, but I told him that I was 100% sure about this. He kissed me down my stomach, all the way down to my panties, and slowly pulled them down my legs. I was soaking. I could feel the way that Johnny also noticed it, and he just smiled. “You look beautiful” he said While discarding his boxers, and laying down above me.  

I smiled at him, and my arms flew behind my back, unclasping my bra. I was now completely naked under my lifetime long best friend, and was about get my virginity taken away by him. For some reason, it didn’t feel weird at all. I was actually happy that this was going to happen, with him and not some random boy, who didn’t love me.

Johnny had put condom on and was lining up at my entrance. He looked me in the eye. “Are you sure about this” he asked, and looked at me. I nodded and said ‘Yes’, while looking him in the eye as well. He started to slowly push in, and boi it felt like I was being ripped open. Tears stung in my eyes, and I could tell that Johnny had a hard time keeping still. He pushed himself fully into me, and tears fell from my eyes. Johnny bend down to kiss them away, and mumbled a ton of “I’m sorry, oh my god I’m so sorry”. We stood still for a couple of seconds, before I told him to move. He began slowly pushing in and out of me, hiding his face in the crook of my neck. I bit down on his shoulder, the pain becoming a bit more bearable, but it’s stinging and stretching was still there. I let out a bunch of painful moans.

I knew it was hard for Johnny to stop since I knew he was close, but the sound of my horrible moans, made him feel like the worst person in the whole entire world. Not long after he came, and fell on top of me. We were both breathing hard, and trying to catch our breaths.

“I’m so sorry” Johnny said, looking at me. “Johnny it’s not your fault that it hurt” I said brushing his hair out of his forehead. “I know, but.. I didn’t make you cum” he said, his voice full with shame. I smiled at him. “Johnny it’s not the end of the world at least I-“ he cut me off by kissing down the middle of my chest, down my stomach and then moving onto my thighs. I moaned out in pleasure. “Johnny you don’t have to do this” I said, letting out small moan.

“I know but I want to” he said, and began to kiss me where I needed him the most. I let out a moan again, and wrapped my hands his hair. He began to lick long strokes up and down my womanhood. The pleasure was so amazing that Johnny had to hold my hips down so I didn’t move. Johnny didn’t go easy on me. He saw how much I was enjoying it and, when he heard my moans, there was nothing to hold him back, from giving me the most amazing orgasm of my life. I felt it coming and almost screamed out loud when I came. Johnny licked me clean, and kissed my lips again.

“Thank you” I said smiling and kissing his smiling lips, not knowing what this did to our relationship, but all I know is that I will be happy with all of it.

Requested by anon! Here you go <3