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Zevran: …Besides, if you ever grow tired of my colorful stories feel free to use kisses as a method to shut me up anytime!

Reine: I’ll… keep that in mind.

Zevran: Oh? Is that a promise? Because now the anticipation is going to kill me, thank you very much for that!


Dragon Age OC Ask Meme, the sequel.

Send me a material + a character and I will answer the question associated with it!

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Silk :: Does your character have something or some kind of hobby that’s completely frivolous but they keep anyway out of pure enjoyment? What is it?

Blue Vitrol :: If your character has to impress a complete stranger, how will they go about doing it?

Deepstalker Hide :: If your character stands in total darkness and lets their imagination run wild, what do they see, how do they feel, what do they fear?

Dragonbone :: What will those who fear your character have to say about them, and to whom will they express their opinions?

Bronto Hide :: What is the single stupidest, most bullheaded, “milord no; MILORD YES” thing your character had ever done up till now?

Obsidian :: In their moment of darkest selfishness, what was it that your character thought about? To whom was their resentment or otherwise negative feelings directed?

Quillback Leather :: What is something your character’s closest people find extremely annoying about them?

Stormheart :: How close does someone have to be to your character in order to tell that they are hiding something at a glance?

Dragon Scale :: In what ways do your character inspire those who depend on or follow them?

Serault Infused Glass :: If somebody wants to court your character, what three gifts and/or deed must they obtain in order to woo them?

Royale Sea Silk :: What are the three strongest, most honest, most flattering adjectives one can use to physically describe your character?

Dragon Age Asks: Warden + Companions

(Note: Many companions in Dragon Age: Origins can be killed, never interacted with or have their attempt for recruitment rejected by the Warden, thus if your Warden never encountered some companions, make sure to specify that in the tags!)

1. How did your Warden react to Zevran’s failed attempt on their life? Were they amused? Angry?
2. Did your Warden match Zevran’s lighthearted attitude or were they more serious? What sort of relationship did they have?
3. What did your Warden know of the Crows before meeting Zevran? What did they think of the Crows afterward?
4. Did Zevran betray your Warden? How did they feel in the aftermath of Zevran’s decision?
5. How well did your Warden keep in contact with Zevran after the Blight? Did they ever see him again?

1. What sort of attachment did your Warden form with Alistair, if any at all? Were they close due to their shared experiences as Grey Wardens?
2. Did Alistair’s parentage surprise your Warden? How did your Warden’s feelings on the nobility affect their relationship with Alistair?
3. Was Alistair reunited with his sister, Goldanna? What did your Warden think of her? Did they relate to Alistair with their own familial struggles?
4. How did your Warden respond to Alistair’s dislike of Loghain? Did they share Alistair’s sentiments or disagree?
5. What became of Alistair after the Landsmeet? How did your Warden feel about their decision of Alistair’s future?

1. What did your Warden think of Wynne’s views on the Circle? Did they have different experiences regarding the Circle?
2. How did your Warden respond to Wynne’s comments if your Warden romanced someone? Did they tell her it was love or that the relationship was purely physical? 
3. How did your Warden feel about the Spirit of Faith within Wynne? Did they see it as possession?
4. Did your Warden go with Wynne to meet Aneirin, her one-time apprentice? What did they think of the encounter?
5. What did Wynne choose to do after the Blight was ended? Did your Warden  stay in touch with her?

1. What was your Warden’s position on the Chantry? Were they wary of Leliana due to their religious beliefs or lack thereof?
2. Was your Warden curious about bards? If they had the opportunity, would they choose to become one?
3. If your Warden received Leliana’s personal quest, what did they choose to do with Marjolaine and why?
4. Did your Warden believe that Leliana was telling the truth about her vision from the Maker or were they skeptical? 
5. How well did your Warden get along with Leliana? What was their relationship like?

1. Had your Warden ever met a Qunari before Sten? What did they expect?
2. What did your Warden think of Sten’s beliefs that people’s roles are determined at birth? Did they agree?
3. Did your Warden retrieve Sten’s sword? Did your Warden’s choice to give it to him or withhold it affect their relationship with Sten at all?
4. How did your Warden speak to Sten? Did they fight with him often or were they more humorous in their responses?
5. Was your Warden amused by Sten’s love of cookies?

1. What did your Warden think of Orzammer? Were they impressed or did they become disillusioned with the city, like Oghren did?
2. What were your Warden’s feelings on berserkers? Were they frightened of them? Were they a berserker themselves?
3. What was the fate of Branka? If she was killed, was your Warden regretful? How did they act around Oghren afterwards?
4. What was the relationship between your Warden and Oghren? Were they friendly or merely reluctant companions?
5. Did your Warden stay on good terms with Oghren after the Blight? If Oghren got back together with Felsi, did your Warden ever go to meet Oghren’s child, who was named after the Warden?

1. What was your Warden’s first impression of Morrigan? Did they trust her or were they cautious around her?
2. Did your Warden agree to help Morrigan kill Flemeth? Why or why not?
3. How close was your Warden to Morrigan? Did your Warden respect her abilities as a witch of the wilds?
4. Did your Warden attempt to find Morrigan after the Blight? Did they ever succeed in meeting her again?
5. Was Morrigan’s ritual completed? What persuaded your Warden to go through with it or what caused them to refuse it?

1. Did your Warden respect Loghain’s experience as a warrior, if not as a ruler?
2. How did your Warden react to Loghain’s fierce love for his daughter? Did they share a strong sense of loyalty to their own family?
3. What did your Warden think of Loghain’s suspicion and dislike of Orlesians? Did they consider it to be ill-founded or accurate? 
4. What was your Warden’s opinion on Loghain’s decision to abandon King Cailan and the Grey Wardens at Ostagar? What did they think of Loghain afterwards?
5. Did Loghain survive the Landsmeet? If he did, why did your Warden choose to let him live?

Shale (N/A if The Stone Prisoner DLC was not played)
1. Was your Warden interested in golems upon meeting Shale? Did they think of golems as weapons or sentient beings?
2. Did the realization that Shale was once a living dwarf surprise your Warden? How did that change their views on golems?
3. Did your Warden aid Branka or Caridin? Did their choice affect their relationship with Shale?
4. How did your Warden’s relationship with Shale change during the Blight? Was their relationship maintained after the Blight?
5. What did your Warden make of Shale’s “bird issues”?

1. Who’s a good boy?!

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Shall we dance?

Maybe Zevran is not so confident (only because of his lack of expirience) when it come to skating, but he definitely is the best dance partner Reine has had for the last few years.

ravenshadows08  asked:

"I know it's 3am in the morning but I can't find my cat" (Anders from Awakening, HOF)

She’s always been a deep sleeper. She was always told it would get her killed. Tonight, she snaps awake, eyes open, searching for what woke her. She hears it in the hallway, heavy footsteps, a whispering that’s growing louder with an occasional yell of, “Pounce!” She slips from her bed, feet on cold stone, moving towards the door. She presses her hear against wood, and again “Pounce!”

She pulls open her door, crossing her arms. Anders looks up, eyes wide, wearing an old sweatshirt, holding up pants that are much too large for his frame. “What. Are. You. Doing?” She hisses in a whisper.

“I lost my cat,” he sheepishly admits. She sighs, rubs her face. Part of her thinks she should ignore it, and just go back to bed.

“Didn’t I tell you to keep him in your room?” The other part of her is half amused, looking at the way Anders is desperately holding onto his pants with one hand, crouched down, a cat toy in his other hand. He looks positively crushed that she would question as to why Pounce would be out of his room.

“He wanted to explore!”

“For the love of… If the others find him…”

“Why do you think I’m up?”

Commander of the Grey, Warden-Commander, Arlessa of Amaranthine, Hero of Ferelden, is on her knees, clicking her tongue, cat treats in her hand, crawling through her own castle. Anders is running around with her, peering into every nook and cranny, looking for any trace of the wayward and noble Ser Pounce-a-lot.

It’s she who finds him first, nestled in a chair, purring when he sees her. “Naughty kitty,” she says as she picks him up in her arms, scratches beneath his chin.

“Pounce!” Anders stretches out his arms in celebration, grabs at his pants quickly to hold them up. She’s all too happy to pass the cat into his arms, listening to him as he purrs at Pounce. “Of course you went to her first, you like her don’t you, yes you do, I like her too,” he coos.

Her hands play with the ends of her shirt, one foot rubbing awkwardly at her leg as her face heats. “I’m going back to bed,” she says, beginning to walk off.

“Wait!” When she turns, there’s a pink nose in her face. “You need your kisses first.” Anders holds out Pounce, practically rubs his face on hers. “Okay, you’re good now. Goodnight!” Anders beams at her, practically skipping off, the cat in his arms.


You are drowning in the sorrow of a billion opinions
Nobody can hear you
Nobody can hear you
This is psychosis
This is psychosis
This is the jigsaw blown apart

You are the ghost of Utopia
You’re the conquered stars, the divided hearts
You are the ghost of Utopia
You’re the miracle of America

((So the entire IAMX album “Volatile Times” fits Warden perfectly and I might just draw pieces for each and every song as time goes by :0))

anonymous asked:

hello do you know if the warden commander from origins/awakening being replaced is canon or not? hardly anybody talks about it, but the wikia says "By 9:41 Dragon, it is revealed that the Warden-Commander has been replaced by a new Commander of the Grey" and stating last flight as its source - but i never thought that when reading it? even during inquisition, the warden refers to themselves as warden commander in their letter still. i'm confused

The Last Flight actually follows Bioware’s canon, because you can’t really write a book series based on EVERY choice for everyone’s game.

In Bioware’s canon, Female Mahariel makes the Ultimate Sacrifice (killing herself as she kills the Archdemon) and thus never makes it as Warden Commander in Dragon Age Awakening. The Orlesian Warden (idk which Bioware uses) replaces Duncan, who was the Warden Commander of the South before his death.

Wikipedia does have a disclaimer for it following Bioware canon, but it’s easy to miss (I missed it too at first [: ) and under the Spoiler Hide.

So yeah, if your Warden from Origins still exists they were never replaced. If the Warden made the sacrifice, like in Last Flight/Bioware’s Canon, then Duncan was replaced by the Orlesian Warden.


You said you knew what was wrong with me. Prove it.