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❤️ :3

You’re really sweet and you always message me to talk about things, whether it be what’s going on in your life or to shout with me about something, and I always appreciate that! It’s fun to hear what’s going on with you! Your art is super cute and I love the world you’ve created with your OCs, they’re all adorable. I can’t even remember when we started being friends but I treasure you a lot and I’m really glad you’re around! I love getting asks from you too!


Welcome to my Masterlist, I hope this works - as this is supposed to be a mobile and web master list - let me know if you face any problems. It is also not completed yet because I have too many posts to add all int ne space of time, so I’ll be adding the rest of my requests to this when I can. I will also add new ones to it whenever I write new requests.

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Michael is in the kitchen cooking breakfast when he receives a text from Jeremy saying “I miss you so much :’(”

Michael fondly rolls his eyes and answers with “Get out of bed and come downstairs and you won’t miss me anymore”

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- [ ] How would shima, bon, and rin react to a very clingy and affectionate s/o

  • Shima would probably moan to his friends
  • But he’s actually showing off
  • Pretends his s/o is “too clingy” but actually loves it
  • They all know this too so kinda ignore him
  • (Konekomaru is jealous)

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  • Bon really loves all the affection
  • But worries he can’t make enough time for his so
  • He’s always busy with missions so can’t text much during the day
  • Makes sure to treat his s/o when he can see them
  • So they know he cares
  • Rin is practically more clingy than his s/o
  • Always wants attention
  • Calls them every night to ask about their day
  • Sends them homemade bakes and sweets
  • Gets sad and whiney whenever they have to leave

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((Hi! This is a question for the mod, how do you go through the process of drawing an answer? Like, can we see step by step how you do it? Also I love your art so much and I love this blog! Ty!))

((Hiya! And omg of course I’ll be happy to show you!

So first I start off with a really rough sketch of what I want to do c:
I’ll use the art from the ask I just answered lol

Lots of scribbling. XD

Then I reduce the opacity and do lineart over the sketch layer (with minor modifications as I see fit)

Hide the sketch layer, thicken the lines…

Then I fill in the lineart with one color by using the magic wand tool then inverting and paint bucketing two separate color layers underneath the lineart…like so!

And then I magic wand tool inside the lineart and paintbucket some more to get the base colors down. Also clipping groups rock.

Next I go in and do some simple shading with overlay layers c: And extra details (eyes, stripes, glowing, scars, etc.)

After that is a background! For this one I just used a simple paper texture background off of google lololol
I also go in and add overlays and other screen color effects to make it look nice n pretty. I extended the canvas a little to make room for the text bubbles

And then after that I put a white outer glow around them and added text bubbles!

Lastly I fix any errors I see, add extra details if needed (like highlights), bring it into Photoshop and add text. And then post!

So yeah it’s a pretty lengthy process, usually takes around an hour or two depending on how many panels I’m doing! But yes, that is the whole process I go through when I answer asks! ^^))


*Obtained new gear! Equip now?
——> YES


Michael looks good in Koah’s clothes…rEALLY GOOD…

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We can still make normal request right? If so... ---- How would the Exwires, Yukio, Shura and Mephy react, if during a fight with a demon, Rin is cursed, and turns completely into a girl? (please please please include how Rin would react too <3)

Of course, requests are always open! And this is so cute!!! 

  • Rin would be SUCH  a goof
  • Awkward laughter even if its not appropriate to laugh
  • BOOBIES.jpg
  • But also would wreck that demon bc that’s what my baby does

Originally posted by dragneel-heartfilia

  • Shiemi would be reassuring him from afar
  • “Don’t panic Rin, Nee will fix you right up!”
  • But for non-shippers, lets be real, he’d probably tease the hell out of him
  • But also wreck the demon because he’s badass
  • Koneko would just ignore all the kerfuffle
  • Carries on chanting
  • Renzou would tease him like crazy
  • Also probably hit on him to piss him off
  • Struggling to breathe from laughing so hard
  • Izumo is just yelling at everyone to concentrate 
  • Trying to complete the mission
  • But also finds it hilarious
  • Yukio would insist it was Rin’s own fault
  • Sighing and telling him to get on with it
  • Probably thinking about how he has a better chance with Shiemi if Rin is stuck as a girl
  • Probably full on laughing at him
  • Chucks him a beer at the end of the fight
  • “You look like you could do with this, Okumura-chan”

Originally posted by shizukku

  • Mephisto is laughing from his armchair
  • “What an interesting development”
  • Literally does nothing to help

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The Incenerated color palette seems pretty fitting for dipper imo

I don’t know if this was simply a comment or an actual request but I went ahead and did it anyway hehe

Ahhh man it’s been so long since I’ve drawn anything from GF;; feels nice uwu

((Hey gang! I’m working on some asks right now but I wanted to announce that me and a couple of friends are in the process of making a new BMC ask blog that is a Peculiar Children Steampunk AU–so based off of Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children set in a Steampunk universe. All the kids are “peculiars” and have special powers, and the squip takes care of them all! It’s gonna be really fun °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°

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what would happen if the exwires were all playing mario kart together? who would win?

Rin would be the kinda guy to play as Bowser. He’s not the best at Mario Kart, but he’s really determined to beat the shit out of everyone. He wants that first place gold. Don’t underestimate his ability to troll when he’s falling behind; he’ll get three red shells and purposely hang back to successfully throw all three at one specific person.

Bon has terrible virtual road rage. The second someone tries to pass him it’s game on, even if he’s in like 11th place. Hell no he’s not going to be in last. Probably plays as Funky Kong, but not for any particular reason. He uses small, petty things as excuses to destroy his friends honestly. As the game progresses his voice gets periodically louder until he’s screaming.

Honestly, Shima doesn’t care much when he loses. Sometimes he’ll even get bored and start going around the track backwards. He just doesn’t care.. though, if he really wants to win, he’ll play dirty to get to first place without much of a second thought. Bon has tried to hit him more than once. Probably plays as Toadette because she’s cute.

While he knows what the point of the game is, Konekomaru tries to play fairly and usually ends up in the back of the group when he does this. He doesn’t mind, though, he’s having fun with his friends and that’s what matters to him. Rin thinks he’s cool for being so fair about it. Plays as Toad regularly or Yoshi.

Izumo blows them off and acts like she doesn’t want to play, but if they pester her to she’ll pick up a controller and pretend like she’s being forced to play. Truth is, she actually finds the game fun. She’s pretty skilled at the game and comes in first, second or third pretty frequently. Plays as Birdo or King Boo.

Although she’s never played video games before, Shiemi picks Mario Kart up pretty easily. As she learns how to play through a few rounds with Rin, she manages to beat him a few times. She’s pretty mellow about everything, even if she goes from first to last. Likes Peach and Rosalina the best, but also really likes Waluigi because she thinks he’s funny looking.

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How would the exwire boys + yukio react if their s/o took them lingerie shopping them

  • Bon is a total gentleman
  • Insists that he buys anything they want
  • Nervously pulls out items that he thinks they might like
  • “This would look really good on you”
  • Renzo is practically drooling
  • Finds the most revealing items he can 
  • Thrusts them into his s/os hands 
  • Asks if he can come into the changing cubicle with them
  • To “help”
  • Koneko is a bit overwhelmed
  • Probably goes quiet
  • Just follows his s/o around
  • Can’t wait to leave and go to a bookstore
  • Rin is just messing around
  • Probably wearing a bra on his head
  • Totally shy when his s/o pulls out a sexy outfit
  • “Th-that’s nice”
  • Very patient even if it’s taking hours
  • Brought packed lunches for them both
  • Yukio is a little embarrassed
  • But would never admit
  • Acts as their personal shopper
  • Carries everything for them

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I just read the rules!~ Thank you for making them. Can I ask what happens on movie night? Does Saeran choose a scary movie? Does Saeyoung hog the blanket?! WHAT GOES DOWN?! :D

Saeran: Saeyoung always picks chick flicks. Every time.

Saeyoung: What?! They’re good!

Saeran: I usually go for horror films, yeah. But Saeyoung can never go to sleep after watching them, so he keeps me up all night.

Saeyoung: Th…the doll is scary! What if it sneaks into our house?

Saeran: You have seven layers of security, you idiot! Who would be stupid enough to try and break in here anyway?!

Saeyoung: (´;д ;`)

Saeran: Anyway. He does hog the blanket. And he throws popcorn at me. And he always predicts the ending and spoils it for me. Really, he is the worst person to watch a movie with.

Saeyoung: It’s more fun that way!

Saeran: No, it’s not! I hate it when you spoil the ending, even though I usually can guess the same thing! It’s just worse when someone says it out loud!

Saeyoung: Boo. You’re no fun.

Saeran: You’re too much fun. Maybe I should duct tape your mouth next time we watch something so I can actually enjoy the movie for once.

((Thank you for reading them omg!! It makes it so much easier on me when everyone knows what’s going on, thank you :D))

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Can I get some reactions of Ryuji, Rin, Renzo, and Yukio of their s/o being late coming home from a mission then coming back injured? Thank you and I love your blog!

Of course! Aw thank you so much lovely, I’m so glad!

  • Ryuji starts getting really stressed
  • Won’t talk to anyone
  • Angry outbursts because he’s so worried
  • Wants everyone to leave him alone
  • As soon as he sees them injured he runs over as fast as he can
  • Picks them up if they can’t walk
  • Brushes their hair back from their face
  • Tells them he’s gonna kill whoever or whatever is responsible
  • Rin literally can’t stand still
  • Tries to run back and look for them
  • Yells at Shura and Yukio when they make him stay with the group
  • Keeps having flashbacks to Shiro
  • Anxious flame ourbursts
  • He starts nervously petting Kuro
  • As soon as he sees them he pushes past everyone to go see them
  • Starts crying
  • Cups their face and tells them everything is going to be okay
  • Renzo feels helpless
  • Wishes he had insisted on staying with them
  • Keeps asking everyone if they have seen them
  • Puts his head in his hands
  • A bit frozen with fear
  • Doesn’t know what to do when he first sees them
  • Then starts fussing over them
  • “Do you need another pillow? Are these sheets okay? Do you want another lamp? EVERYONE SHUT UP THEY NEED QUIET”
  • Tells you how much you mean to him
  • Yukio acts calm but is freaking out internally
  • Keeps busy by attending to everyone
  • Checks everyone else is back on time and is okay
  • Keeps checking his watch
  • As soon as he sees them he asks everyone to leave
  • Insists on attending to all their injuries himself
  • Is very slow and gentle
  • Keeps giving them worried glances
  • Kisses them on the cheek
  • Watches them while they sleep

Writing this made me so emotional hahaha I love all my babies ;-;