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Vio and Shadow

The ship is my: OTP.  My first real ship, the ship I will go down with.  There’s a reason my tag for them is #first and forever otp

I consider this ship’s feelings: Mutual | Mixed | Strange | Awkward | Platonic | Sibling-like | One-sided | They don’t really like each other |

I’d consider the relationship: Healthy | Awkward | Abusive | Doesn’t work properly | They’d never get together |

Like icecreamcadetjay said about the same couple, this is mostly an extrapolation of what their relationship would be like after the events of the manga, after they’ve grown and matured some.  Because obviously their relationship wasn’t healthy during the Fire Temple time period - Vio was lying through his teeth and plotting against Shadow, and Shadow was, well, trying to take over the world - but AUs where they meet again after the end of the manga, have a chance to forgive and grow and rebuild trust… those are really important to me.

Children: No | Yes | They’d think about it

Like I mentioned in the last one, I think Vio would be somewhat unsure about the idea of kids.  Shadow, when he’s an adult, would probably kind of want to raise a kid, but also kind of secretly doubt himself and his ability as a parent.

Whether or not they adopted kids of their own, though, they’d be totally awesome basically-uncles to any kids Green, Red, or Blue might have.  Shadow’d probably spoil his nieces and nephews rotten.  The others just have to accept that whenever Vio and Shadow babysit, the kid’s going to end up with an expanded vocabulary - it’s just a toss-up over whether the new words will be complicated and academic (Vio) or foul-mouthed (Shadow).

General Opinion:

These two mean so much to me.  It’s hard to even articulate why, I just…

[Um… warning, from here on out it’s mostly stream-of-consciousness gushing.  My apologies.]

They’re such good compliments of each other - like the way Shadow’s main motivation is frustration about not being acknowledged or seen, and Vio is frustrated at his teammates for not understanding or listening to him.

I’ve mentioned before on my art blog that I headcanon them both as asexual, and I wrote a bit about my feelings on the subject there, but… the thought of Shadow not being sexually attracted to people and not knowing why, and probably figuring it was just another thing that made him different, wrong, broken, but then meeting Vio and learning that not only are there other people like him, but Vio is like him, too, and ace ships are really important to me okay

Shadow’s such a lovestruck puppy around Vio, it’s adorable.  I actually counted once - in terms of panels of sustained, affectionate, physical contact, Shadow is the cuddliest Link - even more so than Red.  (This may be because Shadow’s most frequent target (Vio) doesn’t push him away, while Red’s (Blue) does, but still, they’d be neck-and-neck regardless.)

And for Vio’s part, I think he’s really glad to have someone to talk to, someone who will listen, someone who can and will follow his thought processes.  Shadow may not be book-smart, but he is cleverI’ve got a sketch of them in… one of my various sketchbooks, IDK which one, captioned with “finally, someone who speaks English.”  Y’know, the quote from the Avengers movie?  Because I think that’s kind of the way Vio feels about Shadow.  They make a really good team, and Hyrule’s lucky Vio never turned evil for real, ‘cause the two of them would have been ruling the kingdom in no time if he had.

Basically these two dorks have taken over my life and I can’t go an hour without thinking about this manga and if anyone asks, I’ll be lying on the ground in a puddle of feels.

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((Hey, Do you think Vio would play an instrument? Something like a violin or maybe an ocarina because he would read about the hero of time and wanted to try it out?))

Good point about the ocarina!  I could definitely see Vio and also probably Green doing that.  Hm… the way I think it would go is that Vio would be decent at it fairly quickly, but stop practicing so much and move on to something else after he’d figured it out, whereas Green would struggle more initially but he’d be really dedicated and practice often and eventually get really really good at it.

As far as violin… I may be biased as I played violin myself as a kid, but I like the idea!

A thought – and I don’t actually imagine this happening in the canon ‘verse, because I don’t headcanon canonverse!Shadow knowing how to play any instruments – but imagine Vio and Shadow having a fiddle duel, à la “The Faerie Queen” or “Devil Went Down to Georgia.”  Or doing their own version of Lindsey Stirling’s “Shadows,” no video editing needed!

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I like how you draw the Link's all with different little details to them- the wraps on Blue's hands, Vio's bracers, Green's freckles, and those loop things on Shadow's belt. (What are those for? :O) yeah tho your recent series of FS drawings was wonderful and spot on- you did a hella job :D

Aaaaw, thank you!

I was hoping someone would ask about Shadow’s belt loops!  I borrowed the idea from the Temeraire series of novels, actually.  You know how Shadow rides a dragon in the manga?  The belt loops are there to attach carabiner straps to, which latch onto the dragon’s harness and keep him from falling off.  Honestly, any normal human or Hylian attempting to fly dragonback probably ought to wear a full climbing harness, but Shadow’s got his gravity-defying powers to protect him in case he does fall, so a belt is enough.

All his belts have the extra loops, but he usually only wears the carabiner straps if he’s actually going flying.  (They make him look like he’s bought into that fashion trend of wearing an excessive number of belts :P)