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I'm sorry to be a bother, but I recently went through a bad breakup (I was cheated on) and I could really really use some cheering up. I'd appreciate help from any of you wonderful people.

Honey:  *chin wobble* That’s mean!  I can’t believe someone would do that to you!

Mori:  Or anyone for that matter.  

Tamaki: Oh Princess, fret no more!  Here at the Host Club we offer sanctuary to anyone in need!  Here’s my hanky, go ahead and dry your tears. *Hands guest a hanky even though his own eyes begin to water*

Twins:  Hey boss, I think we oughta teach this jerk some manners.  

Kyoya: As thoughtful as your suggestion may be, this is really a matter that needs to be handled discreetly.  And we need to keep our hands clean from any impending lawsuits.

Honey:  I think this jerk just needs to remember… I’ve killed intimidated before.  So has Takashi.  

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Mori:  Mhm.  

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Tamaki: That’s it, lads!  We’ll fight like gentlemen and settle this with a duel!  

Guest:  Wha…?

Tamaki: *throws glove*  AT DAWN WE FIGHT!  

Haruhi:  Ignore those losers.  They mean well but can honestly get a little carried away.  I think what they’re trying to say is that you’re worth too much to be with a person who disrespects you.  Remember that you are valuable and deserve much better, and if being single for a while is the only way to stay true to your shine, then that’s perfectly acceptable.  

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RK characters as tumblr bloggers

let’s talk about what their blogs would be like.

Kenshin: made a blog because Kaoru forced him to, has the generic starter theme with no icon or header image and one text post which reads, “Hi. :) I’m new. I will try to update regularly.”

Kaoru: has a blog with a gorgeous theme, carefully tags every single post, reblogs fandom and sj things, recs her fave ff, posts selfies, wants you to have a good day every day, gets anons asking for advice about love and life, everyone calls her their mom

Yahiko: runs a gaming blog, loves filming minecraft tutorials, has a weekly “let’s play…” show on yt, trying hard to make a name for himself but isn’t hugely popular…….yet

Megumi: runs a beauty blog with makeup tutorials, has anon turned off, got internet famous and has her own line of beauty products named after her

Sano: has the generic starter theme, reblogs everything under the sun but mostly memes and porn, tags absolutely nothing, @’s Katsu in every single ask game, vague blogs about his friends, complains openly about Saito, gets anon hate and laughs at it, once sent an ask to Kaoru like, “how do u kno if teh person u likeactually likes u back????” and forgot to go on anon

Saito: appears to have one main account with a plain custom theme, barely updates but will reblog sj and news posts, sometimes reblogs pictures of wolves, keeps his askbox closed, never reveals his age, likes every negative post Sano writes about him. actually runs multiple accounts under different email addresses to mess with everyone

Katsu: runs a super popular art blog, lives on fanart commissions, his most popular art post is a painting of Hiko that was commissioned by the man himself, ignores Sano every time he tags him in something

Hiko: has an elaborate theme with his selfies plastered all over it, posts selfies all day on his blog and instagram, has hundreds of thousands of followers, expects the anon love he receives but is extremely salty over anon hate (eyes emoji @ saito)

Cho: straight up 420 blog, sends Sano hate off anon. runs a secondary anime blog claiming to be a different identity, absolutely writes self-insert ff, accidentally reblogs things to the wrong blog and doesn’t notice until it’s too late, everyone knows about his secondary blog lol

Misao: runs multiple blogs with bright and elaborate themes: an aesthetic blog, a jpop blog, a general anime blog, and a personal blog where she reblogs literally everything from Aoshi. Writes ff, tags Aoshi too many times, gets really REALLY pissed off when “anons” (*coughcough*) claim they’re the one who loves Aoshi most

Aoshi: has the darkest theme that ever themed with emo music you can’t turn off, posts links to more emo music from old bands, reblogs fashion and ridiculous memes, has an activity feed filled with Misao’s url, turned his askbox off completely (wonder why)

Yumi: runs a super popular fashion blog, posts makeup tutorials and beauty hauls, makes hella money from promoing merch, posts selfies that get thousands of notes

Shishio: posts conspiracy theories and weird politics, hijacks posts to start arguments, tags hate

Haruhi Cannonically Sees Kyoyas Notebook

Let’s take a minute to talk about Ouran Anime-verse KyoHaru. There are lots of theorys and headcannons out there on the the contents of Kyoyas notebook and who finds out first. I just wanted to remind everyone of that one time Kyoya, cannonically, let Haruhi read over his shoulder and didn’t make a big deal about it. Kyoyas notebook, whatever you headcannon it contains, is important to him. And Kyoya very much values discretion and privacy when it comes to the things he deems important. In Volume 11 chapter 47 of the manga, Kyoya essentially asks Kaoru why he would be vulnerable in front of other people, when he has a small number of friends that he trusts to love him as he is. Kaoru, one of the more sagely hosts, doesn’t argue with him.
I don’t think that this level of trust is limited to the Anime universe, but I enjoy the mystery of such a short portrayal in the Anime verses the Manga. In the Manga, all the relationships are spelled out for us, but here we can have some fun filling in the blanks. Of course, we are all curious about what’s in Kyoya’s notebook, have been for some time, but I think it’s just as well that only the people he trusts most have a shot at seeing its contents. Just as it makes sense that Haruhi is curious about the notebook, it makes sense that Kyoya wouldn’t make a big deal about her seeing it.
I would like to point out though, that this is fittingly late in the season. At this point in the Anime, they have stood by eachother quietly talking for quite some time. Just two episodes after this, Kyoya tells her the story of how he met Tamaki and what his home life was like at the time (which is a whole other trust meta in itself). This bond built between Kyoya and the other Hosts took a long time to achieve, and everyone respects that.
Imagine the Host Club needing your help waking Kyoya up early

“What do we do?” Kaoru asked Tamaki. “If we wake him up he’ll kill us in cold blood!” his brother joined in.

“It wouldn’t be in cold blood, it would be in rage,” Tamaki corrected, before frantically running his hands through his hair.

“Why not just get Y/N to do it?” the three turned to where Haruhi stood. “They get along well with him, they could probably handle it.” 

Tamaki snapped his fingers. “Haruhi, you’re a genius! Hikaru, call Y/N!”


The boys, with the exception of Mori, shook in fear behind you. You rolled your eyes and made your way to the side of Kyoya’s bed.

“Kyoya,” you shook him by the shoulder. “Yo, Sauron, wake up.” He rolled over and gave you a look that probably would’ve killed you if looks had such power.

“You idiots. Who allowed you in he- Y/N?” he was clearly not expecting you to be what woke him up, and the cold attitude left him at the sight of you.

“That’s right. I’m an angel, so I’m giving you ten minutes to get dressed,” you threw some clothes onto the bed as he sat up. “Up and at ‘em, Kyoya.” And with that you walked out of the room, leaving the rest of the Host Club staring at you in awe. 

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•Haruhi: She would be so laid back. She would laugh and giggle at everything that happened, even if it wasn’t particularly that funny. I think she would be a hoot to be around.

•Tamaki: he would be worse than he already is. This queen would be 10x more flamboyant than usual and I’m pretty sure he would be the drunk that would put on music and start singing like he’s god damn Freddie Mercury.

•Kyouya: He’d still have a stick up his arse.

•Hikaru: Whoever gave him alcohol is a terrible person because he would literally be a party animal when he’s intoxicated.

•Kaoru: Same with this one. The two of them intoxicated together would be like summoning the forces of evil to conjure the end to Eastern and Western civilisation.

•Mori: He would be talkative! Not too much, but he would be carrying out conversations and laughing, occasional putting his hands over his face and shaking his head and saying “I can’t believe I’m drunk”

•Hani: He would become hella pensive and just sit and start asking everyone about the meaning of the universe. He’d probably be really in tune with his instincts and do some crazy judo shit like chop a fly in half.

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HC of getting pranked by their gfs for: Sanada, Kaidoh, Yukimura, Fuji S., Tezuka! Thank you so much!

I wasn’t really sure what to write, but I hope you like it, nonetheless. xxx


  • it’s pretty easy to prank him
  • yells around a lot when he gets pranked and the whole tennis team loves to help you with your pranks – especially Niou
  • after getting pranked Sanada would always try to scold you, but he never does it seriously, so you just smile while listening to his rant
  • never pranks back


  • he’s even easier to prank than Sanada
  • Kaidoh always falls for the same things, so you don’t even have to be good at pranking
  • only glares at you when you prank him again
  • tried to prank you once, but he almost made you cry with his prank – he felt so bad, so doesn’t dare to do it again


  • it’s almost impossible to prank him because he always seems to know exactly what you are planning 
  • always looks at you with a gentle smile whenever you try and fail to prank him again
  • when you finally manage to actually prank him his smile is so soft and gentle it’s scary
  • Yukimura pranks back and believe me, you won’t prank him again afterwards

Fuji S.:

  • it’s almost as hard to prank him as it’s to prank Yukimura
  • Fuji actually congratulated you when you finally managed to prank him
  • he’s great at pranking and if you prank him once he pranks back at least twice
  • after you managed to prank him he allowed you to help him prank Yuuta


  • it’s not easy to prank him because most things just don’t faze him
  • his reaction to pranks is so calm it’s no fun
  • Tezuka would just look at you disapprovingly after you pranked him and you’ll end up apologizing like a little girl
  • Inui monitors all your pranking attempts because according to him it’s important data


•Tamaki: He would absolutely scream in horror and would be hella close to fainting on the spot. He’s such a pansy that he would probably gently hit your hand to reprimand you and beg you to never say such ghastly things.

•Haruhi: She would be cool about it because she herself curses. She doesn’t do it that often, and depending on the situation, she might even laugh.

•Kyouya: He would be amused by it and gently lift your chin with his curled index finger and make a tutting sound, leaning down to kiss your lips. “Don’t say such ugly things.” He would purr, and you’d probably end up doing it again just for another kiss.

•Hikaru: He would think it was rad as hell. He would be surprised but then he would tease you about it and call you naughty until he convinced you to do things your mother wouldn’t allow you to even speak about.

•Kaoru: He would stare at you in surprise and then tease you about it and ask you to say it again to try to start something like his brother would.

•Hani: He would be so cute! He’d take your hands in his and kiss your cheek. “You shouldn’t say that, (Y/N)-chan!”

•Mori: This hunk of man would look down at you and probably laugh quietly, holding you hand before leaning down and twirling with you in his arms. “That was a bad word.” He would point out in that ultra-deep-sexy voice of his.

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Could you write something about Kaidoh, Ryoma, Kirihara, and Eiji's s/o giving them the silent treatment because of an argument earlier that day and the guys become desperate after a couple of days of silence from them? I love your writings!

Thank you, love! <3 I hope you like it.


You had an argument with Kaidoh about him training too much. You knew that he only tried to get better and you admired him for how hard he worked, but you could see that it was taking a toll on his body. You even heard Inui saying to Kaidoh, that he should take breaks more often, so it wasn’t like you were imagining things. Kaidoh, on the other hand, saw things different and snapped at you. Accusing you that you didn’t understand him. You were only worried about him and tried your best to support him so his words really upset you. Without saying another word you turned around and walked home.

The next day when Kaidoh came up to you at school you only glared at him and walked away. Kaidoh’s eyes widened and he could only stare after you. Maybe you didn’t hear him? During lunch he tried to talk to you again, but you ignored him once more. He awkwardly tapped your shoulder, but you didn’t even turn around. Slowly it occurred to him that you were giving him the silent treatment. Immediately he remembered what he said to you and just now realized how hurtful his words were. Later that day when you were already at home, watching your favorite tv show the doorbell rang. With a sigh you stood up to open the door. You were surprised to see Kaidoh standing in front of your door. He had his hands buried in his pockets and a small blush spread across his face when his eyes met yours “I-I came to apologize… I know you were only worried and you were right.” You know that it was a huge step for Kaidoh to come to your house and apologize, but you didn’t want to give in so fast, so you only tilted your head. With a nervous glance at your face he added, “A-And I though we could maybe… maybe go on a date tomorrow… No training at all. Fshuu~” A wide grin spread across your face and you pulled him in a hug “Sure! I want to see a movie.”


Ryomacould be stubborn as hell, but you could be too. It wasn’t even a big fight, but you were stressed and had tons of school things to do. Ryoma had stolen your lunch. Usually you made one for him as well, but you were just too busy to make him a bento and it was inconsiderate of him to take your lunch, assuming that you had made a second one. It wasn’t like you were obligated to make him one! You were giving him the silent treatment and Ryoma was stubborn enough to do the same. Ryoma’s resolve slowly crumbled, he missed you, your voice, your touch, your smile, everything about you, but you continued to ignore him.

You had to stay late at school to finish a project. When you left school you were surprised to see Ryoma leaning against the school wall, his cap pulled down, shadowing his eyes. It was already late and Ryoma should have finished training more than an hour ago. You wanted to walk past him, but Ryoma gently took hold of your wrist. You glared up at him, waiting for him to say something. Ryoma let out an audible sigh and suddenly his arm wrapped around your waist to pull you against his chest. You struggled for a bit, but soon let yourself sink into his hold. When he pulled back, he grumpily mumbled “I’m sorry (Name). I didn’t know you were so stressed…” he trailed off at the end and averted his eyes, trying to hide the small blush on his cheeks. You giggled, knowing that Ryoma meant it serious when he apologized “You are blushing, Ryo-kun!~” Ryoma frowned “No.” You grind “You are!~” Ryoma groaned and gently took hold of your hand, pulling you along with him “I’m buying you dinner and then I’m walking you home. Now stop talking, idiot.”


Kirihara had yelled at you when you asked him something while he was playing one of his games. Yelling was the only thing you hated and Kirihara knew it, but he didn’t even apologize and just continued playing his stupid game. You left his house and gave him the silent treatment since that day. At school Kirihara didn’t realize what you were doing at first and trailed after you like a lost puppy, constantly asking you questions and poking your side to get a reaction out of you. You only averted your eyes and walked into your classroom, leaving Kirihara behind. This went on for the rest of the day and the next day as well. Kirihara slowly started to freak out, still not getting why you were giving him the silent treatment and he started to fear that you would never talk to him again. It took a long talk with Yanagi for to Kirihara finally understand what was going on.

The next day he walked up to you before class. He hung his head, looking at you with big, sad eyes, making you want to hug him. You felt your resolve crumble and quickly turned your back to him. You felt a small tug on your sleeve and you slowly turned your head, meeting the pleading eyes of your boyfriend “I-I’m so sorry, (Name)!” When you didn’t say anything immediately his bottom lip started to tremble and a small grin tug on your lips. Kirihara quickly started to ramble on “I didn’t want to yell at you! I was so concentrated on my game I didn’t even realize it was you! I would do anything to make it up to you!” You had to laugh when you saw how panicked he was and you reached up to ruffle his hair “Okay, calm down. Just don’t do it again.” Kirihara’s eyes lit up and he threw his arms around your neck, shouting “Thank you, thank you so much!” Smiling you patted his head, waiting for him to calm down – he was just too adorable.


It was a silly fight. You were doing your homework, but Kirihara repeatedly threw wrappings at you. You told him to stop, but he only smirked and continued. It was so annoying and you had to finish your damn assignment. After some time you banned him from your room. The next day at school Kikumaru complained about you treating him so ’unfair’. That made you even angrier and you started the silent treatment. Only a few hours later Kikumaru was whining loudly, but when you continued to ignore him, he childishly crossed his arms, “If (Name) is ignoring me I’m ignoring (Name) too!” and stormed off. When you didn’t talk to him for the rest of the day and didn’t even write him a message like you usually did every night before you go to bed Kikumaru called Oishi. Oishi had to spend most of his night calming Kikumaru down and explain to him why he was the one at fault.

You stepped out of the house the next morning and Kikumaru was already standing in front of your door, shyly glancing at you through his lashes. You raised an eyebrow and waited for him to speak. He nervously shifted his weight before he suddenly tackled you into a hug. His locks were tickling your neck when he rubbed his cheek against yours “I’m sorry, nyaa! I’m not going to annoy (Name) next time, I promise! Oishi said a good boyfriend has to support his girl(boy)friend. I want to be the best boyfriend for (Name), so I made you a huge chocolate cake! We can eat it after school together! Don’t ignore me any longer, pleeeeease! I love (Name) so much!” With a small pout you hugged him back “Fine… I hope for you that the cake tastes good~” Excitedly Kikumaru bounced up and down “Yes! Let’s go to school together, so we can eat the cake soon, nyaa!~”