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0069 [TEXT] Oh, Senpai! How could I not know about what happened with the vials! I’m such a terrible kouhai, I shouldn’t even be here—

nah screw the grammar and anime shit. i don’t even think u know what a senpai is [MESSAGE DELETED]

0069 [TEXT] but hey uh, ive always wanted to tell you that i really admire you you know? its kinda corny and stuff but i think what you do is rly cool and inspirational. idk if thats a normal thing you get every day but

dghdsjdffdjdf [MESSAGE DELETED]

0069 [TEXT] sometimes science costs an arm and a leg — ok sorry that was probably triggering. but uh what i wanna say is that if you ever want some prosthetics or whatever i got a bunch. i may not look it but i’m actually p good at making em. then again theres that mechanic girl who fixed the meanie weenie robot the other day so shes probably a

better choice……. ugh [MESSAGE DELETED]

0069 *casually flips phone out the window* Heh heh not today motherhuggers…