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hey do you have any fic where stiles and Derek are the same age?

teen!derek tag

I Want To Say Yes, Sir by Wheresmymadmaninabox (1/1 | 8,872 | NC17)

“I’ve got a 17 year old boy in the back of my car and I’m running him up to the station.” His dad sighs.

“Oooo is he cute?” Stiles asks jokingly.

Stiles can practically hear his Dad’s eye roll. He can hear the Sheriff shift as he turns around to look at the boy in the back. “Hey my son wants to know if you’re cute.”

He hears the boy on the other end go after a second of hesitation, “I want to say yes, sir.”

His Dad just cracks up laughing.

This Quiet Torment by oblivions172 (7/12 | 42,754 | NC17)

Derek has had a crush on Stiles, a young omega who goes to his school since he first laid eyes on him. He has watched him continually come to school with bruises and flesh wounds delivered by his abusive father and all he’s ever wanted to do was help but Stiles never let him get close enough. Until, one night, Stiles ends up at Derek’s house, with more than a flesh wound and Derek will do everything in his power to protect him.

A Wolf and His Spark by AllTheseSquaresMakeACircle (4/? | 10,076 | PG13)

Derek knows he shouldn’t be in the woods alone at night. But he does it anyway. The wolf is always under the surface, begging to be free. Longing to run and sprint and hunt. He doesn’t expect to find someone in the woods. He didn’t expect them to smell so good. He also didn’t expect them to be dancing around little balls of light. It was unexpected, but not entirely unwelcome.

Don’t Hold Back by Inell (1/1 | 3,330 | NC17)

Derek and Stiles enjoy some parent-free alone time together.

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neurotypicals: i'm doing this to protect REAL MENTALLY ILL PEOPLE!! / nd person: [exists] / neurotypicals: WOW LOOKIT THEYRE SO EDGY MENTAL ILLNESS ISNT A JOKE [sticks head further up ass] AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA


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for some reason the kennith hating milk discourse is making me think the static pouring out of ur mouth in colorbars is actually kennith trying to drink milk and it tastes so gross he spits it out. that was my immediate first mental image i have no idea why it doesnt evebn makek sens


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Does that comic online course, looking at the prerequisites, mean it takes even high schoolers?? Or do I have to be in college, or is it seriously a free course for smthn like comics? I rarely find this stuff so my hopes are high ;;;

I think it’s for anyone, but I didn’t go through the “Enroll” process, so I can’t say for sure. I think you only need to be a college student for this if you want to get credits for taking it (which costs $300… which I honestly don’t recommend doing since 5 sessions is pretty measly for a semester’s credits). Definitely try to sign up, though!