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I really like the Daedalus class. Do you think a Daedalus would make a good "hero ship"?

Great question!

I love the Daedalus. But the Enterprise design was taken in a different direction early on, before the spherical prototype got the thorough design treatment she deserved. Therefore, Daedalus would need a bit more refinement before becoming a hero ship.  The below designs are three examples of great updates on the classic Daedalus shape:


Pacific 201:

Justin Flood:

More Daedalus-class ships

What do you think of Daedalus?

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Nice try Danielle but that's literally an insert of what's in the package. They do that with everything, it shows the product and the ingredients in it

that’s…… so funny skdbfkfjjg

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I feel like people forget that there are banks outside of the US. Even at that, I've had transactions flagged for similar reasons of being dodgy establishments. Which, I feel, is the important part of the story people keep skipping over. Banks /do/ have records for that sort of thing. It's not what you buy-- it's the amount and the location that's a tip off.

I know, right?! I’ve explained it before (so many times at this point), but essentially what happened was that my local supermarket was targeted by card fraudsters, meaning that the supermarket was marked down as an alarm bell by my bank. When I tried to buy the healthy ready meal, my bank was alerted to the fact that my card was being used at a shop which had been marked as a hotspot for card fraud, and the purchase was denied and my accounts were frozen as a preventative measure. It just happened to be the first time I’d bought a healthy ready meal instead of some grotesque preservative-filled concoction, so I thought it was funny. People on Tumblr care about very weird things.

I’M DONE WITH THIS POST, I JUST FINISHED MY MASTER’S DEGREE AND I WANT TO BE ABLE TO POST ABOUT OTHER THINGS but all my notifications are just ‘dis not tru’ and people are messaging me about it in varying degrees of rudeness and just??? go away????

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@ mod zoe: your reply to @starry-eyed-Lester was so cute 💙💙 you're such a lovely person !!!

Team Mom Friend to the rescue

Okay but seriously, sleep is exceedingly important, fic writing is hard, and as much as we all like a laugh here, we are desperately grateful for every fic writer.

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I haven't seen you post or say anything about what's going on with harry... how do you feel about this

i haven’t said anything because i don’t want to say anything but to be honest i’ve been seeing so much negativity and it’s really getting to me.

i’m not going to sit here and be mad at harry. yes, a lot what he said was very offensive and i was a bit put off. he’s a grown ass man and he should have known what he was saying was offensive but also as a straight man harry was probably raised in a very traditional house hold like i was. homosexuality was looked down on and bisexuality was nonexistent. back when he made the “lifestyle” comment it was clear that he lacked the knowledge of what lgbtq+ really means but let’s also think about what happened next, someone corrected him and he acknowledged that he was wrong. he corrected his mistake and i was forever grateful for that moment. 

so instead of us going back and forth and completely disregarding the fact that this man has been nothing but supportive of his character, let’s help educate him. 

a lot was said and i don’t know who exactly wrote that speech but let’s not justify who harry is because of it, let’s help educate him.


It might be a little difficult to marry all of you together, but there’s nothing impossible with all my love for you my dear followers~~ lololol
Seriously, all of your messages are so nice, you give me so much motivation! I’m honoured to have such followers ^^

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whatre your top ten bands/albums/whatever on your must listen//musical education opinion? ive been listening to the double dagger discog for 3 days straight so i value your opinon

not joking, just clapped and screamed “my boy”. i’ll just throw together some lists

Favorite artists:
Bomb the Music Industry!/Jeff Rosenstock
The Velvet Underground
The Brave Little Abacus
Cap’n Jazz
Double Dagger
Modest Mouse
Archers of Loaf
Godspeed You! Black Emperor
Lightning Bolt
Tom Waits
Boards of Canada
Algernon Cadwallader

Top 5 albums, no repeating artists (they’d all be bomb the music industry otherwise):
The Arrogant Sons of Bitches - Three Cheers for Disappointment (ska, don’t let that deter you)
Bomb the Music Industry! - Goodbye Cool World (chaotic, frantic punk with LOTS of ska and chiptune-synth layered around it, lofi in a digital way)
The Brave Little Abacus - just got back from the discomfort–we’re alright (’not emo’, vocals will take time getting used to but it’s worth it to get into it trust me, also lofi in a digital way)
The Velvet Underground - White Light/White Heat (accidental proto-noise rock, honestly idk how to explain it beyond “rock and roll” because it’s so much more than that but that’s pretty much it. listen to the last two tracks as loud as you can)
Cap’n Jazz - Analphabetapolothology (retrospective of the best emo/post hardcore band of all time

Bands/albums I’ve been listening to a lot:
Youth of Today (specifically Break Down the Walls/We’re Not In This Alone, essential youth crew)
Ceremony (everything cept their last album, powerviolence->hardcore->punk->post punk)
Future of the Left (weird jaggety “shout rock” (project that came from mclusky, who if you don’t know, listen, because they’re one of the best noise rock bands ever, they’re not that noisy. fotl is pretty much the same but more musically varied (i like fotl more, no one else shares this opinion)))
Pissed Jeans (everything, math rock)
Wu-Tang Clan - Enter the 36 Chambers (..duh)
Jeff Rosenstock - Worry. (new album, incredible)
Algernon Cadwallader - Fun (i listen to this all the time in the car cause it’s short, just listen to it)
Kudrow/Hard Girls - split

okay i’m gonna take a break here to say that Kudrow is better than damn near ANY punkened indie rock. I dont’ care that they only have 6 songs. they’re absolutely the best.

Ex-Breathers - Past Tense (modern mathy hardcore, the best)

here’s a top 50 album list that I made recently that I immediately regretted cause I think I fogo to put any LCD Soundsystem on it

also, listen to kraftwerk. everything.