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irina did you see how wonderfully flamboyant louis was today? it honest to god made me cry donnysoldier(.)tumblr(.)com/post/125319892199/



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Akashi Aomine Kagami Kise Takao Imayoshi Hanamiya tickling there gf to make them feel better after having a bad day and then they give them kisses all over them

AKASHI: The frown on your face had to disappear. He reached over towards you and began to wriggle his fingers on your stomach. Initially, you tried to resist but then Akashi began to pepper your face with soft kisses, teasing you by telling you to smile. In the end, you ended up bursting into laughter and attempting to escape his torturous fingers. “Come back, ____, let me make you feel all better.”

AOMINE: If there was anything he hated more than you pissed, it was you sulking. You sat at the corner of the couch, grumbling on about your day. You didn’t listen to anything he said. So, he sighed and placed you on his lap. At first you didn’t care much for it until you felt the tickles on your sides. You squealed and tried to escape his wrath but it was futile. However, you very much enjoyed the sloppy wet kisses he left on your neck.

HANAMIYA: “Oy, stop being all pissy. It’s pissing me off.” He poked your side again for the nth time that night and you slapped his hand away again. Rolling his eyes, he moved over closer to you. When you refused to look at him, he smirked and began tickling you all over. You shrieked and kicked him away but all he proceeded to do was to kiss up your legs, stomach, neck and finally lips. “Come on, I’ll fuck the bad day out of you.”

IMAYOSHI: At first, he thought that a little teasing would make it better but he realized that his efforts went unnoticed. He thought about it for a second before deciding on the method. The tickle method. When he started wiggling his fingers at you, you instantly tried to run away. Imayoshi’s tickles were deadly! You laughed and tried to push him off but he only held on to you while kissing you all over.

KAGAMI: He frowned when you first pushed his advances away, until you started grumbling on about your bad day about some bitchy person in your class. Kagami wondered what he could do and he went with the easiest solution that could always make people laugh — and scream. Once his fingers went at it, you started shrieking. Kagami laughed and kissed you instead. “Now there’s the smile I love.”

KISE: When you started sulking, Kise started sulking. But then he realized that there was no point to it if the two of you were sulking. He sighed and poked your sides repeatedly to catch your attention. “Look at me, ___-chi. Look at me.” He whined over and over then started kissing you. Instead of it making you happy, it only proved to irritate you. “Fine!” You groaned and cuddled into him. At least that distracted you.

TAKAO: Takao tried so many different ways to catch your attention and make you smile, either by doing some silly dances or by putting on your favorite comedy show. Nothing worked. Finally, he went to his last resort and started tickling you and balancing out the torture with sweet kisses on your face. You started laughing and tickling him instead. “Alright, I give! I give!” He grinned, knowing he had succeeded.

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do you know some people who know a lot about other not so popular mythologies on tumblr? like norse or south-america or china or something

Norse Mythology: 

Chinese / East Asian Mythology:

Philippine Mythology: 

Mesoamerican Mythology: 

fyeahmyths would be a great place to ask & check for all of these mythologies & other ‘less known’ ones. hope this has helped!

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Louis interacting with that piñata is probably the most idiotic thing that he could have done. There's no way that it wasn't created with racist undertones. I really hope someone talks with him behind the scenes. This isn't pretty :( He's opening himself up to a world of unpleasant press too, at the worst possible time.


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hi! i'm a new (italian) studyblr. i really like your blog! i wonder if you use different colours to highlight your notes... thanks! :)

Hello! Welcome to the community! I do use different colours to highlight. This is the colour coding system that I usually use:

  • Purple = study
  • Orange = theory
  • Blue = example
  • Grey = methodology
  • Red = evidence against / con
  • Green = evidence for / pro

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Do you know any poems about space or the stars? I'm trying to find something for s tattoo and it's one of my favorite subjects.

yes, of course! i hope this can help & good luck with the tattoo

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how do I have a very productive day when I'm so lazy??? I want to do my work but I'm unmotivated af and don't know how to be SUPER productive!1!1!11!11!1

So it sounds like your main issue is motivation. Check my motivation tag, and these reasons to study. You could also look at my productivity tag.

It’s also important to know that you won’t be productive every single day; everyone has down days and that’s okay.

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Wait- so dinosaurs might have bobbed and weaved their head like birds when they walk? Man dinosaurs as we know them just get more and more fascinating! (I like thinking of a Rex walking like a birb)

Yeah, the head bobbing in the video seems to indicate that the bobbing mechanism is not just for counterbalancing without a tail, as has been supposed in the past; it has been previously imagined that theropods with bony tails (such as all non-avians) wouldn’t have needed to bob their heads, as birds today do it to balance their wait as they walk. 

The bobbing style definitely changes, though, when the tail is added; indicating that the style was altered by the loss of the tail. 

Frankly, though, the reports I’ve seen on certain websites (here, for example) don’t seem to actually look into theropod anatomy; they focus solely on avian anatomy. Most reconstructions of theropod dinosaur movement have indicated that bobbing was a necessary consequence of the biomechanics of the head. 

There’s also the thought that bird head bobbing is also due to the fact that they have extremely constrained eye movement within their sockets; they definitely have to move their heads a lot more in order to see details around them (you can notice this when observing any bird, really). It really isn’t testable whether or not theropods had this problem; this feature evolved to remove most of the musculature around the eye that is necessary for extensive eye movement, which allowed for birds to grow larger brains. 

So, whether or not birds lost the eye musculature and then grew large brains, or started to grow larger brains and then had to lose the eye musculature to continue to do so, is a mystery. The smartest non-avian dinosaurs (like Troodon) were at least closest to avian intelligence range based solely on brain-to-body ratio (keep in mind that intelligence is complex and to evaluate animal intelligence solely on this in general is flawed; however, it is the size of the brain when compared to the animal’s skull that impacts eye musculature, and thus is what we are interested in here); so it’s possible that they had lost the eye musculature at least by Averaptora or Eumaniraptora, though its unsure why that would happen. Frankly, the loss of such a feature is not observable in fossil evidence.  

I doubt, if such eye movement evolved in non-avian dinosaurs rather than in birds, that it happened before Maniraptoriformes. Tyrannosaurus has some of the best vision in non-avian dinosaurs, and it was binocular and actually quite similar to humans in terms of eye position. I doubt the aid of easily-moved eyeballs - especially with a head as large as Tyrannosaurus’ - would have been given up, given their keen visual acuity and large visual sensory centers in the brain. As for Maniraptoriformes below Eumaniraptora (things like Ornithomimosaurs, Therizinosaurs, and Alvarezsaurs) had very small brain-to-body ratios; I would be very surprised if they needed to lose the musculature at this stage. 

So, head bobbing while movement is probably characteristic of all bipedal dinosaurs, at least of theropods; moving the head around in order to view surroundings, however, might not have been present in non-avians, and most likely did not evolve until Eumaniraptorans (which, I will remind everyone, is Dromaeosaurs, Troodontids, and of course, birds). 

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Prompt: (please!?) Dan and Phil used to date in university till a misunderstanding broke them up. Phil became a successful author using a pen name and Dan became a successful lawyer. Phil asks Dan to be his lawyer for a case against someone who's plagiarizing Phil's work. Author could choose how they broke up and where to go from there.

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it was not created with racist undertones actually the girl tweeted in response to this saying Walmart only had a monkey and Elsa

You stay the fuck away from any portrayal of brown and black people as monkeys, the racist history of that is so clear and so long. Then she exercised terrible judgment too.