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Since its getting colder out... Do they ever get cold? I think it would be adorable if Sans ever "borrowed" Papyrus's scarf without asking or Papyrus let him wear it if he was getting cold. ;w; (also your art is like the best and I love your face and stay awesome-)

yeah~actually it happens very often and boss always allow it XD

and also~thanks likesξ( ✿>◡❛)have a good day~buddy

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How popular is shinee in Korea and Internationally ? What about taemin, is he really popular?

I don’t want to extend myself a lot today (sorry lol), but basically in Korea SHINee are not forgotten at all, every time they do something the media and the critics praise them a lot, and of course SHINee World keeps being really strong there. It’s true that SHINee doesn’t get the spotlight as rookies do nowadays, but the general public and the media always recognize SHINee’s unique music, and lately we could see how many rookies expressed they admire SHINee and they follow their activities and releases. Internationally, you could have seen through concerts and events that SHINee is really powerful around the world. New generations of fans get to follow new groups because it’s easier to catch them up through social media and all, but I’ve seen fans of Kpop who got interested on it because of SHINee, and as an admin of this blog I can tell you lots of different fans (from other fandoms and different countries) come to check Taemin and SHINee stuff, because even if some people try to bring them down, it’s not a joke when we say SHINee is a legend 6v6.

About Taemin, I made a post about him these last days, read it here!

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I think it's pretty neat that Adam says out of all of the characters he has played he relates to Kylo Ren the most. I feel even more now that the character was modeled in some parts after him or with him in mind. The character is so layered and nuanced, I really doubt they will make him turn into a one-dimensional villain or kill him off. Also, the things he said about how Kylo desperately wanted family in his life etc. no coincidence that those same feelings are shared by Rey.

Yes, same. I just listened to the full interview and it’s really interesting. I love hearing Adam talk about acting and his career in general since he’s so intelligent and sensitive, but his comments on Kylo in particular were super encouraging and enlightening. It’s clear to me that he sees Kylo as a character first and a villain second, which I think is really important - he’s much more interested in accessing the character’s psychology than creating another dark side badass.

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I tend not to do the headcanons, but... Lillie complete's her journey in Kanto and returns to Alola unannounced, she wants to surprise the gf. Moon doesn't know Lillie is back until she's standing right in front of her on the highest point in Alola. The Champion Title Defense theme starts.

I want to have Lillie stare at Moon like this: 







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Do you not see anything wrong in being a radfem? You're so young and already jumped on that bandwagon. Transwomen are women and your drag queen shit isn't the same. You need to respect it when people say that they're a woman because they are, You don't get to decide what people are. I have followed you since you were a liberal feminist and no feminist and now you're doing that?

are you trying to intimidate me now or what lmaaooo? i do not see anything wrong in being a radfem. liberal feminism is such bullshit, you all act like you care about women but it’s all about men??? “hah ur eyeliner so sharp u could kill a mans dick” “u can still be a feminist and ride dick” “heres a list of pretty feminists bc men said we’re ugly”, like wtf??? you are all about sex positivity and support the hypersexualization of young girls. a few days ago i saw a video of a 5 year ols child that countoured her face, did an eye make up etc etc etc and u all were like ~awh so cute my daughter~, why tf do you project your insecurities on a little girl and teach her to change the shape of her face with contour powder? a child shouldnt have been confronted with that. i get that little girls will put on lipgloss or experiment with eyeshadow sometimes but sometimes sone things are too much. you support men who beat up women, treat them like shit, dont allow them to eat etc bc its a “kink” and there’s “after care” after ur partner abused u uwu. you support men who get off to the imagination of a little helpless child and u support roleplaying of child abuse bc ~ddlg doesnt harm anyone~. if a woman hurts herself its awful, but when a man does it to her its acceptable? you turn everything, EVERYTHING, into something sexual. school uniforms, pacifiers, diapers etc. btw, why do you all act like islam is a peaceful religion and safe one for women? i grew up in a muslim family so fuck your bullshit, women are treated like shit here. yes moderate muslims exist but they only pick the things they like from the quran and ignore the murderous, misogynistic things and say then “terrorists arent even real muslims uwu”, well they are. but no, your arse is too far up in the western world where all cis women kill trans women.

and yes, i was no feminist too bc i didnt know about radical feminism since tumblr likes to exaggerate everything and said “uwu they kill everyone!!!”.

and no. just saying that you’re a woman doesnt make u one. if a pre-everything transwoman tells a lesbian tht they’re a woman and the lesbian falls in love with them, sorry but you’re bisexual then, because that person is still a man and looks like one etc. and the drag queen reference was right since you like to act like “dressing up as a woman makes u one”, bc it doesnt. lesbians dont fall in love with drag queens bc they’re still men, just in women’s clothes.

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So much we need to know about that clip. One, who is he grinding against, and more importantly why did Cory not grab him, turn him to face him, and grip his hips holding him firmly in place as Robin moved against him like that. We all know that's what happened after he stopped filming, right. Gaaaaah I need.

Well you said it anon :(( Just that we didn’t get to see it ugh. Also let’s remind that it’s not only Robin that can do sexy dance moves apparently….robin u…can’t just tweet things like that…

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favorite gay trope: boarding school au. where the Gays thrive. also just realized lillie's mom would totally send her to a boarding school to get rid of her. maybe i have to write this

Please do.  

But I want to share a drabble: 

Lillie fell on the bed of her new room. The walls were gray and drab like the weather outside. Getting sent to this school wasn’t exactly peachy. She thought that her mom would have made sure the school was pure white as her house. Or maybe it was just the weather that made it grey. Either way, this school in Kalos was the top finest for all-girls. 

A rustle then came from the floor and a cloud-like pokemon suddenly buzzed out of there. Lillie was really tired at this point and smiled when the pokemon appeared. 

Suddenly, the door was starting to open. Lillie shot up and grabbed her bag. She opens the bag and says, “Nebby get in the bag.”