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Hi! I was wondering if you know of any spells to conjure any past lives? Or past memories? 🌛🌝🌜 Thank you!

Try thinking of things you like in this life that are not easy to explain, maybe you’ll find there a clue to help your quest *✰

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Why John "never shuts up about Sholto" with Mary but never mentions him in front of Sherlock? I can't find a heterosexual explanation.

Well..I spent the last 5 minute trying to find a heterosexual explanation…came up with none..I mean it’s actually like not mentioning ex-boyfriend so that current boyfriend doesn’t get jealous..

Sherlock’s fucking face journey though..

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Just Explain…If that’s not being jealous..idk what is..

gayestforjaehee  asked:

Just wanted to tell you that you're my favorite artist and I love all of your works😆👏. I really appreciate the time you put in to these drawings. As for my request, could you do short haired Jaehee and MC 1 in school uniforms?

Thank you so much!! tbh i really wanted to get to this request bc i love those cute sailor uniforms… anyway; jaehee’s here to beat up MC’s bullies with her judo ability ( ÒㅅÓ)

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Imagine explaining how we measure time to aliens. "Yeah, months are thirty days. Some are thirty-one. One's twenty-eight, but every four years, it's twenty-nine."

When I was younger I didn’t understand how time worked or that months had an order, so every few weeks I would ask if it was my birthday month yet because maybe it would just pop up because while I ostensibly knew how to count, in reality it seemed like dates were arbitrarily determined by the Society of Adults Dedicated to Thwarting Kayt’s Desire For Many Presents and to the aliens you describe that’s kinda what the entire calendar is like.

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What if aliens get the idea that we always bond w/dangerous creatures b/c we're more dangerous and scary and like... other creatures can sense we're predators and yet instead of trying to kill them we feed them and try to give them belly rubs so aliens start going "Maybe humans give off some kind of domination pheromone" and the RESEARCH they put into trying to find it


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hi dad, how's life?

My coworker brought us food earlier today, and when she walked in, we were all getting our Heathers soundtrack on instead of working, and without missing a beat, she just said, “Plug up your sing-holes with these spring rolls.”

And for some reason it was just the funniest goddamn thing in the whole wide world to me, to the point where my food was cold by the time I was done ugly laughing.

So, like, things are pretty okay at the moment.

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Has Lauren ever spoken about her grandma and why she's so important to her? I've been wondering cause of the whole ring thing

I just know that she was very very close to her and that Lauren had a very hard time when she passed away.

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A supercorp rain kiss is what I live for

list of supercorp kisses i Need:

  • rain kiss!!!! lena of course has an umbrella but kara kind of likes just hopping through the rain, and at one point kara just glides over and steals the umbrella and dips lena down. and lena’s laughing and grinning and oh, this is nice, and when she stands back up she wrings out her hair and flicks the droplets at kara
  • spiderman kiss!!! because kara is a superhero and she wants to hang upside down and kiss the girl okay? it doesn’t work out as well as she hopes it will, and even though she can’t get dizzy she feels kind of weird just hanging there, lena looking at her with this odd mix of exasperation and overwhelming fondness. but at least she can say she tried
  • forehead kiss!!!! lena’s working late but kara had convinced her to come home at the very least, so she’s curled on the couch, illuminated by her laptop. as kara walks by, she stops to press her lips against lena’s forehead. lena freezes: no one has ever done that before, and it is strange, that kind of selfless show of love. she looks up, somehow nervous. kara smiles.
  • air kisses!!!! lena stops by catco one day to drop off kara’s phone that she had left in the apartment. she’s wearing a very nice blouse with the top two buttons undone, and her hair is curled gently around her shoulders, and kara swallows hard. but lena is busy and cannot stay for long, so she winks, blows a kiss in kara’s direction, and actually, truly saunters away. kara drops her phone. it shatters.