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so ik you're bi, and you're in quite the relationship. but, questions: how would Bert feel about you kissing a girl? and how would you feel about it? also what's his sexuality

ha i shared this question with bert and we both were like “wtf kind of question is this”

um, i’m sure bert would be super pissed if i kissed a girl… because i’d be cheating on him. i would also probably feel pretty shitty about it/would never do it in the first place… because i’d be cheating on my boyfriend. we’re both chronically monogamous. that shit don’t fly. bert’s straight.

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I'm also basically Keith but a girl (my name also starts with K ;0) and my girlfriend is Lance af like omfg. She says the cheesiest pickup lines to me and we always are ready to fight and argue over the weirdest things. She eATS KETCHUP WITH MAC N CHEESE AND DOESNT LIKE MILK???? WTF??? And shit dude it's great and we're being keith and Lance for Halloween this year I'm so happy


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Helloo, u was wondering if you could update the daddy kink or the spanking tag?? I'd really appreciate it 💜 I love you guys

spanking was just updated

Beg so Pretty by LiviKate (1/1 | 1,900 | NC17)

On a weekly basis, Derek looks to the heavens and prays with every fiber inside of him that he might be granted the ability to go back in time and keep his werewolfy teeth far away from Erica Reyes.

Or the one where Erica “accidentally” calls Stiles Daddy and Derek can’t get over it.

The Banana Fuck by ohminewt (1/1 | 1,216 | NR)

It all started when they were at the grocery store and Stiles licked a banana.

He wasn’t trying to do anything but get Derek all riled up and horny in the middle of the fresh produce aisle, and maybe get spanked in the bathroom of their local Kroger’s, but he got more than he’d bargained for.

I Think I’ll Keep You by darkchild (1/1 | 1,980 | R)

Derek put his finger over the said hickey and pushes, causing Stiles’ knees to go weak. Derek’s right at his ear, then. Nipping at it for the second time that night before Stiles even realizes what’s happening. “I’ll let you come, Stiles. I’ll give you what you came for.”

And just like that, Stiles’s world had made a complete 180 because what the actual fuck was Derek Hale, sex god of all sex gods, doing to Stiles?

Tell Me What You Want Until It Hurts by redeyedwrath (1/1 | 2,275 | NC17)

“They don’t do this a lot; when they fuck it’s mostly quick and rough. Punishing. Kisses tasting like blood, nails scratching down sides, marking each other, a silent, ‘we’re both alive, we’re here.’

Sometimes though, on special occasions, Derek lets Stiles take him apart. Lets Stiles pin him against the bed, fit his fingers inside until Derek’s crying.”

Or, a ficlet where Stiles makes Derek fall apart using his fingers.

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How did you get to be such a beautiful singer?

i’ve always sung through my nose and have no sense of proper form but that is now trendy

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Okay, so I've been told I am the girl version of Keith. Doing and knowing "everything perfectly" (my friends exaggurate a lot), training way to much, wearing black (but not as in emo kid wannabe), aaaand being socially akward. Some people hc Keith with Anxiety, so that fits me as well. I sometimes have a high temper, but I usually take the emotions out on myself. Keith plays confident, strong, and "perfect" but has insecurities inside (me). So I'm just waiting for my Lance ;-;

I’m waiting for my Lance too I hope one day we can find them…

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Can you buy the album on Kpopmart?☺Or where?

It will most likely be for sale at Kpop shops such as:




These are the shops that I’ve ordered from and have had good experiences with. (there are probably other good places to order from depending on which country you are shipping to)

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hey it's me again, im sorry if im asking for too much but uh, i really need an UPDATE for the "stiles wears (derek's) leather jacket" tag :))) have a great day (or night idk) !!

you too 

Shoulda Known Better by pillsandpearls (1/9 | 5,563 | NC17)

It’s Derek that finds him. Derek that wraps him up in that precious leather jacket of his like some puppy he’s found on the street, and it’s Derek that drives him to the hospital like Grease goddamn lightning. It’s Derek that saves his life, really. Trust that asshole to be the one to take it away again.

Stay Alive ‘Til This Horror Show Is Past by Tegami (3/3 | 7,267 | PG13)

Stiles Stilinski thought of himself as the master of bad spur-of-the-moment decisions. Getting his best friend turned into a werewolf because he’d thought finding half of a dead body in the woods at night would be ‘cool‘ and ‘fun‘ was only the beginning of a long, long list. So when Stiles got semi-permanent tattoos all over his arms in winter without even once thinking it could maybe become a pain in the ass to hide in the summer? He didn’t surprise himself, really.

Or, the one where Stiles is a witch covered in sigils but didn’t tell anybody why he’s covering his arms all summer. Derek jumps to conclusions and A Reveal ensues.

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what are your thoughts on becoming friends or somewhat well-acquainted with viewers? do you think there’s a healthy way to bridge that gap, or are you of the opinion everyone should just stay in their lane? i feel you’ll have some interesting thoughts on the topic.

this is an interesting question and also one that is SO tricky to address because i think it’s variable and solely dependent on the specific situation.

on one hand, there’s so often going to be that completely inevitable but super apparent disparity in power, conjuring a certain… undesirable dynamic. obviously this is normally seen as a really bad thing if a romantic relationship were to develop, but i don’t think it’s great in a platonic relationship either.

i don’t think that necessarily will always happen? but either way, there’s still these preconceived notions and icky stuff like that which develop just due to the nature of parasocial relationships.

i get people all the time emailing/messaging me being like “hi i wanna be your friend how can i” which like is obviously flattering but, for starters… probably don’t message me saying that. idk it’s definitely different if we have mutual friends? or i just like. meet someone at a party or something who watches my vids. then it’s more chill. but if it doesn’t happen organically it always feels a bit odd DON’T KNOW JUST DEPENDS

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Aaaaaaa u know that time Brendon changed the lyric to "so you think you can fuck me then leave me to die"? Cause that's some good shit right there

ok but pair that with “i’m just a poor boy nobody fucks me” and we are good to go 

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I have a lot of ideas but I have no idea what to do after I start them, causing everything that I want to create to be put on hold. I also can't tell the difference between taking a break to gather ideas, and giving up. Do you have any tips for either of my problems?

well. for the first thing: ideas evolve all the time. you need to just start. dig into something with all of your might. don’t worry about how it turns out. you need to prove to yourself that you’re capable. if it helps, outline. i don’t know what these ideas are but if they can in someway be outlined, then do. lay out everything from start to finish so you know exactly what needs to be done and you’re no longer scared of the unknown.

for the second: i’m sure “gathering ideas” feels a lot like progress, and giving up doesn’t. if you’re serious about working towards a goal, you should be doing something to actualize that goal every day. if you spend a day thinking of things? i wouldn’t say that’s really a break. spending a day doing nothing? well, yeah, probably no good

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at both keiths im also keith hahha except like a girl. my girlfriend dabs at everything and has hit me in the face twice only to apologize with kisses. she also winks whenever we leave our friends to go somewhere together. like i'll put my hand in hers to pull her away and she'll wink at our friends and tell them "not to wait up" in a really suggestive tone. we are also both very competitive and would probably beat eachother up if we werent so in love yIKes

this is so cute wtf I want a relationship like this