On offensive humour and maturity

This post is originally aimed at the things going on in the Hetalia tag, but I’ve been willing to say this for a much longer time and this seems like the right moment to make it.

Being against offensive humour doesn’t make you any more mature.

You can be against offensive humour and still be mature, but being against a type of humour and demanding other people don’t use it anymore is one of the most immature things someone can do. You’ve got yourself a group that doesn’t like offensive humour? Cool. You politely ask your friend who does like offensive humour not to make those jokes when you’re around? Awesome. You think you are morally superior because you avoid offensive humour? Go back to kindergarten

But that doesn’t go without saying…

Liking offensive humour doesn’t make you any more mature either.

Just like liking offensive humour doesn’t make you immature. You like it? Awesome! You can separate comedy from seriously meant comments? Splendid! You make offensive jokes when around someone you know doesn’t like offensive humour? That’s immature. Don’t do it.

Live and let live. If offensive humour isn’t used around you, that is okay. As an Alex Agnew fan, I can’t honestly say I see anything bad in offensive humour, and that’s offensive humour aimed at everyone. Belgians, people from the Netherlands, Americans, black people, white people, women, men, jews, muslims, christian, American politicians, Belgian politicians, anything should be possible. Especially in an environment where you know things are being said for laughs, for example, comedy shows.

BUT it is a problem if you force your opinions on someone. If you demand someone stops using a type of humour altogether, you are an asshole. If you keep using a type of humour around someone you know hates it, you’re an asshole. I personally loved the “What, another jew?” line in the dub because it IS a stereotype and that’s my type of humour. But I can understand if it’s not your type of humour and why some people got salty over it. That’s a difference of opinion, and that’s fine. 

The Hetalia dub has some racist humour in it. That is completely okay. Don’t like it? Don’t watch it. There’s always the sub to watch. Don’t bash the people who like it. Because that’s the pinnacle of immaturity. 

Most important thing to remember:

Live and let live. Respect other people’s choices on what humour they use and what humour they dislike. Don’t hold moral superiority because of your preferences.

i wish people would stop using twitter as a bellwether for SJW issues.

1. it’s confirmation bias. “I THINK PEOPLE ARE X, PEOPLE ARE X ON TWITTER, THEREFOR PEOPLE ARE X”. no. twitter is a bubble and the assholes who post in that bubble are just drawn to you based on what you tag. it’s like if i thought google was racist, and to confirm this, i googled neo-nazis and all the hits about stormfront proved it.

2. it’s the internet. people are INTENTIONALLY mean on the internet. i know this is a radical realization for some people but the internet is not real life and the people who are generally awful on it are a) trolling b) timid little shits in real life who can only express things anonymously c) with a rare exception of people being genuinely terrible.

3. SAMPLE SIZES MOTHER FUCKERS DO YOU EVEN STATISTICS? “oh my god i got like 300 RTs and like 100 of them were so triggering/sexist/racist”.

ignoring the number of those that were probably people i mentioned in the previous point, congrats, you met some shitlords. guess what? your twitter feed is not a national poll. which brings everything back to point 1, confirmation bias.

there are 300 million people in the united states. there are 7 billion people on the planet. if you think 100 people being mean to you on twitter is some grand commentary on large demographics then you’re, frankly, an idiot. that, or you’re intentionally disingenuous so that you can, getting back to point 1, confirm your bias so you can more easily push your agenda. 

Seriously getting tired of people acting like they’re saints or something for preaching even one little thing about social justice, and then going and being complete assholes to people who are even the tiniest bit ignorant about something that probably doesn’t even effect said social justice warrior. Like seriously, if you care that much, go out and try to make a difference, don’t yell at people on the internet who’s lives don’t even matter to you. Like I said in my last rant about social justice warriors, y’all just take everything too seriously and put your own views and feelings before everyone else’s. I don’t know if you guys realize this, but by calling some people out on things before getting their thought process on the subject, there’s a chance that that person is going to get death threats because none of you can read anything without getting offended somehow. THINK BEFORE YOU CALL SOMEONE OUT. THINK BEFORE YOU TREAT SOMEONE LIKE SHIT FOR SOMETHING THEY DON’T UNDERSTAND. AND STOP ACTING LIKE YOU’RE ENTITLED TO TREATING PEOPLE LIKE SHIT JUST BECAUSE YOU THINK YOU KNOW BETTER THAN THEM.

i’m so irrationally angry because i saw a blog post where someone said

(I’m gonna say right now that I don’t give a fuck about how any gender norm tries to pretend that kilts are substantively different than skirts simply because men are supposed to wear them, I don’t give a fuck about the absurd gendering of clothing that makes this absurdity necessary. I also don’t a fuck about scottish culture or respecting how they classify anything)

and I’m so angry because that’s my culture they’re insulting just because they think that calling a kilt a kilt is somehow misogynistic. A kilt is not a skirt a kilt is nOT A SKIRT AND CALLING A KILT A FUCKING KILT IS NOT BEING MISOGYNISTIC IT’S CALLING A THING BY THE FUCKING NAME IT WAS GIVEN YOU OVER RIGHTEOUS BELLEND 

(also ps girls wear kilts in scotland too and you don’t see them bending over backwards to call them skirts)

Why are people presenting all-girls schools as being heaven on earth? To me, it’s just a place where instead of having 50% of its students being a threat, 100% being that way. A place where there’s no people to accept you.

Let me tell you one thing. The girls that bullied me weren’t aware that I was having a horrible time at school for the 11 years they kept their bullying up. If you think all-girl schools are the best place there is, then you were either very lucky, didn’t know any girls, or you were one of the bullies yourself.

Meninism started as satire but like all satire things some take it seriously. And some have labeled themselves as meninists unironically.
Like freebleeding, baking things with period blood, nan0gender, probably nounself pronouns, ect.
Those started as jokes and some people took it seriously and did it themselves.

The world is a weird place.

Social justice warriors are greedy whiny lil craps.

Like shut up link is a boy, link has always been a boy, sorry to disappoint the minority but since the 80s link has been a MALE.
He isn’t androgynous, and he isn’t transgender.
Not to say there is anything wrong with either or those, link just isn’t either of those.
Call me a bigot or close minded or whatever I don’t even care this is ridiculous.
You get to play Zelda, impa, and Midna in hurdle warriors but you’re so dang greedy that you have to pitch a fit about How there isn’t enough playable females in Loz?
Go outside, talk to a hundred or so people, and ask then if they are transgender or androgynous, I’m pretty sure you’ll only find one or two people who are out of a hundred.
That group is a minority, and if you want all the goodness if those kinda of people watch ouran highschool host club, and don’t try to destroy a video game character.
Like I wouldn’t care if they added a transgendered character, but to try and make them make link one is rude and greedy.
Like make them make a bunch of characters who are diverse like that but leave link out of it. -.-

had to unfollow someone

sorry, but allies are important

i was one, still am, and im queer


because not all queer people think everyone should be equal

so i call myself an ally

because its stupid as hell that every sexuality (imma use the longest one QUILTBAGPIPE) including straight people (QUILTBAGPIPES) should and can live in absolute harmony if we’d all shut up and learn to celebrate each other

“We don’t need privileged ‘allies’ to support us. Their voices aren’t welcome”

I’ve been hearing this shit for ages now. How can social justice warriors possibly sit there and whine about oppression yet the moment someone reaches out to help them it’s shunned away and unwanted?

“Artists like Macklemore take away the limelight from actual POC/LGBT/trans/female artists”

We don’t live in a future where people aren’t discriminated against. That’s the reason artists like Frank Ocean, Laura Jane Grace, etc., are so ignored in the public eye is not everyone is tolerant enough to accept it. When someone wants to help you end that discrimination, learn to stop being a child and accept it. Macklemore is using his relevance to try to make a fucking difference, and for some reason it’s just never enough.