I Should Ink My Skin With Your Name || Blaiden

Blake was becoming more and more antsy lately. It was just that work was slow and everyone could honestly be doing a better job. Still at the end of the day he was the one in charge,it was all on him,he knew that. And maybe he was a little distracted lately. Everyone just seemed kind of MIA. It was throwing him off a bit,if he thought about it he hasn’t really seen anyone in a while besides Aiden. Forgetting his previous thoughts he smiles to himself like he always does when he thinks about the other boy only this time there’s a nervous flutter in his stomach because of his plans for today. Blake had knew a while ago that he wanted to get a new tattoo but he was pretty much just waiting for the right time. And then he had woke up one morning and knew exactly what he should get,and yeah it was for Aiden which is why he was nervous. It’s not that he was nervous to get something so permanent it’s just that he doesn’t know what Aidens reaction is going to be. For Blake its normal to express himself in this way but someone else could think differently and with that thought he can’t get himself to sit still all through the evening.

Maybe it does sound a bit crazy to someone on the outside looking in,getting a tattoo so early in their relationship. Blake has probably just joined the millions of teenage girls who said it was forever and got some guys name tattooed on them. But its really not the same,and since he’s on the inside of this relationship he’s the only one that could possibly understand,other than Aiden of course. The thing is Aiden is always going to be permanently in his heart,there’s no going back he could feel how much he loved the boy down to his core. So really what’s the difference if a part of him is permanently inked into his skin as well? Blakes never done anything halfway. So he goes and gets the tattoo done after his stupid meeting which probably didn’t change anything. It’s the Hercules constellation,the stars embellish his skin starting near his wrist,branching out and stopping halfway towards the bend in his arm. The sting of the needle always leaves Blake feeling a bit more focused and excited,maybe thats one of the reasons he has so many tattoos. But this one is hands down his favorite. All of his tattoos have meanings,he could sit down and talk about each of them all day but this one is the most meaningful to him.

That night he works late,things need to be straightened out and he puts on a tough face. It’s a long day and he decides to sleep in the backroom on the couch since he’s so exhausted. Before laying down he sends Aiden a text letting him know he won’t be home. It’s crazy to think this was what he used to do every night. Some clothes are still left here and there because he would just knock out after work,then Aiden came into his life and suddenly gave him a reason to look forward to the drive home. He falls asleep remembering how someone told him once that people were made up of star dust. He was skeptical but it kind of explains Aidens existence a little better,he wouldn’t doubt Aiden was made up of stars - not with the way that boy smiles.

Blake decides to surprise Aiden at work later the next day. Since he had basically told him he’d be in the garage all day. It’s easy to spot Aiden once he steps inside and he leans against the wall watching him for a moment. Blake has no clue what he’s doing and his thoughts flash back to that night his car had broken down and Aiden had laughed when he tried to describe what the hell had gone wrong. But even though he didn’t know what the boy was doing now it was kind of beautiful seeing Aiden that concentrated anyway. One of the other workers notices him standing there and nods his head in greeting. Blake smiles sheepishly as he sees the barely-there smirk on the mans face,he turns away and approaches Aiden who has his back to him. He leans casually against the car right besides him and smiles,“So,maybe I missed you a bit.”