ok I love stuff where Leo’s helplessly in love with Karai but!!! imagine: Karai being helplessly in love with Leo. As in like, she catches herself staring, feels her heart beat faster and omg is she BLUSHING??? “what is this turtle boy doing to me can I murder him no wait im turning a new leaf i cant dammit”

Alfre Woodard Cast In Marvel’s Luke Cage

With Jessica Jones having recently wrapped production, it’s time to start shifting our focus to Netflix’s next Marvel series, Luke Cage. It has been a while since we’ve heard anything regarding the series, but with production nearing close, casting announcements are finally starting to make their way out.

Per Deadline, actress Alfre Woodard has been cast in the series as Minetta. Her character is described as “a powerful woman in local politics who will have an impact on Luke Cage’s life.” Deadline also goes on to mention that, from what they’ve been hearing, it is possible Woodard will play a version of the villain, Black Mariah.


Favourite football ships: Fernando Torres & David Villa

Euro 2008: Spain’s David Villa sustained a bizarre injury to his finger while celebrating his first goal in the 4-1 win over Russia.

The striker suffered the injury after running over to hug team mate Fernando Torres who had set him up to score.

I got my finger caught in Fernando’s shirt when we were celebrating the goal and bent it back. It hurts quite a bit, but it is nothing important.”

Worth the Wait

This idea has been spinning around in my head for quite a while since, apparently, Josh was supposed to be in Semi-Formal. We were deprived of what could’ve been such a beautiful, wonderful thing. (I’m still really upset about it, okay). So I wanted to write how I imagined it going.

After spending the past twenty minutes on the dance floor, Maya was almost certain that she had done enough hopping up and down for a lifetime. The snack table suddenly looked all the more inviting, so that’s exactly where she ended up. Lucas, Farkle, and Charlie stayed, but Riley followed her to the punch bowl.

Maya poured herself some punch and swallowed half the cup in a single gulp.

“So, Riles, do you know what to do now?”

“Yeah—yeah, I do. We’re in eighth grade, Maya. We don’t need to be rushing into anything.” Riley glanced over at a certain huckleberry cowboy. “Some things are worth the wait.”

Maya smiled then took another sip of her drink. Her and Riley stood there for a few minutes in silence as everyone around them continued to dance. After the song was over, one of the teachers went up on the stage and grabbed the microphone.

“Alright, we’re going to slow things down a little bit, so go ahead and grab a partner,” he said.

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