Monsta X’s MBTI Types

This group was not a part of the poll. I have typed them a while back because someone request it, but to make it more uniform with the others, I decided to redo the post with this sort of layout~ :)

Disclaimer: I am in no way an expert. These are just my personal opinions of each member, along with what I have seen on other MBTI blogs~

Shownu/Hyunwoo: ISFP

Wonho/Hoseok: ENFP

Minhyuk: ENTP

Kihyun: ISFJ

Hyungwon: INTP

Jooheon: ESFJ

I.M/Changkyun: INTJ

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Seventeen’s MBTI Types

Disclaimer: I am in no way an expert. These are just my personal opinions of each member, along with what I have seen on other MBTI blogs~

S.Coups/Seungcheol: ENFJ

Jeonghan: ISFP

Joshua/Jisoo: ISFP

Jun/Junhui: ISFJ

Woozi/Jihoon: INTJ

Wonwoo: ISTJ

Hoshi/Soonyoung: ESFP

DK/Seokmin: ENFP

The8/Minghao: INFP

Mingyu: ENFP

Seungkwan: ESTJ

Vernon/Hansol: INFJ

Dino/Chan: ESFP

A/N: For future reference, use the hashtag ‘ LKS MBTI ‘ in the search bar on the blog, and all the groups I’ve done so far will be there for you to see!

-Admin Koko

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I know many people have different opinions on the issue, but I believe that they kissed. By looking at the right side of Stiles' lips you can see that they are in a shadow, so they should be the darkest part of his lips, but they are the lightest instead. In order for the left side of Stiles' lips to be the dark red that they are is for them to have some type of substance that is not reflecting the light of the setting. There are different types of lipsticks that can accomplish that.

No big deal but I’m gonna collapse into a puddle of my own tears so um um um yeah have a goodnight and I’ll see you soon if you ever decide to stop by my condo in the fires of hell

LK Anon

’re the timeline so wel explained by ballsy,if she did give birth on June 1st 15 ( go with it anna for this ) then she would have become PG September 14,Yes ?? Maybe he wad a bit off in September because he knew she was possibly PG ? But then again he was perfectly fine at LFF beg Oct 15 so maybe he didn’t know she was PG and refused to have her as the RCG.Would explain her being all dressed up but never seen with him that night even at the LFF after party where he was telling ppl he was still single.Still think between LFF and the Flaunt party he was trapped either by her being PG or HW turning the screws .Pissybatch appeared at that party for the first time,he TRULY looks murderous in the pics.


Let’s go with it just this once because I’m in the mood for a bit of debunking, shall we?

If she gave birth on June 1st of 2015, here’s the conception window:

If she conceived in early September of 2014, she was already 3 months along and of course knew it when she was drinking at the ESAs on the 30th of November.

But then again, she was never pregnant, was she?

Don’t make me put up a long string of bump compares again because there is just no possible explanation (unless Weirdo is an alien from the planet Fetchless) for a human woman to gestate a baby and remain exactly the same size during the last trimester:

If anyone is interested, this is what happens to an actually pregnant HUMAN body during the last trimester.

For those of you who are thinking of sending me asks to teach me how photoshop works, let me remind you we have video footage of the majority of Dismal outings.  My favourite has to be Weirdo waddling down the red carpet at the BAFTAs, 4 months prior to Pilo’s “birth” and a mere week prior to the whale watching ride of much bumpiness.

For those of you who are thinking of sending me asks about prosthetics that might have been used to fudge with the pregnancy timeline, let me just say that the Dismals had absolutely no reason to fudge anything because it was perfectly clear from the very start that this was meant to be marketed as a shotgun wedding.  Ben made that perfectly clear when he almost started crying at the GMA show, accepting congratulations for his upcoming nuptials:

For those of you who are thinking of sending me asks to teach me how clothes work, let me assure you I know perfectly well how clothes work and remind you that the Bora Bora bikini “papped shots” were probably one of the stupidest moves made by the Dismals during this whole thing.  Then again, the Skeptics had been asking for those pics for many weeks before his PR decided to make it happen (and then almost immediately realised their mistake and pulled them from the interwebs).  

Funny how nobody ever thought of pulling the pics of the NYC Pilo pap walk that are still up for sale at the pap agency’s site, isn’t it?  So father, much protective…

LK Anon

’LL is a very unique event,have been past two yrs in London.Tickets are expensive though and the organisation is suspect,initially major cock up with the matinee in March when they didn’t inform people it was a different shorter show to evening when tickets went on sale.Then you have the prickly SU…

Oct 4-8 is obs to drum up publicity for DrS and never forget SunnyMarch produces it so they have a stake in the profits.They still haven’t said how much goes to charity.

..and I will be dammed if I’m paying to watch SH read a letter when the only reason she’s onstage is because of her connections not on merit YET AGAIN. So for me never again.


It definitely is more than a bit not good that LL haven’t disclosed any info on the amounts donated to charities.

As far as publicity is concerned, yes, I’m sure the dates were picked in such a way to grant Ben’s name the maximum buzz possible prior to Doctor Strange.  If he’s not getting any buzz around other projects, at least he has LL to fall back on and if it makes him look good and busy in the eyes of the general public, I’m all for it.  Then again I’m a SkeptoNanny through and through and I want to see him succeed.

As far as the rest is concerned though, I don’t see a problem with it.  Yes, LL is by the looks of it becoming a quarterly thing.  No, I don’t think the prices are steep.  Yes, you don’t know who is reading each night and the baiting is just a silly way to treat an audience.  Then again there’s something to be said about the element of surprise.  

It’s tricky.  I obviously haven’t had a chance to attend a Letters Live event, but from the sounds of it it’s a rather intriguing concept.  

Would I buy a ticket if I lived in London?  Most definitely!  

Would I make travel arrangements for it?  Not in gazillion years!

[Arredores e Núcleo de Altera - Madrugada]

Depois de um tempo acordadas esperando, Apple e Proto estranham a demora da Rainha. Fazem alguns cálculos e tentam uma comunicação remota, mas não houve resultado.

Por fim elas decidem investigar o acesso ao núcleo de altera, visto que ele foi reativado. O ambiente estava pouco infectado, mas mesmo assim as duas estavam de máscara para evitar contaminações.

Proto seguia usando invisibilidade na frente, movimentando-se sorrateira.

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The nameless Alpha is pleased with his Beloved’s citizens today and he has heard great news only from his children of all packs he has created. So he feels a child’s gaze staying too long on him, the corner of his lips rises in a small smirk.

LK Anon

Think someone was talking about CP and Cumberbuddy earlier this week Anna ? Well at the time I think you had to apply for tickets via name and address and it was a ballot for every episode because demand was huge.,if you got a ticket it was to ONE recording.She fiddled it somehow and went to every single one,probably by getting friends to apply from their addresses and then give her the ticket if they won.I was mad as helll at the time as people ( me included ) were hoping to go to just one recording and she fiddled her was into every one.People only hold her with some regard as in early days BC gave her some recognition esp after she did a Birthday message for him which he liked,but she’s hung onto that to gain her “standing” in the fandom but she’s VERY devious or was at CP time,maybe she got a bit fairer by now ( doubt it ) …and Yes the notorious champagne/wine glass story..


If all of the above is true, I have to say my regard for Cumberbuddy just shifted about 20 notches LK Anon:  She is an excellent stalker  :P