US Makes 'Mistake' Again, Kills 56 Civilians in Syria Strike
A monitoring group said the U.S.-led coalition hit people fleeing fighting around Manbij city, bringing the number of civilians killed since June to 164.

An airstrike by the United States-led coalition killed at least 56 civilians Tuesday north of the besieged Islamic State group-held city of Manbij in northern Syria, the Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said in a report. The group said the strike, which killed at least 11 children, targeted a group of civilians who were fleeing the fighting around the city between the multi-ethnic Syria Democratic Forces, or SDF, an alliance of Kurdish and Arab fighters, and fighters with the extremist group.

The SDF had launched an offensive to retake Manbij city late May with backing by the U.S. coalition. So far, the SDF has surrounded and fought their way into parts of the city, but the Islamic State group attacks still occur in some areas of the surrounding countryside. The monitoring group said the U.S. coalition planes may have “mistaken” the civilians for fighters of the Islamic State group.


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A comparison of maps showing territory controlled by different factions around Aleppo, Syria. Formerly the most populated as well as the most economically powerful city of Syria and the source of most refugees fleeing the country.

For most of the past 4 years, the frontlines in Aleppo have essentially remained the same, with rebel and government control wrapped around the city like two hands clasped around the fingers, pulling against eachother for control of the city centre. The border lines between these factions are heavily fortified, shelled out multistorey buildings, with entrenched positions often literally across the street from eachother. Many buildings in the city now have tunnels bored through walls between neighbouring buildings to allow for easy and discrete transit across frontlines to avoid being seen, and put down by sniper fire, on the streets.

The Top image is the city on May 16th 2016, and the bottom one is today.

The Syrian Arab Army (government) and Hezbollah forces is in Red

The Islamic State is in Black

The Rebel coalition (al Nusra, Ahrar ash Sham, FSA, etc) is in green

and the Kurdish YPG and multiethnic SDF is in yellow.

All four factions are in conflict with eachother.

Rebels and Kurds had an uneasy truce until a few months ago when rebels violated this peace and started bombarding the isolated kurdish controlled neighbourhood causing civilian causalities. Since that time, the Syrian Arab Army, which earlier this year strengthened it’s northern territory at the expense of the Islamic State and rebel groups, took advantage of the renewed conflict to advance from the north toward Castello Road, the only supply route in and out of rebel controlled Aleppo.

The situation is dire for the rebels because SAA and Hezbollah forces now have a clear vantage point of the exposed road, leading to situations like this where they can make clear potshots on vehicle traffic speeding along the road full of reinforcements and supplies for rebel forces within Aleppo.

Alongside this offensive, the Kurdish YPG, SDF is also, themselves capitalizing on it by pressing toward Castello Road as well, capturing the strategically placed youth housing complex overlooking the highway.

If the Rebels don’t repel either of these assaults and secure a buffer zone around the road, their situation within the city of Aleppo will deteriorate, as without food, supplies, or reinforcements, morale will collapse and the SAA will advance past the urban siege lines and converge upon the rebels.

This is a do or die situation for the revolution. If Aleppo is lost, the SAA and it’s allies can free up resources and army units currently positioned throughout the urban frontlines of Aleppo to apply pressure throughout the rest of rebel controlled Syria and the Islamic State as well. Considering that the SAA captured Palmyra if only because a ceasefire in Aleppo allowed the government to commit resources and fighters from Aleppo to the fight in Palymra, this does give an impression of what a government controlled/liberated Aleppo would enable the SAA to accomplish in the future. Losing Aleppo could mean the end of the war for the revolution.


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