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hey Abbie! do you have any valgrace headcanons?? If not that's cool, just wondering! thanks! :)

Hey! I have a few!

  • They probably talk about their crushes when Leo gets jealous of Jason spending so much time with Piper.
  • Leo thinks he is annoyed because he’s the third wheel, but it’s because of his glaringly obvious crush on Jason.
  • He flirts with girls a lot to try to ignore this.
  • Jason seems to become pretty self-aware at the end of Heroes of Olympus so I feel like this is probably his bisexual awakening. He is probably the kind of guy to use puns about his sexuality all the time, and this just becomes natural with all the friends.
  • Leo notices it’s a crush when Jason comes out to him.
  • They go on their first date a month later, once Leo gets the courage to tell Jason he’s gay and he likes him.
  • Jason is relieved and says he’s been planning their first date for a while, but thought Leo was straight. 
  • They go to see a movie (probably a superhero one, if it’s superman Leo would make fun of Jason throughout).
  • Jason, not so secretly, likes it when Leo calls him Superman okay.
  • They would be so cute and adorable, but like super cheesy and happy all the time. The banter just comes so naturally because they were best friends first.
  • Everyone comments about what a good couple they are, the end.
  • When they get married their honeymoon would probably be travelling around Mexico asjdkfl.

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Omg akaashi looks like he's going to run into bokutos arms

for posterity: did i save this pic or did this pic save me?

which fuels one of my favourite headcanons that seem to be popular in the fandom: every time they win or score a spectacular point, bo immediately picks akaashi up and spins him around, like at this point they’ve perfected the grace and speed needed for professional dancing idk, until akaashi is dizzy but everyone is still cheering and laughing and clapping them on the back, komi is demanding bokuto spin him next,

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hello! i'm a fan of yours (as many are) and i just wanted to tell you thank you because you're the most ethereal and iridescent person i've ever known like i find your writing style and personality charming and i think that you're one of the best writers like you could write a book and i'd buy a thousand copies or something you're just that amazing so please don't ever give up writing because you're way too good at it and don't let anyone bring you down because you're too perfect saranghae ❤️❤️

?!?!?! AHHHH hello hello!! im speechless, you’re all being so sweet and kind and I really dont know how to handle myself in this situation. I can’t express how happy and flattered and just asjdkfl i am. thank you so much!!! im one huge nerd. and askjshklfdj i am actually hoping to be published in a couple of years (;A; ) it’s actually my dream!!! 

And don’t worry!!! I will never give up writing for anything!!! it’s my one true love tbh hahahah im so lost as to what to say. i dont have anything good to say im just so warm and fuzzy (/ ;w;)/

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M for ₩:<|~|3!!3¥

how dare u bring this sort of blasphemy into my askbox!! blocked and reported!!!

haha jk i’ll answer ur question but u have been warned friend :))))

M: A person who got you into a fandom and what fandom they pulled you in to.
You know this is you haha!!! <3 You have pulled me further into the DCEU fandom and now I am eagerly awaiting Wonder Woman and Wonder Woman & Her Sidekicks

ask me a fandom thing!!

i was playing overwatch with friends today, and there was someone named “allmight” and we were all like “ALL MIGHT?? BOKU NO HERO ALLMIGHT?” and it turns out their battletag is all might from bnha !!! and we were all so happy.

and allmight was so frickn cool too. he’d call us his dekus and we eventually got almost everyone to be like “ALL MIGHT ALLMGIHT ALL MIGHT!!!” in the chat. and he’d also only play reinhardt whICH IS JUST SO FITTING!! and he got potg a lot! and we almost got to 10 votes on one of his cards. (it was at 9 :<< ) and i was so happy when he got to be on my team

like this was honestly the best overwatch experience i’ve ever had asjdkfls
Vahirom Battle Theme (etc.?)

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Hey Kynim! 

I’m a big fan of your White Nuzlocke! I saw the Vahirom contest going on, and while I didn’t necesarilly want to participate, I was inspired to write a piece of music based on the Vahirom thing. I was looking for an idea for a piece for my local jr. high band (consisting of 8 kids, in rural Japan) and thought, “how about Vahirom battle music?”
It evolved into something more than just that — more of a story-piece inspired by all your cool Unova myth stuff.
Anyhow. As of now it’s called “The Dragon Appears,” because I didn’t want to use Vahirom’s name without asking. (“Wild Vahirom Jump Out?!?” was the working title.)

So here’s a link. I hope you enjoy it. Keep up the good work!


HOLY SHIT THIS IS SO LOVELY ;w; <333333 Thank you so much asjdkfl;ajskdfegaaaaahhhhhhhhh

Well idk how Soundcloud works but if you can cite me in the page, I don’t mind you using the name Vahirom in the song!

Thank you so much again asld;fjl;asfjkeg