Thank you, Minji ♥


She rang the doorbell twice. No answer. Minji tried knocking the door but it seemed as though no one was home. Hyelin might be out for a while and Minji could not wait for her to return. She mentally scolded herself for not calling the other first before coming over to give the present [  ]. Minji hung the paper bag on her doorknob, sending Hyelin a message to tell her about it as she went off, eye fixed on the screen of her mobile phone while she exited the building.

Hyelin~ You were not in when I came. :c I left your gift at the door though! Merry belated Christmas and happy new year~ I hope you like it. Hope to see you soon, I missed you.

Once she got back from busan, all she wanted to do sleep after spending all that time with the family. Even though she loved them dearly, they can be truly be exhausting especially when some family members all question about love life what is love? her violin? that sounds about right. When finally got to her room, she saw a note and paper bag. Hyelin broke into a huge smile at the note even chuckle seeing her love mister Voldemort. That was so sweet of her even Hyelin totally forgot to get anyone any gifts. 

[ sns - minji ♥ ] MINZY!! Thank you sooo much for your gift!! 

[ sns - minji ♥ ] I’ll make mister voldemort very happy, ehehe.