I had this idea for an entire YA fantasy novel where everyone is minimum a bit not straight. The premise is there’s a monarchy who control magic use and consider it their ‘sacred duty’ to not allow the common people to use it. Currently the face of the monarchy is the queen whose husband died under mysterious circumstances and who has instituted a matriarchy. There’s a resistance obviously and they - of course - have a prophecy about a saviour with an angelic name and stuff, and they have their saviour and his name is Gabriel and he’s a terrible strategist….
….and also not the saviour lmao. There’s Viola who is trans and a lesbean and really fab and her friend Alphonse who will fight anything that moves and is bi and also Anthony who kind of believes in Gabriel but also is in love with Alphonse and would follow him into hell. Then in comes Angelique who is black and also pan and also lost her aunt to Gabriel’s bad tactics (Alphonse lost his parents, Anthony his sister and Viola her fiancée Imogen who is missing presumed dead but is alive in the end thank god).
….and anyway Angelique is the saviour and they go to verify it and legit hide in a fucking cupboard and fall out and meet Christie who’s a princess of course and also falls for Angelique and tries to join the resistance and the queen has an arranged marriage for her to her cousin (it’s icky I know her brother Xavier is married to her cousin Priscilla already but it’s an open relationship) and she’s basically under house-arrest so the crew go to break her out and the plan is ‘seduction and statis-spells’ as come up with by Alphonse, and asjhdajshdkjas it all goes not to plan in a weird way like Viola has to try and seduce Xavier and it works but she walks slap-bang into Priscilla who shoves her up against the wall and starts making out with her and also Christie’s husband-to-be tries to get with Anthony and Anthony’s shirt gets stuck and Alphonse laughs at him but also gives him his shirt which is cute but unimportant….
….and then you’ve got your war and Gabriel going to the other side and Christie fighting her own mother and Anthony breaking down and Alphonse helping him and also falling in love with him and everything is gay and YA and that’s that.