small modern ammy things 

  • constantly smells of flowers which is pretty inescapable giving the business she runs.
  • likes to hum / sing a lot when she’s watering the flowers at the back of her shop, & when she’s draining out the sink. she’ll always do this when the shop is dead or in the morning when she’s opening up. 
  • isn’t native to kyoto, she was born in iga, in the mie prefecture (  ironically where the ise grand shrine is, a famous shrine dedicated to a certain goddess ) so it’s natural that she seels a bit homesick from time-to-time. 
  • chose to settle in the city after a childhood of living in the countryside & chose to set up her shop after she finished her studies at university. 
  • wardrobe full of floral print blouses & long skirts.
  • has an entire album of dog pictures on her phone. i’m not kidding

anonymous asked:

I know you posted it 7 months ago but the post abt not being conventionally gorgeous just showed up on my dash? And I looked at your selfies and f*ck conventionally gorgeous you're stunning <3

asjdfa;odisfjo;sd thank you so much honestly <3 and tbh the weirdest thing with that post was that like….i posted it as a personal rant that i was gonna end up deleting, but then it blew up and then sweet people like you are messaging me all this nice stuff and hearing it really just makes my heart soar. seriously thank you <3 have a lovely day!!