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I wanted to ask your opinion on Sebaek? Like, for me, I really don't like seeing them. I have no idea why but I'm okay seeing Baek with almost anyone except Sehun tho I love both of them so much. And when I saw Chanyeol time it kinda upset me. IDEK

don’t be upset babe! for me, at first i’m really annoyed of chanyeol because he did that but i watched the video again and i saw chanyeol forcing himself to smile like he was just using the two to make himself jealous ASJ FKDFfjdlsh don’t be upset that sebaek hug is just normal and i do think it’s just a fanservice tho! unlike chanbaek hugged [the one that sehun did] i really think it was not planned!! and im really laughing because i saw baekhyun almost poke his mic to chanyeol he must be annoyed to! haha

about sebaek? i really do think and im sure they are just friends. both chanyeol and baekhyun are close to sehun and im sure sehun knows everything about these two, like their relationships and their secrets.

dont be upset babe!:)



This showed me so much beauty still left in this world. After we told Austin St. John about how badly my nephew wanted to meet him, he had me make a video to say Hi to him. It turned out I had taken a picture instead of a video and I was so upset with myself. But when I explained what I had done, with a smile on his face he just said “lets do it again.”

I am stunned at how great this guy was. He made my 4 year old nephew so happy, and has the rest of the family just in AWE.

Faith in humanity: restored.

Am I a Power Ranger yet?! Got to see my good friend @austin_st_john this weekend! The Red Hood helmet was made by cowl master/rockstar @reevzfx. #powerranger #powerrangers #mmpr #mightymorphinpowerrangers #morphintime #itsmorphintime #AustinStJohn #asj #redranger #redhood #dcuniverse #dc #cosplay #nmj #nicolemariejean