I’ve been tagged!

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I was tagged by

1. Do you prefer to be too hot or too cold?  Why so? 

Too cold because I love snuggling with my covers and being in hoodies.

2. Is talking to people easy for you?

No, I’m really shy and I turn red as a tomato even when I started my job at a call center I still turn red on the phone with people.

3. When you’re sick, is there a go-to food that you crave because it makes you feel a bit better?

No, I just don’t eat, only liquids for this girl.

4. What was the worst injury you’ve ever gotten?

When I shattered my knee from soccer. I’m only 4ft 10 inches and I got slide tackled by a 6 foot goalie….

5. Favorite type of ice cream?

Mint chocolate 

6. Which season is your favorite?

Fall, nice enough to wear jeans and hoodies, plus I’m an October baby.

7. Do you play video games?  If so, what genre is your favorite (like online gaming or using a system via TV)?

I play my Nintendo 3DS, Pokemon and Animal Crossing

8. Do you believe in an afterlife?


9. Have you had to change yourself for someone?  Did it make you an ultimately better person or not?

Yes and no because I wasn’t who I wanted to be.

10. Are you happy?

I’m some what happy…

11. If you could change one thing in your life right now what would it be?

To be more motivated, I know my life would be a lot interesting if I actually went out and did things.

New questions.

1.Have you ever been in love?

2.Favorite color?

3.What is your favorite genre of music?

4.What has been the scariest moment of your life?

5.Favorite movie?

6. Do you fall asleep easily?

7. Early riser?

8. Do you sneak in food to the movie theater or do you buy it or none at all?

9. Favorite moment in life?

10. What color of shirt are you wearing?

11. Where do you go to get away?

Christmas Shopping.

Mom: a pressure point/muscle massager and a cute little meditation fountain I found at Target, for her yoga studio

Lexi: a cute green (her favorite color) yoga outfit set (matching pants, top, and sports bra) from Forever 21

Dad: Mom and I (and maybe Lexi?) are gonna split the cost of a new flat screen TV for the living room

Mike: I really wanna get him a gecko (and the tank and stuff). Waiting on him to ask his parents to make sure. But I know he loves them like I do and he’s never had a pet before so…it’s time. Plus I wanna be it’s half mother :)

Luckily I have no more friends, so I save some money there.

Also got myself a new dress and a sweater and some knit leggings. Merry Christmas to meee!

And I know Mike got me something from there because he made me stay upstairs while he bought it. hehe

Perfect date night

 FINALLY saw Anchorman 2 last night and loved it. Then went to a bar on Main Street and got drinks and watched the live band for a while; the guitarist/singer happened to be Mike’s old drum teacher. Then IHOP at 1 am for late-night breakfast :))