Christmas Shopping.

Mom: a pressure point/muscle massager and a cute little meditation fountain I found at Target, for her yoga studio

Lexi: a cute green (her favorite color) yoga outfit set (matching pants, top, and sports bra) from Forever 21

Dad: Mom and I (and maybe Lexi?) are gonna split the cost of a new flat screen TV for the living room

Mike: I really wanna get him a gecko (and the tank and stuff). Waiting on him to ask his parents to make sure. But I know he loves them like I do and he’s never had a pet before so…it’s time. Plus I wanna be it’s half mother :)

Luckily I have no more friends, so I save some money there.

Also got myself a new dress and a sweater and some knit leggings. Merry Christmas to meee!

And I know Mike got me something from there because he made me stay upstairs while he bought it. hehe