asip week

A Study in Pink appreciation week! I haven’t given up on it! Being noisy about tiny unnecessary details is absolutely my cup of tea. I finally found time for a rewatch and drew some of my favourite details. I had more listed, but these are all I drew.

1. This silhouette amuses me.

2. First cab ride together, and from when Sherlock gets to explain about Harry’s phone, John just… stares at him with a gaping mouth. JOHN WATSON, YOUR FACE. Evidence number one:

(A Watson-Lestrade hybrid is what this drawing is.)

And two:

And he just doesn’t move. JOHN WATSOOON.

3. Sherlock’s hand gestures on the ‘rache’ crime scene (or just about anywhere on that matter). No excuses for that one, I am a sucker for beautiful hands that move beautifully. You need to watch the scene of course to get the best bits.

4. Mycroft’s protectiveness of his brother. They are adorable.

Mycroft examined an unamused John’s hand. I didn’t remember this scene. Dear creators, do tell us more about Mycroft’s ring.

5. Sherlock asks John if he could borrow his phone. He just holds out his hand, John puts it there, and Sherlock does nothing but fondle the phone between his hands for a moment while meditating and then hands it over again. I love this scene so much.

6. “Nothing, just… "Welcome to London.”“

That quote and the exchange of looks!

And I’ll leave this here:

7. Sherlock’s ”…….oh.“ face after John says he doesn’t need to use his imagination thinking what his last words would be, that I completely managed to ignore the first time. He just looked so sad and sorry and moved and touched by John’s vulnerable moment right there. SUCH A GOOD MOMENT.