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Nana nana nana nana.
Nana nana nana nana,



Happy Halloween  everyone! Enter THE DORK KNIGHT.

Between movies and video games I have been over saturated with batman recently. I went through a lot of costumes choices for these two but I felt the Adam West tv show ones set the right tone.

I want this costume so bad.

 With this piece I wanted to show the kind of relationship I think Terry and Carlos would share. A dynamic duo!

Hey, Listen!
I have been playing a lot of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time recently and loving every second of it. I loved it when it came out, and I love it all over again today. I was thinking of replaying The Wind Waker directly after completing my current run through. I am curious to see if after all these years the game still holds up.

The Wind Waker is a direct sequel to Ocarina of time, even though for some reason the visual styles are very different. So this is my interpretation of what Ocarina of Time would look like if the team from The Wind Waker got their hands on the remake.

Couple of things done differently, I used a water colour brush to get a more story book feel to the drawing, and used a recycled paper texture to match the look of the game’s promotional artwork. Funny story, I actually had to flip this drawing after scanning it because I accidentally drew the Ocarina mirrored.  ALSO, I listened to a lot of wind instrument music while working on this piece… I so want to learn to play the Ocarina.

How do you prepare for something like that? haha.
Things are beginning to heat up between main-streamer Carlos and hipster Tobias! One will stand, one shall fall!

I tried something a little new with this one, normally I don’t use very much shading at all in my images and only use it a small accents here and there to give a feeling of depth. I felt this drawing needed a more dramatic tension and I think the use of shadow helps it achieve it.

Now that I finally finished Mass Effect 3 I can concentrated on drawing again.