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وَإِنْ تَعُدُّوا نِعْمَةَ اللَّهِ لَا تُحْصُوهَا ۗ إِنَّ اللَّهَ لَغَفُورٌ رَحِيمٌ

And if you count the blessing of Allāh, you will not be able to count it.


The Qur'aan says “If you were to count the blessings of Allāh you wouldn’t be able to…”. This means that if you tried to keep a record of everything Allāh is doing for you, you just won’t be able to keep up! Now, how can we be ungrateful after knowing this.


So, if you guys are like me you have been avidly following all the hype surrounding Ho Mann Jahaan for months now. I had already pre-booked my ticket to go watch it :D

Went to watch it yesterday, mostly just for this Adeel/Shehryar bromance pictured above! 😍 Here’s my mini review:

Eye candy wise: Did not disappoint!!! <3
Story line wise: Left much to be desired.
Acting wise: Wow Shehryar Munawar has come a long long way, super impressed with his acting chops!
Adeel nailed the emotional outburst scenes! (I may have shed a tear or two myself - No one will ever know for sure)!
Sonya Jehan is not only beautiful but also such a natural when it comes to acting.
Sets & Costume wise: On point AF!
Fav Cameo: Hamza Ali Abbasi

Overall rating: 7/10 in my books. You should all go check out and let me know how you liked it too!

There’s a verse in the Qur'aan that beautifully captures the shortness of our worldly life. The verses are known to many, but have you reflected over the power of what is being implied? Allāh says:

أَلْهَاكُمُ التَّكَاثُرُ
YOU ARE OBSESSED by greed for more and more

حَتَّىٰ زُرْتُمُ الْمَقَابِرَ
UNTIL you visit the graves

SubhanAllāh, the Qur'aan refers to our time in the graves as a mere “visit”. Why? Because in comparison to the Hereafter of Paradise or Hell, that time is nothing, despite it being thousands if not millions of years long. Imagine then, how short the life of this world must be? In this there there is reassurance for the aching hearts as their time of relief is close by. And in this is a warning to the sinner, your time for repentance is fast running out!

Finally, there is also a sense of irony in this verse. People who visit the graveyards for funerals and then head home should realize that the graveyard is more of a home to them then the place they are about to return.

- Ustadh Asim Khan

A person cannot sacrifice one love except for a greater love. This is why the Qur'aan gives us beautiful picturesque descriptions of what Paradise will be like.

“An image of the Garden which is promised to those who are cautious of Allāh: in it there are rivers of water which will never spoil and rivers of milk whose taste will never change and rivers of wine, delightful to all who drink it, and rivers of honey of undiluted purity; in it they will have fruit of every kind and forgiveness from their Lord…” Surah Muḥammad

The more you read, the deeper your love for that reward becomes, and the attachments to worldly joys weaken and becomes trivial.

O Allāh, grant us a place in Jannah with your Prophet ﷺ

- Ustadh Asim Khan


Upcoming Pakistani movie, Ho Mann Jahaan’s press conference was held yesterday in Frere Hall, Karachi. Along with Mahira Khan, Sheheryar Munawar Siddiqui, Adeel Husain, the cast also includes Bushra Ansari, Sonya Jehan, Arshad Mehmood with cameos by Fawad Khan and Hamza Abbasi. Movie is all set to release on Eid! Directed by Asim Raza.

When You Getting Back Here?
  • James Uy: Hioooo buff TAN! When you getting back here?
  • :
  • Diane Mae Tan: month of MAY niggah lol, im not buff, ewww! but i remember the times we worked out at LA FITNESS. miss you silly!
  • :
  • James Uy: Aight Gotchu. May huh? kbbq !!! LA there's a spot. there meat is good as hell or you can't kbbq coz watching your diet or something ? Alriteeeee you ain't buff .. ripped ya! We miss you too nigguuu!
  • :
  • Diane Mae Tan: yea! KBBQ sounds so bomb right now! Don't need to worry about my diet, ill be done with modelin sessions when i get there. TRUST my high metabolism and appetite can handle! Imma train and ball up when i get there tho, train with Asim and his pro homies, you should tag along! i havent seen you ball in forever, you still suck or wuh? ;]
  • :
  • Asim Khan: daymm she clowned on u james
  • :
  • James Uy: Kbbq is de shiz wait is there even kbbq in phil? You trying make me jealous with yo high metabolism and such :P coz im jealous now lol Im good handling ma balls I got mad skills nigu
  • :
  • James Uy: you not guna back me up :(
  • :
  • Asim Khan: haha hes gotten alot better tho
  • :
  • James Uy: Yeszurrrrr!!! Just a tad Lil asim excelled a lot dunking and dunking while giving a tbag on Jhony Lol!
  • :
  • Asim Khan: HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHHA! i member that
  • :
  • Diane Mae Tan: theres KBBQ here but it aint that BOMB. we needa visit GARDENA for some FURUSATO! omgah! i miss that shii! and yea be JELLY homie! thas good you can handle "your balls" <-- wahahha! im just shootin at you, so dont trip. awws, Johnny needs ta tag along too! i miss ya'll niggahs!
  • :
  • James Uy: Aye this guy not guna trip Aight, you might when you se me handling them balls lol! Ye, Johnny Le actually you don't even need to.tag him he stalks -.- right Jhony ? And furusato not the bomb Mr lee's @ cerritos is ! 8 bucks and dollar per rice:)
  • :
  • Diane Mae Tan: you never trip James lol but aight! CERRITOS it is then! Johnnyyyyyy! stalks?! wuh? and DOLLAR per RICE?! you know i get to 6 scoops?! that $14 when at FURUSATO, its unlimited for $10?! hahahha!
  • :
  • James Uy: Tru lol and Daym 6scoops ............. Better meat than furusato tho lol for me Ye Jhony is :)
  • :
  • Diane Mae Tan: do they have unlimited salad, sweet potatoes, kimchi at Mr. Lees's? its cool Johnny can STALK lol
  • :
  • James Uy: Yeah they do and on the rice paper just not on the rice :)
  • :
  • Diane Mae Tan: RICE PAPERSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! oh im good with Mr. Lee's then! CERRITOS here i come with you niggahs, SAVE A DATE for me and leyyhgooo! my sister needs to go + my bro!
  • :
  • James Uy: When you get hur will set a date Aight ripped girl!

“Fitnah” (Temptation)

One of my personal favorites of the set. This one took about 2 weekends to work on - a lot the time was spent learning new techniques that i knew existed but didn’t know how to replicate. Often times for myself something that is a fitnah can eat me up inside, so I tried to reflect those feelings in this piece by including a lot of objects that contrast with each other i.e. smooth round organic shapes set against rough rectangular shapes, clashing blue vs orangish hues (opposites ends of the color spectrum).

Prints at:


1. Metamorphosis of Woman
Woman, the one who brings life. Before she can give life…she must become one of her own. Draped in the cocoon (red saree) of societal expectations conflicted with the innate desire for self discovery, woman is a battlefield. The transformation of woman happens first unseen, within the trappings of the societal mould, from which she must break free.

2. The Exhaustion                                                                                           

The life of life: an internal struggle, an exhaustion beyond compare. Before nature can be green, life begins with red. She bleeds you, raw with emotion, drawing the wolves of the woods ever more near. She fends for her self, she does not need your protection; she gives to you when she chooses.               

3.Emergence of Woman:

Once Woman is ready, there is nothing that can hold her back or withstand her force. The cocoon will let her eyes open, moulds shatter, a flower blossoms quietly in a forest muddled with sound and malicious whispers. Everything stops in her wake. Upon the emergence of Woman.. the earth learns to breath, once again.

Photography & Concept- Aphiraa Nirmalarajah sunshinepeppers
Model: Maheen Asim haramasfuq
Caption: Naveed Khan navk