✝ Bloody Coat of arms ✝ || @asilverswordandblessedbullets

✝:: The sun was at it’s set, the sky was a beautiful crimson-like red, the colour would remind most of blood, the liquid that resembled life as well as death. As the sun slowly began to disappear it grew closer and closer to what would be Night to the humans, but to Alucard? It was the complete opposite, ‘Good Morning’ is what he would say to those whom said 'Good Night’ It was his own little way of being a smart ass. The air grew cooler by the minute, and in the matter of seconds the great Nosferatu would awaken, it was about time he got a goodnight’s rest, seeing that this entire week he’d been busy with the usual… Killing ghouls and vampires, not that he would ever complain about such, but he did need his rest at some point in time.

Finally. It has set, the sun has gone down, and the vampire awoke; opening his eyes ever so slowly an instant smirk grew on his face as his hand pushed open the top of the coffin; getting to his feet in the blink of an eye, Alucard stepped out of his black coffin. He stood there for a moment as he collected himself, it had been quite a while since he’d had such a full, uninterrupted slumber. He felt recharged and refreshed, it was something that would always put him in better spirits.

“Ah, it really has been long since I’ve had such a nice…sleep…” He spoke to himself with his large smirk still upon his face, “How odd that I managed to make it through the day without any interruptions from anyone….” His voice was calm and ever so relaxed, he took several step forward; taking hold of his red pharaoh and placing it on his head.

The red-clad vampire then slowly made his way over to the large stone staircase, he was soft on his feet, all he wanted to do was go out, admire the beauty of the night, the beauty of the moon. But the odds of Integra allowing such a thing was slim… Perhaps he’d have to disobey her wishes and sneak outside anyways? But hopefully Sir Integra was in a good mood this evening. He made his way upstairs which he soon found himself in the hallways of the Hellsing mansion, he was no longer in the basement. Alucard inhaled deeply as his smirk did not disappear.

Walking down the hallways of the Hellsing Estate, he headed for Integra’s office where she would most likely be, Alucard could smell the blood and scent of his master, it was a strong and almost mouth watering aroma, but the blood of his master was something forbidden, but it was still something he could smell, and follow. The scent brought him directly to the door of her office, where he openly welcomed himself in, but Alucard didn’t bother opening up the door, no, he just walked right through it.

A new begining for an old dog

He stood several feet away from the impressive oak desk of Integral Fairbrook Wingates Hellsing. He didn’t especially feel getting any closer than he had to, and he had made his intentions clear, or at least as clear as he could, and he was certain she must be mulling it over or she would have shot him by now. His expression remained blank behind the turned up collar, blue eyes calculating. It was clear that there was more to this Dog of Millennium than had ever been expressed before.