The undue influence of a DM on names

We are a large group of players who play four to six at a time and all made our characters one-to-one with the DM, independently of each other. My character is a halfling bard, when asked for a name.

Me: OK, her name is Fiongullah (fee-ON-gul-ah), spell it how you please.

DM: Right then.

I looked at my character sheet, the DM had written under ‘name’ Fiongullah Spellidhauplise and then refused to change it.

I felt a bit better about that when I learned that someone else had not come up with a name in her character creation session, still hadn’t about five minutes before her first session, so…

DM: I need a name from you now

Player: My name is as yet undecided

So Asiett Undicydid adventures with us.