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Heathens (Part 1)

Genre: Conspiracy!AU; Action; Angst

Word Count: 2,854

Warnings:  Violence; Suggestive Content

Author’s Note: Listen to  “Heathens” by Twenty One Pilots as you read, if possible!  I basically had it on repeat while I was writing this and it really helped me get into the story.

     “In ninety-six hours, the city will be on lock-down.  No one may enter.  No one may leave.  All citizens are to remain inside as the city is purged, unless instructed otherwise or chosen for the draft. If selected for the draft, citizens must….”

     A chill ran through your spine as you walked the cold streets of your city. ‘Why the hell is it so empty out here…?,’ you thought, listening to the sound of your heels clacking against the concrete.  

     “Aye, Sweetheart!  You know where I can find a good time around here?,” a voice called out to you from an approaching car.  

    “You just found one,” you smirked, walking over and leaning on the window of the navy blue hunk of metal.  “Question is: how much are ‘ya willin’ to pay for it?”  

     Getting a good look at the guy made you uneasy and the crooked, almost devious, grin he wore made you sick to your stomach. 

      “Whatever the price, I’m sure your ass is worth it.  Get in,” he instructed, opening the door.  

     You slid in and closed the door before looking at him with a serious expression.  “$500 upfront.”  

    “$500′s a little steep, don’t ‘ya think?,” he chuckled, placing a hand on your thigh. 

    “I said $500. Take your hand off of me.”

    “The fuck did you just say to me?!”  Rough, calloused hands grabbed your arm and you sprung into action, pulling your pocket knife from inside your shirt and flicking it open to graze his neck.  

     “Pull some shit like that again and I’ll slice your fucking Adam’s apple.”

     You made it out of that car with $500. 

     The feeling of money sliding through your fingers as you counted took your mind off the decreasing temperature.  As you pushed forward, you noticed a van slowing down beside you from the corner of your eye.  Walking a bit faster, you tried to stay calm and look for a turn to take.  Seeing your opportunity, you picked up speed and turned left, only to have the large black vehicle follow you. The moment you broke into a run, you felt a sharp pain in your leg, causing you to fall to the ground.

     “Hey…..Hey….Hey!,” a male voice startled you out of what you had assumed was a terrible dream.  When you opened your eyes, a boy around your age came into view.  He sat across from you with wild eyes and matted hair clinging to his forehead in a paste of sweat, dirt, and blood.  It wasn’t until after you took note of his disheveled appearance that you realized you hadn’t been dreaming at all.  Glancing around the room didn’t do much because of how dark it was and as you moved to rub your eyes, you noticed that your hands were bound by rope.  

     “Who the hell are you?,” you asked, clearly still in a state of confusion.  

     “I could ask you the same thing,” he scoffed. 

     “Yeah, well I asked you first.  Start talkin’.” 

     “Name’s Jungkook. Been here for about two days.”  

     “And where is ‘here’?” 

     “My guess is we’re in the basement of a testing center.”  

     “A…testing center?”  

    “Yeah.  What, did they fuck up your hearing before throwing you in here?  What’s your name, anyway?”  

     “_____.  Why are we in a testing center?”  

     “Aside from ‘testing’ being the most obvious answer, I don’t know much more than you.  We are sitting here in the dark together,” he quipped sarcastically.

     “Point taken.  Hey, think you can reach my pocket knife? It’s in my shirt.” 

     “I can try,” he muttered, reaching towards you.  

     You leaned back for a moment and said, “Grab anything other than the knife and I’ll make however long we have in here a living hell.”

   “Don’t flatter yourself,” he chuckled, reaching into your shirt.  Once he gripped the handle, he pulled out the utensil and flicked it open before tilting his head to the side as a signal for you to turn around.  Following suit, you shifted so your back was facing him and he quickly slashed through the rope.  You rubbed your wrists, hoping to soothe  them a bit before returning the favor.  After folding the pocket knife and returning it to the inside of your shirt you looked at him.  “So, what now?”  

    “Now I can send our location to some friends of mine.  They’ll have us out of here in no time,” he spoke with a smug grin as he pulled out his phone and typed something at lightning speed.

     Screams echoing through the halls snatched you from whatever daydream you had escaped reality with.  They never ended and you never became numb to them.  Pure agony.  Whatever they did to people in there…you hoped you wouldn’t find out through experience.  

     “’They’ll have us out of here in no time’, huh?,” you asked, mouth dry from both your tone and extreme thirst. 

    “Well, what the fuck do you want me to do from in here?,” he replied in frustration. 

     Before you could answer, the door swung opened, banging against the wall.  “Two more lab rats,” a hefty voice sneered.  A man with a fitting body to accompany said voice grabbed you by your hair and pulled you up. 

    “Hey, leave her alone!,” Jungkook yelled. 

    “Don’t worry, Kid.  You and your little girlfriend here are going to the lab together,” he chuckled, gripping the boy’s shirt.  

     While he was distracted by Jungkook’s thrashing, you pulled out your weapon of choice and lodged it into the man’s thigh, severing a femoral artery. He screamed in pain, releasing the two of you as you broke into a run.    

     Footsteps could be heard behind you as you came to a split in the hall.  Giving each other a look of confirmation, you parted ways, hoping to throw the person following you off.  “Hey, Dickhead!,” you heard Jungkook scream, followed by the sound of breaking glass.  

   ‘He must be trying to distract them so I can find help,’ you figured as you kept running.  Before you could get any further, you ran into something solid.  Looking up, you came face to face with a boy with mint green hair.  He remained calm, but you could still sense nervous energy from him.

     “Are you looking for Jungkook?,” you asked frantically. 

     “Yes, where is he?”  Without another word, you grabbed his arm and led him back in the direction Jungkook went.  Following the sound of a struggle, you found the room he was in.  Just as he was about to be tackled by a much larger man, a gun went off behind you.  

     “Holy fuck!  You have got to teach me how to do that!,” Jungkook exclaimed, wiping blood from his face as the man fell to the ground.  

    “One day, Kid.  One day,” the green haired boy responded, placing his gun back into his pants pocket. 

    “Can someone please tell me what the hell is going on?,” you asked, staring blankly at the body on the floor in front of you.  

     “No time,  We gotta get out of here,” the older boy said, turning around to walk out.  Jungkook followed and you figured you had no choice but to do the same.  Moving swiftly and quietly, the three of you got to what you assumed was an exit.  

    “It’s locked,” you huffed, trying to push it open to no avail.  

    Without a word, the green-haired boy nudged you back and pulled out his gun, shooting the lock.  Breaking the lock set off an alarm and you immediately heard hurried footsteps coming your way.  “The van’s outside.  Run,” he ordered.

     The three of you exited the building and ran towards the black van parked about a block away. Two men were close behind and one almost caught up to you, but was met with a bullet to the head.  

    “Thanks,” you breathed.  

    “Don’t mention it.  Run faster.”

     “Drive, drive!,” Jungkook yelled as you piled into the vehicle.  

    “Nice to see you, too, Kid,” the brown-haired boy in the driver’s seat laughed, shoving his foot into the gas pedal.  Looking around, you saw that you were surrounded by seven boys.

     “Who’s the girl?,”  a red headed boy asked Jungkook.  

     Before he could answer, you replied, “The girl can speak for herself.  My name is _____.”  

    “’Scuse me,” he chuckled, slightly impressed with your spunk. 

     “Guys, this is _____.  Met her while we were, uh…detained,” Jungkook said.  

    “Wish they’d locked me up with a cute girl when I was in there,” the red head joked.

    “That’s not funny, Jimin.”  

    “Eh, laugh to keep from crying, y’know?,” he shrugged in response before turning to you.  “How’d you get caught?”  

     “Well, I was in the red light district-” 

     “I thought you looked familiar,” the mint-haired boy muttered. 

      “The red light district?  You’re a hooker?,” Jimin asked.  

      “No, I’m a con artist,” you replied, holding up a twenty dollar bill.  He gave you a confused look before patting down his pants pockets.  

     “Damn, you’re good,” he laughed, taking back the money.  

     “I work in that district as a hitter.”  Upon seeing their confused faces, you figured you should explain your position.  “Safety precautions.  I help keep the girls safe, make sure they get paid, and pick off the creeps.  The madams slide me the extra money and I keep scum out of the red light district. Even pocket some of their cash if I can. Doesn’t pay as well as actual prostitution, but the clientele skeeves me out, so I wouldn’t be able to do that, anyway.”  

     “So, hypothetically speaking, if you had better clientele, you’d fuck for cash?,” green hair asked nonchalantly.  

    “Yoongi!,” Jungkook exclaimed. 

    “What?  I said ‘hypothetically’,” he shrugged. 

     “No, I will not sleep with you for money.  Or for free,” you quickly added, seeing his eyebrow quirk at the end of your first statement.  “Anyway,  I got shot in the leg with something while I was out there and then I passed out.  Woke up in that basement with Jungkook.  Now can someone please tell me what the hell is going on?”  

     “MKULTRA.  Montauk Project. Ever heard of them?,” a boy in a black beanie with blonde hair beneath it asked from the passenger’s seat. 

     “Heard the names.  That’s about it.”  

     “Well, just know that they were fucked up.  Government experimentation on innocent people.  I don’t know exactly what they’re doing it again for, though.”  

     “Probably some type of war tactic.  It’s about time they got into another one for an economic upturn,” Yoongi suggested.  Just as the blonde haired boy was about to speak again, static was heard over the radio.

     “In forty-eight hours, the city will be on lock-down.  No one may enter.  No one may leave.  All citizens are to remain inside as the city is purged, unless instructed otherwise or chosen for the draft. If selected for the draft, citizens must comply.  If citizens fail to comply, they may be terminated.  Thank you and have a nice night,” the stoic female voice spoke.

     “What the fuck?!,” you exclaimed. 

     “Exactly,” Yoongi replied. 

     “If we don’t get out of here before the lock-down, we’re fucked,” Jimin said.  

    “You’re all leaving town?,” a mix of confusion and fear laced your tone. 

     “You’re staying here?  They’ll only find you again.  They usually take DNA samples from their victims.”

     “If she wants to stay here and become a guinea pig, let her.  It’s not like we have much room to spare,” another nameless brunette answered as the vehicle came to a halt.  

    “We can’t leave her here,” Jungkook interjected before turning to you.  “We’re not leaving you here.”  

    “Jungkook, I’m clearly not wanted here and it’s within reason.  I’m a complete stranger to you all, so I can’t really blame them.  Thanks for helping me escape, but I’m sure I’ll be fine going back home.”  

     “Well, even if you don’t skip town, you probably shouldn’t go back to your home.  Chances are they’re raiding it as we speak.  You don’t live with any family or roommates do you?,” the driver asked. 

     “No, I live alone.” 

     “Good.  They’d probably be dead by now, anyway.  Alright, everybody out.” 

     As everyone got out of the car, you finally got a good look at the odd bunch of boys who saved you.  “If you want to stay here, we won’t try to convince you otherwise.  Just sleep on it.  We’re gathering provisions tomorrow then heading out before nightfall,” the blonde said before walking ahead of you.  

     You looked around at the secluded area and followed the seven boys into what looked like a run-down house.  

    Jungkook’s clothes weren’t exactly your style, but they were clean, so they would have to do.  After wringing out your freshly washed clothes, you hung them over the towel rack in the bathroom and made your way to the living room. 

     “Here, I saved you some,” Jungkook said, handing you a bowl of chili and a piece of bread on some aluminum foil.  You thanked him and sat down before eating a spoonful.  

    “So, I know that the redhead is Jimin and Yoongi is the one with green hair.  Who are the others?,” you asked.  

     After taking a huge bite of bread, he dusted the crumbs from his mouth and answered.  “Uh…The blonde is Namjoon.  The driver was Jin.  Hoseok was-” 

    “The one that clearly doesn’t like me very much.”  

    “Don’t take it personally.  He’s just really cautious, that’s all.  It takes him a while to warm up to people because they have to earn his trust.” 

     “Well, I won’t have to worry about that since I’m going home tomorrow…,” you said nonchalantly, taking another bite of chili. 

    “If that’s the case, then why’d you bother asking?,” he smugly quipped, one eyebrow raising slightly. 

     The sound of clattering from the kitchen caught your attention. Looking behind you, you noticed the boy with lighter brown hair who hadn’t spoken at all when you were in the van.

    “And the quiet one?,” you mumbled just low enough for only Jungkook to hear.   

    “That’s V.”  

    “V?,” you asked skeptically. 

    “He doesn’t remember his real name.  Whatever they did to him, it really fucked him up, but he won’t talk about it…He doesn’t talk much at all, to be honest.”

     You watched V open the breadbox, only to find it empty.  Noticing the disappointed expression on his face, you grabbed your slice of bread and walked into the kitchen.  Tapping him on the shoulder startled him, but he quickly calmed down.  

     “Here.  You can have mine,” you smiled softly, offering it to him.  He looked down at it, then back at you before slowly grasping it.  When he reached towards you, his sleeve shifted slightly, allowing you to see some kind of tattoo on his wrist.  ‘V101’ was crudely etched into his skin in black ink. 

     “Thank you,” he said, just above a whisper as the corner of his mouth twitched in what you figured was an attempt at a smile.  

     “Rise and shine, kids!,” Jin called as he made his way through the hallway.  Still a bit drowsy, you sat up and shook Jungkook’s shoulder, attempting to wake him.  He swatted your hand away and rubbed his eyes.  “I’m up, I’m up.”

     “Jungkook, have you seen my first aid kit?,” the older male asked.  Instead of answering, he simply pointed underneath the coffee table. 

     “Ah, there it is,” he said, kneeling down to grab it.  He opened it up and scanned over all of the equipment, making sure everything was there.

   “I’ve never seen a first aid kit that was so…extensive,” you trailed off, eyes catching sight of a few sharp utensils.

    “Well, most civilians haven’t,” he chuckled before going on.  “I, uh…I’m a professional.”  

    “So, like a doctor or surgeon or something?”

     “Or something.”  

     You gave him a confused look and he smiled a bit as he spoke.  “I didn’t want to say anything about my previous occupation because I figured it would make you want to leave…I used to work for the government on these…projects, for lack of a better term.  A few years ago when they first started…and only on willing test subjects.”  

      “But you don’t work for them anymore.  Why?”  

     “Eventually, the subjects weren’t willing anymore…and neither was my best friend when they took him for testing.  I helped him escape and every time another city goes on lock-down, we move on to the next.”   

     Namjoon walked into the room, stretching as he spoke.  “Everyone should be ready to go in about twenty minutes.  Pack the essentials and we’ll pick up anything else we need when we leave.”   

    “Got it,” Jin replied, closing the kit and standing.  Namjoon nodded and left to collect the others.  Before Jin could follow, you lightly grabbed his wrist.  

     “Why don’t you want me to leave?” 

     He looked at you with a sincere expression and sighed.  “Because I don’t think you should risk being captured again.  I’ve seen what those people go through, what most of these boys have gone through…and it’s not something I would wish on anyone.”  

     “What did they go through?”  

     “I’m afraid those aren’t my stories to tell,” he shrugged slightly.

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Can you tell me what your feelings are on the subject of “LR not being pretty”? I ❤️ Her and it has nothing to do with her looks.

Well - I think she’s gorgeous on the outside - obviously - and I think it’s kinda silly that my previous Grayface even suggested that she’s not… on MY blog - where it’s kinda obvious that I’d disagree. Clearly, a shit disturber for sure. 

But aside from being aesthetically beautiful - I also think Lili’s a really nice person. A very “normal” person. And that’s more of a reason to stan her than just the gift of the Amy/Dan genetic soup she was blessed with.

I actually think there is an inherent problem with how people relate to celebrities. They put them on this pedestal of otherly-ness. And over the last few years, I have really tried hard to reconcile the fact that these people we see on our screens are very regular people with an irregular job. They like going to Target. They like eating ice cream in their pyjamas. They send their friends silly cat memes just like the rest of us.

One of the things I really love about Lili is that she is so unapologetically NORMAL. She’s relateable because she doesn’t hide behind the mask of celebrity. We see her talking about her love of pizza and how much she misses her pups - and we are reminded that she’s a regular person just like us - who just happens to have a job that other people can see. 

She loves pets, she loves her friends, she loves her family. She thinks we should teat each other decently. She likes the things she likes a lot and isn’t embarrassed about that. She’s normal. She’s just a normal girl who happens to be otherworldly beautiful and gets to kiss a super hot boy on the regular. 

And she’s hilarious. So yeah. Thanks for the ask, Grayface. <3

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In your opinion, who has the most/least daddy issues in VC



The MOST = CLAUDIA. By far. Hands down. The clear winner. Y I K E S

The LEAST? Probably Pandora? Maybe Quinn?

Anyway I think this is a really interesting question/concept within VC because of the overlap between DADDY ISSUES / MAKER ISSUES, and the symbolic connection between makers and parents. And I don’t think there’s a general rule because some makers/fledglings have more obvious relationships as lovers, and it gets pretty Freudian pretty fast LOL, but that’s one of the themes of VC anyway, that love transcends blah blah and none of these labels or restrictions matter anymore. So on a case-by-case basis you could argue that some maker drama fits the mold of DADDY ISSUES but I don’t say so as a rule. Mostly imo it’s based on the dynamic between their age differences or how much respect they show each other, etc. Like Marius/Pandora isn’t a daddy issue to me, Marius/Armand is. Lestat/Louis isn’t, MAYBE LESTAT/DAVID IS??????? (WHO’S THE DADDY BTW, WHAT A FUCKING MESS.) Hard to say. Each relationship is a unique shitshow dumpster fire but. Hey.

BUT LIKE BEFORE I GET INTO THIS, LET’S ALSO CLEAR THE AIR? I don’t think “Daddy Issues” are really a thing LOL. I mean, they are! Certainly! But you’re not gonna find DADDY ISSUES in the fucking DSM, okay? To me, “Daddy Issues” is a SYNDROME if anything, and you most often see it used in the context of diminishing the behavior of women. LOL SO SRS. But honestly like, it’s usually something that some bro says to be dismissive of someone’s actual psychological hurdles. So if you break it down to what’s traditionally/stereotypically thought of as “Daddy Issues”, it’s like, what do we got? Abandonment issues? PTSD? Promiscuous behavior? Basically anything that can come as a result of shitty relationship with your dad, and keep in mind that it could constitute varying levels of trauma. Like, everyone in the world experiences and copes with a wide spectrum of trauma in a wide spectrum of ways. So having a shitty relationship with your dad could fuck you up in a multitude of ways, and sometimes it just means that your dad was kind of a douche, sometimes it’ll mean that he was flagrantly abusive, sometimes it just means that he wasn’t there at all. AND ALSO keep in mind that I’m using this all as an argument for the traditional use of the term “Daddy Issues” and I’m not at all saying that it’s cool to just blame someone’s relationship with their dad for any/all problems they have cause that’s ignorant as fuck lol and it goes back to what I mean about how you GENERALLY hear this term used to be dismissive of people and without actually caring about why they are the way they are or why they’re doing the things they’re doing.

ANYWAY LOL GETTIN HEAVY IN HERE, SORRY I WANTED TO GET THAT OUT OF THE WAY JUST TO PUT WHAT I’M ABOUT TO SAY INTO CONTEXT. And btw just for the record, I am in no way salty or offended by this question personally even though I wanted to acknowledge the potential for this topic to be rude LOL. But enough IRL garbage, VAMPIRES YEAH!

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aka  “i suggested we play spin the bottle so I could kiss you, but now everyone is kissing you except me”

Member: Jun

Word Count: 671

You never realised how jealous you could be until tonight. The only reason you wanted to play spin the bottle was to give you an excuse to kiss Jun, but it seemed like God intended for everyone but you to kiss him. Aside from being jealous, you were confused too – it just wasn’t possible for the bottle to land on him that many times. That could only be a product of rigging.

Why didn’t you think of that first?!

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EYES THE M!A || ❝... N-Nagito-san. I-I have t-to ask--i-it's probably going t-to be silly... b-but do you even l-like having me a-as a roommate...? D-Do you r-really l-like me o-or is it j-just an a-act...?❞


 He didn’t expect that question, simply because the answer seemed so obvious. Clearly, not to her. He swallowed his surprise and rested his hands gently on Seiko’s shoulders, as if he was trying to drill the point into her mind.

 “Seiko-san, I love having you as a roommate. Listen, ever since I got this place, it’s been…lacking. Aside from the books everywhere, I never kept many personal touches because nothing felt significant enough. It was always quiet - not just in volume, but…still. Very, very still. It’s lonely to live that way. I was determined to make this place a home, but…I didn’t know how.

 “Now you’re here, and I’ve never been less lonely or more happy. I sincerely adore you, and I adore having you around.

Perspective follow up

Oh hey ye old! Austen anon here, this might be an interesting reblog/tack-on to the end of my S&S point, I was going to include it first time through, but felt it might be too messy… But I just read your perspective theory and I got shivers, I felt I had to point this out to you, at least. 

(Sorry, it’s longer than I thought it would be. I don’t mean to keep sending essays, it just happens. apologies.)


First- Important background: I want to talk about perspective of narration real fast. Recap!  As any reader/watcher knows the basics and importance of it in any novel, poem, film, etc. is ’Who is telling us all of this?’ and Do we trust this persons judgement? Is it a trustworthy third party? Is it a deceptive third party? Are we being told the right version of this story? or is it bias? etc.

Our main indication is we’re usually seeing things through who we’re following closely throughout the novel. (Not told by, meaning not literally narrated by, for sure, especially if it’s not been indicated and/or is told from first person. You can question it with all story’s but that’s complicated far too deep-in and not really important/relevant right now, because regardless it would still come to the same end in this piece.) 

So it’s the perspective of the narration, regardless of the narrator. Basically- usually, told through the eyes of who our main character is. We follow their story and their personal moments and what they know or wonder exists between others. 

So- in GMW, the girl who’s perspective it is is clearly Riley’s. She’s our main girl the same Cory was our main boy in BMW, and the narrators are the show writers. They write her perspective through narration. 

(I know, this is dumb, and obvious to those of you who have taken English 101. But I’m sorry, I have to write in order because I’ve been wired and I’ll feel something is missing!)

Okay- that’s the quick slapped together version of it. 

Who’s Perspective of this Multi-Character-Driven-Story is it Anyways? 

Everyone in the world of S&S, even Elinor’s mother and sisters, wonder if she really feels emotion deeply beyond sense. To the outside world (even Edward who’s convinced for a long while she only feels friendship for him), Elinor unfortunately comes off as sometimes cold as well. We of course know this because, as I pointed out before clearly in the text, Elinor keeps her vulnerable and dark emotions from everyone around her not because she cares less, but because she cares that much more. But we (the readers / viewers) know the truth about her. Because we follow her

But do we ever guess how Marianne is feeling? No, clearly not. We know every little thing she’s feeling always because she’s always putting it out there, even through someone else’s eyes. 

So, let’s say we didn’t follow Elinor’s perspective, though… say we followed Marianne’s perspective. First off- it would be a completely different type of novel, wouldn’t it? 

Let’s ask ourselves, why then do we follow the story through Elinor’s eyes? Especially if it's Marianne that changes at the end of the novel? Aside from Elinor’s sense being the ‘moral’ of the story being most obvious answer, why? Why do we follow sense throughout when it is the one with the most sensibility that truly learns its most importance? And, aside from that- Marianne clearly see’s herself as the main character in everyone’s lives, she definitely takes up the most space anywhere she goes and has the more dramatic plot. She has the most makings of what an interesting main character would be like- she’d never be boring or come off ‘cold’ to anyone….

Because if we did follow S&S through Marianne’s eyes… Well, let’s say we pretend that we do and it does

What would we know about Elinor? I genuinely mean, really know. Give it a thought. Answer is- what Marianne thought she knew and saw. Quite clearly, she would most certainly come off to the audience as to everyone else in the novel- coldish, slightly unfeeling, all logic, and no romantic interest at all. We’d conclude there was little-to-none interest in Edward since she never seems to fight for him throughout- handing him over to Lucy more than once. And never once saying she loves him, only that she likes him and admires him. 

So, technically, up until that last argument she has with Marianne (that I put up in the post) telling her why she stays so secret about her emotions, and we’re shown that they’re actually so deep and intense that Elinor is perhaps the most sensitive character there and Marianne finally understands it too- we would have no idea who Elinor really was or what she was feeling before it as well. 

Her little speech would feel out of left field, wouldn’t it? A little like Austen trying to make this all happen last minute so it would fit. How do we believe Elinor? We could only do so then through Marianne (our 'perspective’ of the novel’s) eyes and her feelings, when Marianne apologizes and realizes it’s true. 

But it wouldn’t be our fault for misjudging Elinor so much for those who did and didn’t read past what Marianne had showed them. Why? Because we wouldn’t have seen it, or read it- so how could it (Elinor’s deep emotions) really have existed to us the whole time if they didn’t exist to our (new) perspective (Marianne) to tell us this novel? 

And it’s not Marianne’s fault, either. It’s her that changes in the end anyways. She just saw the world and loved/lived differently. And we just happened to be following her. So, given that we know from the real perspective of the actual novel, once again looking through the false one we’ve made looking through Marianne’s- does it make less real? Would Marianne’s perspective make Elinor’s story and feelings exist any less than we know they are through her own?

Riley (our main character) regardless if she was or not, sees herself as the main character in the world of the show and everyone’s situations in it (sound familiar?). She wants to fix everyone, be involved with everyone, help everyone because she knows better, she’s the center of it all anyways, right? Cory had the same problem in bmw, he just couldn’t see past himself so many times it would push people away from him, especially Shawn.

So, we follow Riley’s perspective in GMW… what do we know about Maya? 

If GMW was written by Austen, by my guess, she would probably choose to follow in the more subdued less-loud perspective, Maya’s. So if it was, let’s imagine it does- 

would we know anything less about Riley? Anything Maya doesn’t know or hasn’t figured out or has seen? Would Riley come off any differently? Calmer? Less dreamy? Less happy? …The obvious answer is no.

She would come off just the same. She never hides a thing and even when she “does”- she doesn’t. She said 'I know you’ll do the right thing.’ not 'don’t you dare or this will be end of our friendship.’ Her “secrets” …Are announced. Only a few weeks later. At a party. In front of everyone. And even before they’re announced- she doesn’t exactly make herself scarce in their relationship. 

Maya’s secret? Is announced- by Riley. At a campfire. In front of everyone. Far later than when her liking him first started two years prior. 

Through Maya’s perspective the show is completely different.

This show is about a girl who falls in love with this boy… but this girl loves her best friend even more and puts her best friend’s happiness first- just like she always quietly does in life without saying a word, even when her friend doesn’t notice. Everyone sees her as not liking anyone, but it’s just the facade. If only they knew what she really felt, and why she did what she really did the way that we saw her in this story. So she suffers quietly as she’s misunderstood but doesn’t say a word. She pushes them together, watching happily as her best friend grow into her dreams while simultaneously being shredded inside watching as the boy she loves goes off with another girl. 

Everyone clearly see’s Riley doing anything for her friends because it’s always out there, always actively in the public, always spoken about, always acknowledged, and always done through a loud microphone- because that’s how she loves. 

Without seeing/reading through Maya’s perspective, she comes off the same way Elinor would in S&S if it wasn’t her perspective that we saw it through. Maya loves differently than Riley. That’s what we do on here everyday, we gif her reactions, her silent faces- trying to piece together Elin- sorry, Maya’s world, her perspective of her own story because… how 

We know what show we’re watching. We know who’s show we’re watching. So why is it so hard to understand that there’s a whole other world we have no idea about? 

Why? Because we wouldn’t have seen it, or read it- so how could it (Maya’s deep emotions and caring) really have existed to us the whole time if they didn’t exist to our (given) perspective (Riley’s) to tell us the stories in this show? 

And it’s not Riley’s fault, either. It’s her that changes in the end anyways. She just saw the world and loved/lived differently. And we just happened to be following her. So, given that we know from who’s perspective of the show we’re actually watching, - does it make less real? 

Would Riley’s perspective make Maya’s story and feelings exist any less than we are told they are by Maya saying that they are through her own?

Sense and Sensibility –> (and the parallels made in the show) –> Girl Meets World 

What doesn’t change between the two? Storylines. Story unravels as story does. The same things will happen no matter who’s eyes we see it through and how differently those things are seen because the story is not in the hands of the characters any more than our stories are in our own. The novel, the show, is still the same story-

(This is where I magically tie-in the first mis-direction post… )

Marianne finds her passionate prince charming romance, so much in common, so perfect- reality gives way, he’s broke. He leaves her for another woman. He chooses money.

A grand end-all be-all sweeping romance gives way to reality- her best friend loves him too, he may return those feelings. 


A response to the encouraged culture of idealized self-involved one-true-love romances a-la The Notebook, Titanic, the idea of Cory and Topanga, etc. where no one and nothing else matters! Until reality sets in. And you realize you and that boy aren’t the only ones in the room… 

What does change in the parallels between the two? Literally, everything else. Clear as day misdirection to anyone with a general knowledge of the book and show.  

Characters? Opposite.

Fault? Opposite. 

Sense? Opposite. 


Because the perspective is opposite

Even through Marianne’s own world and eyes- it doesn’t change it. Marianne still see’s Elinor for who she really is in the end, and the love between the girls only becomes stronger after a long time of misunderstanding and heartache. They both end up where they’re meant to be, and with who. 

Good news is the story, that reality, never gives way to how we think we see it or want it to be. That’s reality, that’s what Austen dominates in her writing, what she’s telling misdirecting romance-readers towards in this book. What gmw is trying to tell us in their show. What do feelings tell us? Nothin’. Sense wins.

Through either viewpoint, reality is as it is no more and no less than its truth, regardless of what it appears to be, the end still remains.

…And as it is in both stories- reality, truth always has its way of coming out, no matter who’s eyes we’re looking through. 


I 💛 my Austen scholar anon.