aside from mary

I don’t have a huge following on here but I just have to say that the lost episode theory is beyond unlikely.

1. We saw no additional setlock scenes (aside from some involving Mary giving birth) that were totally thrown away or could have made for an additional episode’s worth of material.

2. Sherlock is one of the BBC’s most popular shows. They would NOT just give up the opportunity to market a fourth episode and lose all that viewership. It’s just not a smart move.

3. Apple Tree Yard, while having a sparse IMDB page, does involve real actors and definitely seems to be a real show. Again, it would be a waste of money to lose the Sherlock audience by marketing something completely unrelated.

I’m really sorry, I’m so so sorry, but I would not get my hopes up for a secret episode. I disliked TFP as much as all of you, but I don’t think they’re redeeming themselves this way.

People have been having a go at me for years for saying Steven Moffat was a shit writer. Well, guess the universe just likes to cherry pick my wishes and comments because thank you once again; for proving me correct. This man ruined Doctor who for me, the only episode he wrote that I actually care about (the only and one episode in the entire time he’s been writing for doctor who) was the Vincent Van Gogh episode. Fuck the rest of it, I can’t remember anything. Not a single thing. Thats season 4 for me. Apart from tibets of preformances, the only damned memorable things that happened:

-The hug

-Mycroft’s arch 

-Sherlock remembering Lestrade’s name 


-Moriarty asking Mycroft where he wants him.

-Sherlock reciting Henry V 

Asides from that: Who was Mary again? Why should I care about her redemption? What about her was so wicked?? Eurus is a sociopath??? As apposed to her brother the “High functioning sociopath”???? John’s disconnect from all the women in his life aside from Mrs Hudson????? WHY SO MANY CHARACTERS????? Sherlock’s emotional arch with remembering things (we don’t even know how he forgot them, thanks for that none use of the mind palace by the way)???????????

Sherrinford Recap

Mycroft finds a sticky note with ‘13th’ written on it. Still have ZERO idea what it means. Likely a date, the 13th and all - but this scene, aside from following Mary’s death scene, has no context for when it takes place. Could be months ago, for all we know.

Which prompts him to call Sherrinford.

He then accidentally lets it slip to John over the phone that maybe, possibly, there might be another Holmes sibling. After he hangs up, Lady Smallwood asks:

So we can presumably read that Sherrinford = Sibling, right? So Eurus = Sherrinford. And how is Sherrinford? Mycroft says he gets “regular updates”.

But. If Sherrinford = Sibling = Eurus, Sherrinford is definitely not secure. Eurus is the OPPOSITE OF SECURE, she is currently in the process of ruining Sherlock’s life. BUT RIGHT she is good at dodging security cameras, or more likely someone is making sure she doesn’t show up on them HMMMM. 

And this brings us to our last mention of Sherrinford in TLD:


  • Monitor –
  • Baker Street
  • Blind Greenhouse (mentioned by Mycroft as one of Sherlock’s bolt holes in HLV)
  • Leaning Tomb ( “-in Hampstead Cemetery”, mentioned by Mycroft as one of Sherlock’s bolt holes in HLV)
  • Clock Face - Elizabeth Tower? (”Behind the Clock Face of Big Ben!”, mentioned by Mrs. Hudson as one of Sherlock’s bolt holes in HLV



So basically what I’m saying is:

  1. Sherrinford is something else - like a place - other than a sibling. 
  2. OR Mycroft is being played like a fiddle, Sherrinford is Eurus, and is most definitely not secure.