asics gel lyte iii x patta

Asics gel lyte 3 x Patta

I just bought those babies !!! I can’t wait anymore longer!! I’m so glad to see how my “collection” is growing up!!

Since i’ve re-started to buy sneakers, i’ve promised myself to not buy a pair that I don’t need. So my rule is to buying in first place my grails, the sneakers of my dream  (and with my size, it is not easy at all!) !

I know, it can’t have several grails, let’s say that I have a list of grails and the Number one of the list is THE HOLY GRAIL!

I’m a girl, so of course my shoppinglist is “big” but i’m surprised that during those ¾ months, I’ve already have 6 paires which are in my TOP15 of sneakers. + 2 others who’re coming this week (mazarines & gl3xpatta).

Just to share my HAPPINESS !!