I am currently re-watching the first episode of Asia’s Next Top Model (i’m enjoying the show!) and at the same time reading the comments of youtube people.

Srsly, why is everybody questioning the “Asianity” of the girls?! I know I made that word but I don’t know how to describe it. They all look pretty Asian for me. Why is everybody complaining that half of the girls are not Asians at all?! There are Japanese who doesn’t look like Japanese at all. There are Filipinos who doesn’t look like Filipinos. There are Thais, Indonesians, Malaysians, Singaporeans, Koreans, Taiwanese that doesn’t look like their from their own countries. ugh.

And in the first place, not all Americans look like Americans, not all Mexicans look like Mexicans and some stuffs. 

There’s also this one user commented that she’d rather watch AmericaNTM because what’s the difference watching AsiaNTM if they still look like western people. Her/His reason was the similarity of the skin complexion. I really want to pinch his/her nose. What’s the problem with skin complexion?! Northeast Asia have snow!! They’re not tropical countries and it’s cold in there that’s why they have whiter skinsssssssssssssss!!

And now I will end my rant. :)