Fan Bing Bing absolutely killing it and looking like an immaculate goddess at the Met Gala, meanwhile nearly everyone else entirely missed the theme memo.

Don’t be Hypocrites.

Non-Korean Asians seem to have more of a problem with Alex than Koreans do??? Like what sense does that make, Who even are you to tell Koreans how to run their own music industry. And this whole “K-pop is a safe haven for Asians” thing- A safe place for Asians built off of what? Another culture.

I hate pulling out the race card, but in situations like this when ya’ll try some bullshit, i feel like its necessary.

How can you say that Asians can never have anything to themselves? Can you tell me where that ‘pop’ in K-pop comes from? Cause I can tell you for sure that it wasn’t from Koreans/Asians and if I remember correctly, traditional Asian music or specifically, traditional Korean music was trot. 

Our music industry isn’t based off of the cultures of others.

How can you even say “We don’t have anything to ourselves”, when your people go around appropriating black culture every chance they get.

You want us foreigners to stay out of your media? Give us back our pop music. Give us back our hip pop. Give us back our R&B. And stick to the type of music that your people created. 

That sounds ridiculous and petty doesn’t it? Because it is. Music doesn’t have a race, its a safe place for all.

 As long as your country has contact with others, things are going to spread. Its unavoidable. Think about it like religion. Not many people were Christians when it first became a religion, but as people traveled and started telling others about it, those people that were interested in it started to incorporate it into their own lives.

 That’s what happens with aspects of cultures. People become interested and it spreads. So how can you get angry about foreigners in the Asian music industry when various Asian artists are also interested and incorporate aspects of American/black culture into their own lives?

You need to stop preaching this whole “Foreigners are stealing/trying to incorporate themselves into Asian culture” bullshit when you guys are doing the same thing.   

I respect the fact that you are trying to defend your culture, but a lot of you are going a bit far.

You guys invaded our “Safe place” decades ago.

What do we have?