friendly reminder that asian people do actually exist outside of the tropes of the delicate porcelain doll, the apathetic bookish overachiever, the teen with streaked hair rebelling against strict harsh parents, the dragon lady with ~~~exotic~~~ beauty and ~~~mysterious~~~ (always) evil aura and the wise old sage with all the answers to the world who exists solely to help the white protagonist discover his true purpose in life to be the greatest insert-asian-martial-arts-here master ever!!

friendly reminder that asian people are actually multidimensional people with different personalities, fears, dreams and goals and stereotyping us all in as just one of 5 types is actually incredibly harmful and racist!!



Satire really hits home. 

Thats why we’re completely behind Kanika Kaul and her incredible, though-provoking poster designs which challenge the attitudes, beliefs, and not-so-great traditions South Asian women are often forced into accepting. 

Check out this one:

 ‘EMBRACE VIOLENCE :: Come on ladies, do you have no idea how frustrating you can be sometimes? I mean, your husband comes home drunk out of his mind and you get upset? How dare you? What other option does he have other than to slap you across the face? The bruises are consequences of your own doing, ladies. Stop blaming other people for what they do to you. 

Your husband, like every other man, is entitled to do what he likes to you, as long as you remember you deserve it. You deserve all of it. The catcalling, the eve-teasing, the physical violations, everything. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. And if it does kill you, it’s because you asked for it.

What a chilling yet clever way to depict the ideals us brown girls are so familiar with. Check out the prints in a larger format here.

- A & S x


Hetalia Apocalypse Click-and-Drag!

The end of the world has come, be it nuclear fallout, zombie virus outbreak, or angry hamsters. Who will make it out of this deranged cast of crew members and quirks? You can decide (randomly)! 

To use this generator, just click a flashing panel and drag it across the screen to see which character you get. 

Added the micronations! (Except for Nico-Nico Republic because he’s special.)

Character font by gasara.

The font’s a bit wonky so you can click “Read More” for the titles. 

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I Am Not Submissive

with a sense of humor and ridicule, i mock a few things people have asked me or assumed of me.  at my age, i not only face the stereotypes people generally have about my race and ethnicity, but also a more targeted idea about sexuality and made-up typecasts that come along with being a young asian american female in today’s society. 

this is me trying to find a voice rather than be submissive and accepting.

©Jessica Lim 2015