asians moms

My mother yells at me for going out too often
paying too much for dinner cooked by strangers
yearning for cities too far away to reach by train
she tells me she wants to keep me for a bit longer
in the nook of her arms and bend of her elbows
because I am her dream
a flower seeded in America
blooming far more gracefully than she could have imagined
growing up too fast and leaving too soon.

My hopes and aspirations saturate thoughts of my future
her hopes and aspirations have come to fruition
but they are slowing slipping into the past.
—  American Dream

suddenly i thought of how zach’s mom is like eVERY ASIAN MOM EVER(MY MOTHER) protecting their smol child and confronting their classmate’s parents like how zach’s mom confronted clay’s parents because of what clay did to zach’s car. his mom YELLING PROFANTIES WHILE ZACH IS THEIR LIKE A PUPPY BEING EMBARRASED OMFG HES SO CUTE EJCUSK